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One of the strongest pillars of a healthy relationship is having an ‘us’ mentality and approaching life together as a team. No matter what life has in store for you — the good, the bad, and the ugly — it all feels better when you have your partner to hold your hand. And the wonderful yet overwhelming stage of pregnancy is no different. Even though only one of you is carrying the child, it is crucial, as partners, that both of you try to share all the moments together so as to create a joint experience. The two of you could engage in activities that foster these moments, such as reading a pregnancy-related book together. Activities like these will inevitably strengthen your bond with each other and make the whole experience extra special. Continue reading this MomJunction post as we have listed out a few ideas you could try out to do just that!

1. Go For Obstetrician Appointments Together

Go For Obstetrician Appointments Together

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Visiting the OB/GYN together allows you to stay connected to the most crucial part of the pregnancy. This way, you get a first-hand account of what the whole journey entails so that you can be better prepared for it. It also allows you to discuss your concerns and doubts with each other and then with the obstetrician to get a clearer picture. You could also make this a more wholesome activity by going out for food or spending some time in a park after each visit. You could use this time to unwind while debriefing on what you learned. While not all visits may be exciting, involving your partner would help connect with them and deepen your connection during this time.

2. Do Exercises And Other Physical Activities Together

Do Exercises And Other Physical Activities Together

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While pregnant, it is important to discuss with your doctor what kind of exercises are safe during this stage. However, if you were physically active before getting pregnant, it is usually safe to maintain a healthy level of activity while you are expecting as well. But even then, make sure you always discuss this with your doctor beforehand and continue working out only after your doctor gives you the go-ahead. Even if you didn’t work out before, engaging in some form of light physical activity would likely be good for your body at this time, once your doctor approves of it. This could be anything from walking, pilates, or yoga — whatever you find comfortable. Having your partner along with you for your workout session can be a “healthier” way of enjoying this time.

3. Do Things That Help You Connect

Do Things That Help You Connect

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This is for all the partners out there. A woman goes through a lot — physically, emotionally, and mentally — during her pregnancy. Her body changes in ways it has never before. She may start gaining a lot of weight, suffer from frequent mood swings, nausea, and weird cravings. Yes, it can get pretty tough at times. So it would be nice to make her feel special in whatever ways that you can. You could start off by doing a few extra chores so that she gets some free time on her hands to relax. You could also surprise her with her favorite food that she has been craving. The goal is to make her feel appreciated and to show her your support and care during this period.

4. Don’t Forget The Intercourse!

Don’t Forget The Intercourse!

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While it may come as a shock to some of us, it is okay to have intercourse while you are pregnant — if you feel like having it, that is. However, it would be safe to discuss it with your doctor, especially if you have any concerns. Lovemaking, as everyone knows, is a great way of relieving stress while burning a few calories along the way. And it remains the same during pregnancy as well. Discuss with each other about what you want and have a great time. Engaging in sensual activities from time to time may help you find that spark again and help connect with your partner both physically and emotionally.

5. Talk About Your Dreams And Apprehensions

Talk About Your Dreams And Apprehensions

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As partners, most of us might have already shared our hopes, dreams, and fears with our significant other way before becoming pregnant. However, it would be a good idea to revisit those concepts with each other at this stage as well. While most of us think that we already know everything about our partner and what they want, going through this important phase in life may change a few of our perceptions. So it is crucial that you talk to each other about your expectations and fears related to pregnancy and having a new member in the family. Talking things ahead can make you find a clearer picture and carry on with more courage.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for everyone involved. Apart from sharing this special phase with your partner, celebrate with all the other people in your lives. Maintain your relationship with your loved ones and spend time with your friends. Having a healthy relationship with your people will help you enjoy this time better.

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