85 Fantasy And Sci-Fi Baby Names For Boys And Girls

If your passion lies in science fiction, you may be interested in checking out sci-fi and fantasy names for girls and boys. From robots to space travels, flying superheroes to mythical creatures, science fiction over the decades has been part of pop culture and is one of the most popular genres for books, movies, and TV shows. And sci-fi baby names are the ones derived from these popular franchises.

If you have a favorite superhero, or you swear by your favorite movie franchise, the chances are that you might also want to name your baby after them. In this post, we have listed some amazing names of characters from sci-fi for you to choose from.

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Sci-Fi And Fantasy Boy Names

1. Anakin

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Anakin Skywalker is the father of Leia and Luke before becoming the Rebel Force’s Darth Vader in the Star Wars saga.

2. Angel

The name Angel is not just restricted to girls. It was also used for boys in some fantasy series. For instance, in the television series, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel played Buffy’s love interest. If you don’t like the name Angel for your son, there’s always an option to use it for your daughter.

3. Artemis

Artemis is the child prodigy and criminal mastermind of Artemis Fowl, the fantasy series. The name is inspired by the Greek goddess of childbirth, moon and hunting. Although it belonged to a goddess, Artemis sounds perfect for a boy.

protip_icon Did you know?
The Temple of Artemis, which dates back to the Persian Empire’s Achaemenid era, is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world.

4. Arthur

Arthur is the name of the perplexed protagonist of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy”. This British guy keeps up his civility by drinking tea in the strangest of places.

5. Atreyu

Pronounced as ah-tray-yoo, Atreyu is a warrior boy from The Neverending Story. The name is believed to have both Indian and German origins. In Sanskrit, Atreyu means ‘warrior’ and in German, Atreyu means ‘son of all’. So both meanings are quite apt for this character.

6. Bastian

Bastian Balthazar Bux is the 12-year-old protagonist of the German fantasy novel, “The Neverending Story”. Bastian was earlier considered a short form for Sebastian, but is now being used on its own. Even Jeremy Sisto chose the name for his son.

protip_icon Did you know?
Germanic in origin, the name Bastian means venerable. In various European regions, it is also widely popular as a surname.

7. Ben

In Star Wars, Ben Kenobi is a Jedi master with extreme powers and excellent teaching abilities. Don’t you think the name Ben has a cowboy feel to it?

8. Cullen

It cannot be just more dreamy than this! The Cullens are the most famous family in Twilight. Comprising of Jasper, Alice, Esme, Edward, Bella, Emmett and Carlisle, the Cullens live in the woods all by themselves.

9. Emmett

In the film, Back to the Future, Emmett Brown is the eccentric and forgetful inventor of the time machine. It’s also the name of a vampire in the Twilight trilogy.

protip_icon Did you know?
Emmett is a name of old English, Hebrew, and German origin. In old English, it means ant. In Hebrew, it means truth, and in German, it means universal.

10. Falkor

Falkor, the name of the white dragon from The Neverending Story, sounds extremely cool in our opinion. It sounds like Falcon, but is less ‘birdy’. Falkor is believed to have been derived from Fuchur, a German word. It has no meaning and has never really made it to the baby name list in the United States.

11. Faramir

Faramir is one of the most lovable characters from the Lords of the Rings trilogy. Faramir is usually seen as a name of someone dark, strong and formidable.

12. Fox

The Smoking Man will look quite odd on a birth certificate, so why not name your child Fox? Fox William Mulder is the highly skilled FBI special agent from The X-Files. Just imagine how fun it would be hanging the “I Want to Believe” poster in the nursery.

13. Gandalf

Here’s another character from The Lord of the Rings, who does not need any introduction.

14. Gaius

Gaius Baltar is the flawed, yet brilliant scientist from the Battlestar Galactica series. It’s quite a rare name and will probably stay the same in the future.

15. Geordi

We think, and want to believe, that everyone who loves LeVar Burton would like his character Geordi in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

16. Grant

Grant from Doctor Who, also known as the Ghost, gained his powers when he met with an accident in his childhood. The name Grant means ‘grand’ or ‘great‘.

17. Han

Han Solo is the smuggler from Star Wars, who wins the heart of Princess Leia and aids the Alliance.

18. Harry

We believe you must have guessed it by now. The moniker Harry now belongs only to this Gryffindor member.

19. Hugo

Hugo is a 12-year old orphan living in the Paris railway station in the fantasy book and film The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Due to its Harry Potter association and lively ‘O’ ending, Hugo is one of the top 10 fantasy names for boys in Spain and France.

