60 Fun Indoor And Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Kids

Do not think twice if you wish to organize scavenger hunt riddles for kids. These riddles are not just engaging but also motivate children to use their communication skills and be team players. Treasure hunt clues also help children solve problems independently or as a part of the team.

So, what is a scavenger hunt riddle? A scavenger hunt is all about hiding some objects and their clues at various secret spots and creating riddles to find them. Coming up with a good riddle that involves children using their wit may be tricky. A perfect riddle needs good planning and should not be too easy or difficult. It should keep the child interested and provide them with a thrilling experience.

Scavenger hunt is loved by adults and children alike. An anonymous blogger shares her experience of her daughter creating scavenger hunt riddles for her father to discover a letter. She says, ”I suggested that she create a scavenger hunt and make him hunt for the letter. She wrote riddles for him to answer as he searched for the hidden ‘love’ letter (at least that’s what she called it). As soon as he walked in the door, she told him he needed a shower because he was ‘stinkafied’ (that’s their word for really stinky and in dire need of a bath.) After his shower, she handed him an index card before he could even brush his hair. This was the beginning of an adventurous hunt (i).”

This post lists some of the amazing scavenger hunt riddles for children to ensure they have a great time.

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60 Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Kids

We have included riddles for both indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts so that you are covered for all occasions.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles

These riddles are for those times when your children cannot step outside to play, such as when raining. They also make them move their bodies so that some of their energy is expended while being indoors.

1. You’ll find me in the kitchen,
You cannot eat me,
But Scotty, the dog, loves to greet me.
Ans: Dog food

2. When you are tired, you use me.
I have four legs but no feet.
Ans: A chair

3. I don’t go out, and I don’t play,
I stay at home quietly all day.
And when you come home covered with mud,
I clean you first, without uttering a word.
Ans: A doormat

4. I have a neck but no head,
I wear a pretty cap instead.
Ans: A bottle

5. You might take me in the morning, evening, or night,
But I remain here day in and day out. Try to “take” me as you might.
Ans: A shower

protip_icon Trivia
Playing scavenger hunt games helps build problem solving skills and promotes team work (1).

6. I have a ring but no finger,
When I shout, my voice does linger.
Ans: A telephone/ a cell phone

7. I start with an “e,” and I end with an “e”
But it contains only one letter.
Ans: An envelope

8. You will find words in me
Between my pages, you will discover
The meaning of the words.
Ans: The dictionary

9. I need a pick to make a sound,
I have six ears and a big belly.
Ans: A guitar

10. I have eyes, but I cannot see.
I am friendly with everyone, and children love me.
Ans: Potato

Scavenger Hunt Riddles for kids

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

11. My keys make a sound.
Ans: Piano

12. I am a rainbow in a box.
Ans: A box of crayons

13. You buy me to eat, but you cannot eat me.
Ans: A plate

14. I am black and white, and I give you news every morning.
Ans: Newspaper

15. I grow shorter as I get older.
Ans: A candle

16. Soft and plump, I am there at your head,
If you don’t like me there, you can hug me instead.
Ans: Pillow

17. I am brown
I give adults their energy in the morning.
Ans: Coffee

18. Every day, you step on me,
All I require is the bend of the knee.
Ans: Staircase

19. Round and round I go like a wheel,
Open me up to find your clothes clean.
Ans: Washing machine

20. I warm your food, and I make popcorn.
Don’t put your hand in me; I can give you quite a burn.
Ans: Microwave

21. I have no mouth and no nose
But I do have a face
I have two hands and sometimes three
But no legs and no toes.
Ans: Clock

22. When you buy me, I am black.
When you use me, I am red.
When you throw me away, I am gray.
Ans: Charcoal

23. When I am off, I am bored.
When I am on, I have a hundred colors within me.
What am I?
Ans: Television

24. You use me between your head and your toes
The more I work, the thinner I grow.
Ans: Soap

25. I stand quietly against the wall,
You hardly notice me though I am tall.
My stomach contains all your treats,
Candies, jellies, and juice.
Ans: Refrigerator

Scavenger hunt map

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

26. When the sun goes down, I wake up
I can’t compete with the sun, but I am enough on my own
Rub me, and a genie might appear.
Ans: Lamp

27. I have four legs,
I might be short or tall,
Put your food on me; they will not fall.
Ans: Table

28. Every day, you come home tired, I welcome you on my chest,
I caress you and comfort your
I know your inner thoughts best.
Ans: Bed

29. You use me when you have had too much to eat
Don’t worry, I’ll clean up
Just take a seat.
Ans: Toilet

30. I am bigger than a phone but smaller than a TV
I work quite well and entertain you.
Ans: Laptop

Scavenger hunt riddles can add to festive spirit

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Outdoor scavenger hunts are a must during a picnic or a family get-together. Let the children figure out the riddles and see them run around happily in the open air.

31. I get bigger when I eat and weaker when I drink.
Ans: Fire

32. I am the invention that allows you to look through walls.
Ans: Window

33. I make the air fresh, and I am strong,
But people don’t understand
Tell them they are wrong.
Ans: Tree

34. I stand in a corner
I am the star of the show,
Hop on, use your legs, and watch me go.
Ans: Bike

protip_icon Point to consider
When playing outdoors, ensure that the clues are easily accessible for kids. Placing it in difficult places can frustrate them, and they might get into accidents while looking for a clue.

