20 Wonderful Seven-Letter Names For Your Baby

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Are you looking for a seven-letter name to go with your family tradition? Is seven one of your lucky numbers and you want your little one to have a seven letter name? Your reason for liking seven might vary, but if you are looking for a seven-letter baby name, then you should read our post.

7 letter baby names sound elegant and classic, which is why many parents like long names more than short and cute names. Here is our compilation of 20 seven letter baby names.

Top 10 Seven Letter Boy Names:

1. Griffin:

Griffin is one of the most appealing Celtic names. It is a variation of the classic Welsh name Griffith. The name entered the list of top 100 names in 2010 and has been scaling the popularity charts ever since. Griffin is also the name of a mythological creature that is half eagle and half lion. Griffin means ‘strong Lord’.

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2. Stephen:

Stephen is a strong and likable baby boy name. The name is currently popular in Ireland, Greece, and New Zealand. Stephen was one of the seven men who spread the gospel of Christianity. Steve is the best nickname for this one.

3. Richard:

Richard, the classic old Norman name, was once the sixth most popular name in the United States. The meaning of Richard is ‘dominant ruler’. Richie and Ricky are the best nicknames for Richard.

4. Patrick:

Just like Richard, Patrick is also experiencing a kind of resurgence. It is a derivative of an Irish name Padraig. Children will tie the name to Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants, a cartoon series.

5. Maxwell:

Maxwell is a blend of the weighty Maximilian and simple Max. Earlier, parents thought Maxwell to be a bit more pompous and grand for their baby. But now a significant number of people are opting for it. Lance Armstrong also chose Maxwell for his son. Maxwell means ‘great stream’.

6. Vincent:

The overused British name Vincent is suddenly gaining popularity along with other 7 letter boy names that begin with a V. Vincent was very popular in France in the middle ages and was a particular favorite of the Roman Catholic families. Even the nickname Vince sounds very stylish.

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7. Antonio:

Antonio is the Italian variation of Anthony. It means the ‘priceless one’. The Shakespearean name has a certain panache to it that makes it sound alluring.

8. Charles:

Charles is one of the long time traditional favorites. It was a royal name of its time. Many celebrities have used the name for their children, from Russell Crowe and Jodie Foster. The name Charles conjures up images of Dickens’ character. The nickname Charley is popular with both boys and girls.

9. Cameron:

Cameron is a traditional Scottish name meaning ‘crooked nose’. The beautiful name has a deluge of variant spelling. The name reached the peak of its popularity in the 2000s. In fact, it is still in Scotland’s Top 20 baby name list. Do not be put off by its meaning as it originated as a nickname for a member of the clan.

10. Matthew:

Matthew was the third most popular name in the United States throughout the 1980s and 1990s and holds the 16th spot currently. The name Matthew is an epitome of the fashionable and classic name. It sounds more engaging than James and John.

Top 10 Seven Letter Names Girl Names:

1. Harriet:

Harriet was, for long a stylish and upscale in England and is now seeing a revival in the United States. One of the most distinguished namesakes is Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of the famous “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Hattie and Hetty would make cute nicknames. The meaning of Harriet is ‘estate ruler’.

2. Hillary:

Hillary is a rhythmic three-syllable name meaning ‘happy, cheerful’. The most prominent bearer of this name is Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Ilaria is a lovely variation of Hillary.

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3. Melinda:

In the 18th century, there was a trend to use names with the ‘inda’ sound. Melinda, along with Florida, Belinda and Clarinda, came into being at the same time. Melinda was the lead character in “Ghost Whisperer”.

4. Antonia:

Antonia is the Latin name meaning ‘the priceless one’. It reflects the spirit of Willa Cather’s classic novel “My Antonia”. We rarely hear Antonia these days, which may be an excellent reason for you to use it for your baby girl. Lady Antonia Fraser is a notable namesake.

5. Aurelia:

Aurelia is a vibrant form of the classic Roman name Aurelius. It was one of the fastest growing names in 2014. The feel and sound of this name are the main reasons for its popularity. Aurelia was also the name of many minor saints.

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6. Blanche:

Blanche is a French name meaning white. It originated as a nickname for blonde, but later became associated with the notion of purity. Blanche was a royal name in France in the 12th century. The wife of Henry I brought it to England.

7. Eulalia:

The melodious name Eulalia means ‘sweet speaking’. The double ‘l’ in this name makes it sound rhythmic. Eula is the traditional short form of Eulalia, but we feel Lally or Lalie would make better choices.

8. Annabel:

Annabel is an alternate spelling of Annabelle. This spirited name embodies the British softness. Annabel is gaining an increasing favor in the United States, just like Isabel. The name also reckons with Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee’.

9. Bronwen:

The name Bronwen may be common in Whales but is still rare enough to sound exotic. Bronwen is the name of the lovely heroine of the classic novel and film “How Green was my Malley”. In the Irish mythology, Bronwen was the daughter of Llyr, the god of the sea.

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10. Elspeth:

Elspeth is one of those few 7 letter girl names that have a childlike charm to it. Sir Walter Scott used the name for several of his female characters. And it sounds better than the common Elsbeth. The meaning of Elspeth is ‘pledged to God’.

So which of these seven letter baby names appealed the most to you? We liked Elspeth, Maxwell, and Antonia the most. What about you? Tell us below.

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