20. Idris

Idris Elba played the role of the captain in “Prometheus”. Idris is an extreme fantasy sounding, and it’s unlikely that your son will meet another one of the same name.

21. Jareth

Jareth from Labyrinth may look incredibly creepy, but his name is really cool. The role of the Goblin King was portrayed brilliantly by David Bowie. Some people may associate it with Jared, but since it has such a massive cool factor, it would probably make up for that.

22. Joffrey

Image: IStock

Joffrey is the arrogant young prince from Game of Thrones.

23. John

John Sheppard is the United States Air Force officer recruited to the Atlantis Expedition for his knowledge of Ancient technology in the show “Stargate”. He goes on to become the commander of Atlantis.

24. Kael

General Kael is the leader of the Nockmaar army in Willow. Queen Bavmorda sent Kael to find Elora Danan, the Baby of prophecy. Kael is a variant of Gaelic name Kaelen and means ‘uncertain.’ But we are quite certain that we like this name.

protip_icon Did you know?
The word ‘Logan’ originates from the Gaelic word ‘lagan.’ It means ‘little hollow.’

25. Logan

Logan is the real name of Wolverine. The name would sound cool, even without the association of a superhero. But we’d suggest you reinforce his crib with adamantium, just to be on the safe side, you know.

26. Ludo

Ludo was the lovable and friendly monster in the fantasy film Labyrinth. It also appeared as the name of a minor character in Harry Potter. And it also happens to be a board game name. Ludo is supposed to be the nickname for Ludovic or Ludwig, both meaning ‘famous warrior.’

27. Marty

Marty McFly is the lead character in Back to the Future. Marty sounds like a great name for a love interest in a romantic novel. Isn’t it?

28. Milo

Milo is the bored hero of Norton Juster’s fairy tale, The Phantom Tollbooth. In the book, he drives his car on the road to Expectation to get into the Kingdom of Wisdom. The name Milo is a winner with celebrities. Craig Ferguson, Alyssa Milano, and Liv Tyler chose this name for their children.

29. Odo

This one would be loved by the Lord of the Rings fan. Odo is one of the hobbits in the Shire and Bilbo’s cousin. This rare, Tolkien name does not require any accented letters, making it easier to use in the real world.

30. Ronan

Ronan was the leader of the centaurs in the Battle of Hogwarts.

31. Rory

Rory is a different, yet not too different name. It belongs to the stalwart companion to the Doctor in Doctor Who.

32. Rowan

Rowan is the titular character from the fantasy series Rowan of Rin. In the book, Rowan proves his worth in the village with his heroic act. Rowan is an attractive Gaelic name that has been rising rapidly. Brooke Shields made the name a viable choice for both girls and boys by naming her daughter Rowan.

33. Rylan

Rylan sounds like a mix of Ryan and Riley. In the movie The Last Starfighter, Rylan was a master spy for the Star League. The name Rylan has English origins and means ‘land where rye is grown’. It was also once one of the top 100 baby names in the US.

34. Sauron

Sauron is the antagonist in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

35. Septimus

Are you looking for an elaborate fantasy themed baby name for your son? Then you can go with Septimus, the eponymous hero of the Septimus Heap series. The meaning of this name is ‘seventh son’, which is entirely appropriate for the book.

36. Spike

Spike is a vampire on “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”. At the beginning of the series, he is Buffy’s enemy, but as the series progresses, he becomes her ally, and later her love interest.

37. Spock

Spock is one of the most famous Star Trek characters. He is the human-Vulcan officer, who eventually goes on to become the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise.

38. Sulu

Spock and Kirk are two of the most obvious names for a Star Trek fan, but Hikaru Sulu sounds more unexpected. And believe us, you can never go wrong in naming your child after the most memorable George Takei character.

39. Tyrian

TBH, we prefer Tyrion from Game of Thrones to Tyrian from Dragonslayer. Tyrian is the dark purple once prized for its ability to become richer with the exposure to sunlight.

40. Westley

Westley (Princess Bride) will make an excellent pick if you are looking for a not-so-overused name. And boy names ending with ‘ly’ are quite common these days. Westley is an English name, meaning ‘western meadow’.

41. William

William Adama is the commanding officer of the Battlestar Galactica series. This veteran of the Cylon War was once the highest-ranking officer in the Colonial Fleet.

42. Xavier

Image: IStock

Xavier is the given name of Professor X, the leader and founder of the X-Men.

43. Zack

Zack became a major sensation right after his role in “Final Fantasy”. As a name, Zack will fit quite well with current hits like Arlo or Milo.

Sci-Fi And Fantasy Girl Names

44. Aeryn

If you like puppets along with sci-fi, why not name your child after Aeryn Sun, the independent character from Farscape.