35. I protect you from the cold, rain, and wind,
Put me on and become thick-skinned.
Ans: Jacket

36. You need me in every home
I am sturdy and strong,
I am made of wood and metal
Sometimes, I have a gong.
Ans: Door

37. Here I come, and there I go.
I take you safely to your place,
I have a body but no face.
Ans: Car

38. Switch me on, and darkness will be gone.
I fit in your hand and switch on and off on your command.
Ans: Flashlight

39. You can find me on a hook
If you know where exactly to look.
Ans: Keys

40. I never ask questions
But I am always answered.
Ans: Doorbell

41. I tell only the truth and never any falsehood,
Stand before me and see yourself as you should.
Ans: Mirror

42. Within me, I have an age-old stench,
Which sometimes makes my stomach clench.
The dirtiest are in me; that’s what I do,
Old and worn and sometimes new.
Ans: Shoe closet

43. Nice and fat is how you love me,
Lose track of me, and I will lose all that’s inside me.
Ans: Wallet

44. I cannot be seen
I can be low or high
I travel through walls and screens
If you lose me, you’ll let out a big sigh.
Ans: Wi-Fi

45. What repeats your words but is not an echo?
Ans: A parrot

46. Open me and look what I hide,
I have your favorite things inside.
Ans: Freezer

47. Open me in the morning, close me at night,
I will keep your secrets out of sight.
Ans: Curtains

Scavenger hunt riddles are great fun for kids

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

48. Sometimes I bring good news
Sometimes I am filled with junk,
Open me carefully and shut me with a clunk.
Ans: Mailbox

49. I hold your dirt,
I am not neat,
You will often find me on the street.
Ans: Garbage can

50. Tall and short
We come in all colors,
Without us, the world would be dull
Ans: Flower

51. Sometimes we are above,
Sometimes we are down,
We are of many colors and form a splendid crown.
Ans: Leaves

52. Stretch me far or roll me up,
Use me well to wash your pup.
Ans: Garden hose

53. Round and big,
Gray or black,
Fill me up,
I will take you to places.
Ans: Tire

54. Hot dogs and hamburgers galore,
Put chicken on me for something more.
Ans: Grill

55. Here is a small house that looks quite cool
Clean it up after you return from school.
Ans: Doghouse

56. Back and forth I take you,
Higher and higher you fly.
Ans: Swing

57. Black and white or red and blue,
When the wind blows, I wave to you.
Ans: Flag

58. I light up when you want to go,
Two eyes I make and shine bright and low.
Ans: Headlights

Interesting game for both indoors and outdoords

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

59. I can be flat, thin, or round,
I come in many colors,
Just pick me up from the ground.
Ans: Rock

60. I eat grass for breakfast
But my stomach is filled with gas.
Ans: Lawnmower

Scavenger Hunt Riddles for kids_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many riddles should I include in a scavenger hunt for children?

The number of riddles you would include in the game would depend on how much time you’re willing to allocate the children to play and uncover the riddles and the age of the children participating. If the game is for a short period, you may select only a few fun and easy riddles for them. If the game would be for a longer period and it involves older children, then you may select a few more riddles that are tricky to solve but entertaining.

2. What are some tips for creating scavenger hunt riddles for children?

The riddles should be challenging to solve but also give the children a good chuckle. Ensure the riddles you pick are appropriate according to the age of the children and solvable. It shouldn’t be such that the children lose interest and become frustrated by the riddles instead of enjoying them.

3. How can scavenger hunt riddles be used to teach problem-solving skills?

Scavenger hunt riddles encourage children to think critically to decipher the clues. It makes children analyze information and deduce results based on logical reasoning. They also allow children to utilize their analytical skills to find a solution out of the several options. A complex interplay of these abilities helps refine a child’s problem-solving skills.

4. How do scavenger hunt riddles help promote outdoor exploration and physical activity?

Outdoor scavenger hunt riddles typically involve activities that encourage children to walk, run, and even climb, which promotes physical activity. In addition, when children search for items based on clues, it stimulates their senses and encourages exploration. Furthermore, it helps connect them to the natural world.

5. Should I be aware of any safety concerns when using scavenger hunt riddles for kids?

Choose age-appropriate riddles and tasks that children can comprehend. Define clear boundaries to prevent children from venturing into unsafe locations, especially if you are conducting the activity outdoors. So carefully choose areas or places that are free of hazards and risks. Encourage children to be mindful of their surroundings, such as uneven terrains, to ensure optimum safety. Always consider weather conditions before taking the children out for the activity. Most importantly, establish clear communication channels with parents and guardians in case of an emergency or unforeseen incidents.

Scavenger hunt riddles for kids are a great way to engage them and encourage them to use their thinking skills. The riddles provided here can help you organize a scavenger hunt based on puzzles. You can customize these riddles according to the age of the children or the objects you want them to hunt. Also, if you want to add greater fun to the game, combine the indoor and outdoor riddles. This way, children can have more challenges looking for the object inside and outside the house.

Infographic: Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Children

The scavenger hunt is among the most loved games among children. So, while organizing this game for them, you may include fun riddles to make it more exciting. Here is an infographic to help you include some gripping riddles to pair with a scavenger hunt game anytime, anywhere.

tickle your children brain (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Let your kids join in the fun of treasure hunting! Learn how to find treasure with our easy-to-follow guide. Perfect for kids aged 0+!

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