21 Subtle Signs A Scorpio Man Loves You

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When dealing with the challenge of guessing a Scorpio man’s mind, you can rest assured you are on the same boat as many others. The stereotype of a Scorpio man being hard-to-read may not be far stretched after all, as they inherently do not show their vulnerabilities, keeping their feelings to themselves.

Secretiveness and patience are useful weapons in a Scorpio’s arsenal. They play their cards close to their chest, weighing each word that comes out of their tongue. However, such secretiveness is not due to any ill or malignant intention but more of a personality trait. This, combined with other traits, such as  truthfulness, honesty, and loyalty, make them much desirable partners.

Their reserved yet confident demeanor has a certain charm to it, and to be their partner would be an exciting journey, uncovering the layers of a mysterious lover.

Now, let’s discuss some tell-tale signs a Scorpio man displays when he has feelings towards you. This is a fun and simple list of traits based on the Sun sign in Western astrology. If you want a personalized analysis of your man’s romantic interests and traits, you should get his whole birth chart studied by a professional.

21 Signs A Scorpio Man Shows When In love

1. He keeps an eye on you in a caring and protective way

Have you noticed your Scorpio man secretly glancing over at you or his glances drifting across the office looking for you? This protective behavior comes naturally to them. They tend to get drawn to the person of their interest and feel obliged to take good care of them.

2. He pursues you

One thing that makes it easy with Scorpios despite them being reserved is that when they get interested in someone, they will put in the effort to pursue that person. So you do not have to be the only one putting in all the effort. He might flirt with you or even be upfront about his feelings for you, so stay prepared.

3. He displays pangs of jealousy

Jealousy is a key personality trait among Scorpios as they tend to be protective of their love interest. Expect some sourness if he sees you too close to other prospects, or at times, even your friends.

4. He acts possessive

As expected, protectiveness and possessiveness make a Scorpio a great partner but, at times, a little difficult to manage. He would want you all to himself, and he would also do the same, giving you his full time and attention.

5. He is interested to know what’s on your mind

He would be intrigued by your thought process and be curious to guess what you might be thinking. Expect to be asked the question, “What’s on your mind?”

6. He is interested in knowing the real you

Scorpios are not surface-level lovers and tend to dig deep when it comes to love and relationships. If he’s after you, he would try to know you better, learn your small quirks, habits, opinions, tastes, and preferences. You would be surprised how well they get to know you in a short time.

7. He prefers one-on-one rendezvous

Do not expect him to blurt out anything when you hang out with your pals. Meaningful conversations with a Scorpio mostly happens when you sit alone with him. If you have been indulging in a lot of one-on-one talks with him lately, you’ve probably caught his fancy.

8. He makes eye contact with you with a certain intensity

When a Scorpio makes up his mind for a love interest, he sees no reason not to be confident and upfront about it. They wouldn’t act shy in front of you but instead will take charge, starting with eye contact and other bold maneuvers.

9. He asks you out for coffee or dinner

As mentioned earlier, Scorpios are good at taking the lead, and therefore, expect them to ask you out for a date. Be mindful, though; if met with a no, their ego wouldn’t let them keep trying.

10. He has started opening up to you

Although he can be extremely reserved in the initial phase, you may notice him sharing more with you eventually. This is an encouraging sign. It is a clear indicator that you have won his trust, and he perceives you as someone with whom he can share his life and experiences.

11. You have his full attention during conversations

Expect undivided attention from him during conversations, no matter how trivial it is. You would love to talk with him at length on any issue or seek any advice. He would listen intently and maybe even provide some reasonable solutions to your problems.

12. You consider him a trusted confidant

Besides being a good listener, Scorpios are good at keeping secrets. You trust him with your thoughts and secrets and feel secure in confiding.

13. If ignored, he would be dejected but won’t express it

Have you mistakenly not given him enough attention or outright ignored him? Be ready to face the repercussions now. Although he wouldn’t admit it to you directly, you would see clear signs of him distancing himself from you. It would need certain coaxing from your side now to bring him back to a good mood.

14. He treats you well

Scorpios take their love interests seriously, and as such, expect some pampering from him. Being taken to a nice restaurant or receiving a lovely gift from them shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

15. He often compliments you

Scorpios are observant and notice what dress you’re wearing or if you have had a new haircut. He wouldn’t be shy to give you compliments or praise you for some action of yours. Expect to be showered with positive compliments around a Scorpio. But also be ready to hear the truth. Scorpios will tell you both good and bad with complete honesty.

16. He acts courteous and gentle around you

Is he the perfect gentleman to you, always courteous and gentle around you? It is a sign that he is putting in the effort to initiate a romantic relationship with you. He may express it through his body language and actions.

17. He touches you affectionately

Scorpios are affectionate, and when they consider someone to be close to their hearts, they are not afraid to show their love for them. Gentle touches on the hands and hugs come naturally to them.

18. He likes sharing his belongings with you

You would notice that he likes it when you borrow a pen or other small stuff that belongs to him. Sharing something with you gives him the confidence that you, too, are  comfortable with him as a friend and confidant.

19. He extends help and assistance

Scorpios are ever-ready to help their close ones. Even before you state your problem, he would probably guess it or ask you about it and come up with solutions, offering his assistance.

20. He responds well to your approaches

The good thing about trying to woo a Scorpio is that they would respond well to your approaches once comfortable. In addition to the previously mentioned signs and body language, he would also participate in courting, making it exciting for you.

21. He shows you his sensual side

At this stage, you can say that the feeling is strong from both sides. Scorpios are anyway hard to resist thanks to their brooding intelligent demeanor. As he tries to work his charm on you, you would notice how sensual he can be. His acute observation and timing with words would leave you desiring for more.

Although reserved and less expressive with words, Scorpio men show clear signs when they have their heart fixated on someone. Have you noticed him displaying some of the signs mentioned above? Maybe you want to test some of these signs in the coming days. If the confusion persists in your mind, remember that you can always ask them directly and expect to get a straight answer.