45. Amelia

Amelia is one of the most memorable, and also one of the best companions of the Doctor in Doctor Who. We know it’s off topic, but we think Amelia Earhart, the courageous pilot, is its most famous bearer.

46. Anastasia

Anastasia Dualla is an Officer Crew Specialist in Battlestar Galactica. Both Anastasia and Anna would make a lovely name for your child.

47. Aquila

Aquila is the name of a character in Ladyhawke. This pretty, yet rare name, is quintessentially a male Latin male, meaning ‘eagle’, but is often used for girls in the US and Muslim countries.

48. Arya

Here’s a name with dual fantasy reference. Arya is currently more popular as the badass female character from the Game of Thrones. But not many know that Arya is also the name of the trained Jedi daughter of Silas Portrun and Padme “Heart” Portrun in Star Wars.

49. Astrid

Tech-savvy Astrid from the sci-fi movie ‘Fringe’ saved everyone from the Observers way more times than we can count. She could speak five languages, could take apart the computer at the age of 6 and enjoyed cryptology in free time.

50. Aurora

Aurora is the pseudonym of Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, the alpha flight member. Do you know why she was given the name Aurora? Her real name was too long to pronounce. The name Aurora is inspired by the Greek goddess of dawn. And Aurora Borealis is the beautiful show of light in the sky.

51. Aurra

Aurra is a minor “Star Wars” character. She was a bounty hunter who showed up briefly in “The Phantom Menace”. You can say, Aurra was the Boba Fett of the prequels.

52. Auryn

Auryn was the amulet that Atreyu wore to help him in the quest. You can either use this name as-is or shorten it to Aura. But we like its natural sound more.

53. Buttercup

Buttercup from The Princess Bride is the living proof that people will find love despite hardships. You can use this fantasy baby girl name as a term of endearment for your daughter.

54. Cherlindrea

Cherlindrea from The Willow Sourcebook is the fairy queen of the forest who tells Willow that he was selected to save the child who will bring the downfall of the evil queen. This name is Cheryl, Lyn and Andrea rolled into one.

55. Clara

Clara Oswald is the most recent companion of the Doctor in Doctor Who. She made a name for herself in history with her accomplishment. Another famous name is Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross.

56. Cora

Cora was the given name of Siri of Battlestar Galactica. The other famous bearers of this name are Cora Munro, the fictional heroine of The Last of the Mohicans. It’s also the name of a character in the Downton Abbey series.

57. Danan

You can even go with Danan, the second name of Elora. The character’s name is spelled as Danan, but its universally accepted spellings are Dannon or Danna.

58. Diana

Diana was the conniving and crafty villain of “V”. Diana would get her way no matter how evil she needs to be.

59. Donna

Donna is the Doctor’s best friend in Doctor Who. She helped him save the universe from destruction and even asked him to exercise compassion for people.

60. Echo

An unusual but viable pick. This brave lady fought against men in Dollhouse. In the movie, Echo stopped the Rossum Corporation from taking over the world.

61. Elora

Elora Danan was the name of the baby that Willow was charged saving in the film Willow. The name Elora is a variation of the Hebrew name Eliora, which means ‘the Lord is my light’.

62. Eowyn

Eowyn is a popular female character from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

63. Felicity

As a member of Team Arrow, Felicity Smoak lives up to the reputation of an MIT grad. And it’s difficult not to like a name that means ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate.’

64. Fleur

We meet Fleur Delacour for the first time in the Triwizard Tournament in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But this brilliant girl proves her mettle far beyond the battle. The meaning of this French name is ‘flower’.

65. Galadriel

Image: Shutterstock

Galadriel is both loved and feared in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

66. Glinda

Glinda is the name of a witch, err fairy in The Wizard of Oz.

67. Isabeau

Isabeau is a romantic variant of Isabel and means ‘God is my oath’. This lovely name belongs to one of the primary characters of Ladyhawke, a fantasy adventure film.

68. Kamala

Kamala is the famous teenage shapeshifter in the Marvel comics. She’s also known as Ms. Marvel. The only catch with this name is its pronunciation. We are confused whether it’s pronounced as Com-ma-lah or Ca-mel-ah.

69. Kara

Kara was one of the main characters in the Battlestar Galactica. This fighter pilot evolved from being unconcerned about her life to understanding that the sacrifice of her own life could save humanity.

70. Kathryn

Kathryn in Star Trek was the captain of USS Voyager, who fought for almost a decade to bring her starship crew home after it got lost in a wormhole in the Delta Quadrant. She was promoted to Admiral after her rescue mission. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she was the best starship captain ever.

