250+ Best Shaman Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings

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Shamanism is a spiritual practice that has existed since ancient times. Shaman names reflect spirituality, blessings, hope, and positivity. The practice of Shamanism is beyond religious beliefs and is rooted independently in various indigenous cultures. Most popularly, it is a part of the native cultures of Siberia, Eurasia, North and South America, Oceania, and Africa. Shamans help individuals in their life’s challenges, ranging from illness and professional obstacles to worldly and ancestral issues (1). They develop relationships with spirits and the invisible world to help people by giving advice and understanding the root cause. They also perform dances, play instruments, and chants to connect with the spirits.

Parents may want to consider the best shaman names if they believe in this practice, have benefitted from them, or for their positive meanings. So, dive into this post to pick a beautiful name for your baby.

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250+ Best Shaman Names and Meanings

Dive into a world of baby names by exploring the nook of shaman names. Each appellation on our list is like a gateway to wisdom and strength, bursting with symbolism and spiritual elements that make them truly unique.

Shaman Names For Girls

Shaman names for girls are steeped in wisdom and power. These names are nature-inspired and magical.

1. Aiyana

A name originating from the Native American, Aiyana means ‘eternal blossom’ or ‘flower’ in the Amharic language.

2. Aluna

This beautiful name of Latin origin means ‘moon.’

3. Amara

This sweet name originates from the Greek language, and it means ‘eternal’ or ‘immortal.’

4. Anaya

Originating from the Sanskrit language, Anaya means ‘blessed’ or ‘graced by God.’

5. Anyi

Originating from a Q’ero word, the name Anyi means ‘everything is connected’. The name also has African roots from the Igobo word, which means ‘we.’

6. Astra

A beautiful celestial name of Latin origin, Astra means ‘star.’

7. Aura

A cool and breezy name derived from Latin, this name means ‘breeze’ or ‘air.’

8. Avani

Derived from the Sanskrit word, this sweet name means ‘Earth.’

9. Ayla

A Hebrew-originated name means ‘oak tree’ or ‘terebinth,’ symbolizing resilience and strength.

10. Balian

The name is derived from the Proto-Western-Malayo-Polynesian element, meaning ‘shaman,’ and refers to ‘Filipino shamans.’

11. Beata

This beautiful name of Latin origin means ‘blessed.’ It is often used to refer to the female priest in Basque culture (2).

12. Brujo

The Spanish name for ‘witch’ but is often used as an alternative term for shamans in Spanish (3).

13. Chayanyi

One of the unique names given to Keresan shamans (3).

14. Cora

This beautiful name of Greek origin means ‘maiden’ or ‘maiden of the sea.’

15. Curanderos

The name is used to refer to the Peruvian shamans (3).

16. Elara

A radiant name spreading positive energy is derived from the Greek origin, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining.’

17. Elena

The beautiful ancient name of Greek origin, meaning ‘torch’ or ‘bright light.’

18. Ember

Derived from English origin, this rhythmic name means ‘burning coal’ or ‘spark,’ representing transformation.

19. Enya

From Irish origin, this sweet and short name means ‘fire’ or ‘passion.’

20. Esprit

A name derived from the French, it literally means ‘spirit.’

21. Feri

The name refers to a type of modern Pagan witchcraft (4).

22. Fey

This is a sweet and mystical name of English origin, meaning ‘magical’ or ‘enchanting.’

23. Freya

Of Nordic origin, referring to a ‘lady’ or ‘noblewoman.’ This is also the name of the Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, war, and death.

24. Haya

Derived from the Arabian roots, the name means ‘spirit’ or ‘life’ in Arabic.

25. Iris

A beautiful Greek-originated name, meaning ‘rainbow.’

26. Juno

A name originating from Roman mythology, referring to the ‘queen of heavens.’

27. Kira

A beautiful and warm name of Russian origin, meaning ‘sunbeam’ or ‘ray of light.’

28. Luna

A mystical name derived from Latin, meaning ‘moon.’

29. Maeve

An enchanting name of Irish origin, meaning ‘intoxicating,’ referring to ‘she who intoxicates.’

30. Nala

A sweet name of African origin from popular culture ‘The Lion King’, Nala means ‘gift’ or ‘beloved.’

31. Niamh

Making a unique and graceful name, Niamh is derived from the Irish language, meaning ‘brightness’ or ‘radiance.’

32. Ona

A novice name derived from the Irish roots, meaning ‘lamb’ or ‘pure.’

33. Paisley

Originating from the Scottish language, Paisley refers to a ‘sacred or holy place.’

34. Phoebe

This is a luminant name, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’ in Greek.

35. Rhea

From Greek mythology, Rhea means ‘to flow’ or ‘earth (ground). This is also the name of the Titan, mother of the Olympian Gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia.