71. Katniss

This one’s for the fans of The Hunger Games. Make sure people pronounce this name correctly. Several cases of misspelling have been recorded.

72. Nyota

Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek series is a strong-willed character who rose to the position of the communications officer on her merit.

73. Padme

Padme Amidala appears as queen, princess and galactic senator in the Star Wars series. She has all the qualities you would want your child to embrace. This strong and smart character was portrayed by Natalie Portman.

74. Peggy

Peggy Carter may have started off as the beloved of Captain America, but she carved a niche for herself in Agents of SHIELD. You can keep Peggy as a nickname for Margaret.

75. Raven

Raven is a strong name for baby girls. The schooling years might be a bit tough for her, but it would be worth it to call her after one of the Teen Titans Go! characters.

76. Renesmee

This one’s the sweetest of all. It’s the name of Edward and Bella’s daughter.

77. Ripley

Is there anyone more badass than Ellen Ripley? Ripley is the protagonist of the Alien film series. She earned Weaver world recognition, and her role remains one of the most famous to date. If not Ripley, you can safely consider Ellen.

78. River

River is the gun-loving, justice-loving and building-diving adventure from the series “Doctor Who”. She was kidnapped and set on the mission of epic assassination, but she refused to comply with it. As a name, River is one of the most stylish nature names.

79. Sarah

Sarah, the CIA agent from Chuck, did not just dance tangos and ride sports cars. Once, she beguiled and arrested a man with hands tied behind her back. She was on a mission to protect Chuck Bartowski’s assets, whose brain transformed into a computer, keeping all the secrets of the government. The meaning of this Arabic name is ‘princess’.

80. Sonya

Sonya Blade is the special forces officer in the Mortal Combat series, who keeps her spirit intact throughout the battle. And can you ever go wrong with a name that means ‘wise’?

81. Sorsha

Sorsha, from Willow is a rarely heard name, so it will make a unique name for your child. It’s believed to be the alternate spelling of the Irish name Sorcha, which means ‘shining and bright.’

82. Tauriel

The Hobbit loyalists may have conflicting feelings about this name as Tauriel was not in the book. But on the other hand, she is a kick-ass character.

83. Teyla

Teyla Emmagan from Stargate Atlantis prepares for life on Atlantis Earth. She is adept in martial arts and technology. The name is pronounced Tay-Lah.

84. Valerian

Image: Shutterstock

Yes, we know that Valerian is one of the most recognized herbs for insomnia. But this regal sounding name is also featured in Dragonslayer. This Latin name, meaning ‘strong and healthy’ was borne by a number of Roman saints and emperors.

85. Willow

Charming, geeky and brilliant, Willow is Buffy’s best friend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This fiercely loyal girl uses her wit to help the Scooby Gang. And it’s a gorgeous name, referring to the willow tree.

We hope we didn’t forget your favorite. Would you select a fantasy baby name for your little one? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do fantasy names for girls differ from traditional names?

Unlike traditional names, fantasy names are often made-up names that have unique spellings and pronunciations. They may rise and fade away in popularity relatively quickly compared to timeless traditional names. Additionally, many fantasy names find their origins in traditional names but are different from them in the way they are associated with a particular gender, character, or story.

2. What are the benefits of using fantasy names for girls?

Fantasy names for girls are unique and have a beautiful story associated with how they came into existence in reality and in the child’s life. They indicate the parent’s personal association with a character from fiction and provide the child with a source of inspiration and belongingness. Unlike fixed traditional or cultural names, fantasy names offer flexibility and are not limited to their linguistic, religious, or familial roots.

3. What are the drawbacks of using fantasy names for girls?

A few drawbacks of fantasy names are that they are at risk of being misspelled or mispronounced due to their uniqueness. They may also be a medium for the child to be teased or bullied due to their fictional associations with certain characters or considered inappropriate over legal grounds due to their meanings or connotations.

Fantasy names for girls are usually names inspired by Disney movies and TV shows. These names sound musical to the ears and are pleasant. They have beautiful meanings and are easy to pronounce. These names mean a lot to some parents, especially if it is a name that comes from a character they have adored for a long time. So the list above holds many such suggestions. Thus, it is an excellent source of information to begin your research with and find the most suitable name for your little one.

Infographic: Fantasy Names For Boys And Girls

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, you may want to give a mystical name to your baby as a tribute to these genres. So, look at the infographic below for cool, dreamy names inspired by these mythical, fictional characters. Pick your favorite one for your child!

amazing names straight out of the dreamland (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Watch this video on beautiful and unique fantasy-inspired baby names for girls! Let’s explore some magical and enchanting names for your little princess.

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