36. Ruhi

This is an Arabic name, which literally translates to ‘spiritual’ or ‘soulful’ in Arabic.

37. Sage

Originating from English, Sage means ‘wise’ and refers to ‘saints.’

38. Serena

This is a peaceful name of Latin origin, meaning ‘calm’ or ‘serene.’

39. Shakti

Originating from the Sanskrit language, the name means ‘power’ or ‘energy.’

40. Sorcha

A warm name of Irish origin, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘radiant.’

41. Spiridiona

An Italian name derived from the Greek where it means ‘basket,’ and in Latin, it signifies ‘spirit.’

42. Tara

Tara is a celestial name derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘star.’

43. Una

Shaman name Una

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Derived from Irish origin, the name Una means ‘lamb’ or ‘one.’

44. Vera

A spiritual name, Vera. is a Russian name for ‘faith’ and a Latin name for ‘true.’

45. Xanthe

Derived from Greek mythology, the name means ‘golden/yellow’ and is the name given to a few minor figures in Greek mythology.

46. Yara

It is derived from the Brazilian folklore for the ‘river nymph.’ The name originates from the Tupi word, meaning ‘water lady.’

47. Zelda

This is a Yiddish name, and it means ‘blessed’ or ‘happy.’

48. Zephyra

A beautiful nature-derived name of Greek origin, meaning ‘west wind.’ This is also a feminine variant of Zephyros, a Greek God of the West wind.

49. Ziva

Originating from Hebrew, this radiant name means ‘brightness.’

50. Zola

It is an African-originated name from the Xhosa root, meaning ‘calm,’ ‘peaceful’ or ‘tranquil.’

Shaman Names For Boys

Rich in tradition and power, these shaman names for boys are perfect for the shaman in the making.

51. Akando

This is a Native American-originated name, meaning ‘ambassador’ or ‘messenger.’

52. Aldo

Of Italian origin, the name refers to ‘old’ or ‘wise.’

53. Angakok

This is the name of the famous Inuit shaman (5).

54. Angatkuq

An alternative spelling for Angakok, and a well-known Inuit shaman.

55. Angus

Of Celtic origin, the name means ‘unique strength’ or ‘exceptional vigor.’

56. Anito

A term used by Filipino shamans for ‘spirits.’

57. Arpachshad

This is a Jewish name that means ‘healer or helper.’

58. Baksy

In Kyrgyzstan, Baksy is used to refer to male shamans.

59. Boge  

In Mongolian culture, Boge refers to male shamans, also known as ‘protector spirits.’

60. Bombo

An alternative name and term used for Mongolian shamans.

61. Bomoh

In Malay culture, Bomoh is a title given to shamans or herbalists.

62. Buge

This is a Siberian-derived term for shamans in Siberia.

63. Chaska

This is a celestial name of Quechua origin, meaning ‘star.’

64. Dabag

This is a unique name of Mongolian origin, meaning ‘shaman’ or ‘spiritual healer.’

65. Dukun

In Indonesia, the name Dunkun is used to refer to ‘shamans.’

66. Ekon

A short and cool name of African origin, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘powerful.’

67. Espiridion

It is a shamanic name of Spanish origin, derived from the Latin word ‘spirit.’

68. Ewan

This is a name of Scottish origin, meaning ‘young warrior’ or ‘born of the yew tree.’

69. Haman

A name of Turkic origin refers to ‘shaman’ or ‘wise one.’

70. Hugo

Of Germanic origin, this soulful name means ‘mind,’ ‘spirit,’ or ‘intelligence.’

71. Jhakri

Jhakri is a unique name and Nepalese word for ‘shaman.’

72. Jinwu

This is a Chinese-originated name meaning ‘golden shaman.’

73. Jigari

Jigari are referred to as ‘great spirits’ by Mongolian shamans (6).

74. Kahuna

Kahuna is of Hawaiian origin, and it means ‘expert’ or ‘priest.’

75. Keanu

This name is of Hawaiian origin, signifying ‘cool breeze over the mountains.’

76. Kiepja

This is the unique name of the last Selk’nam shaman (7).

77. Kokumo

A soulful name of Yoruba origin, this name means ‘this one will not die’ or ‘immortal.’

78. Nashoba

Shaman name Nashoba

Image: Momjunction Design Team

This is a rare name of Choctaw origin, meaning ‘wolf.’

79. Orenda

An unusual name of Iroquois origin means ‘spiritual power’ or ‘life force.’

80. P’aqo

The name is used as a traditional name for an Andean shaman.

81. Paikea

This Maori-originated name means ‘sea creature’ or ‘whale rider.’

82. Pemba

The shaman name of Tibetan origin means ‘lotus’ or ‘purity.’

83. Phedangbo

This is an alternative term for ‘shaman’ in the Limbu language.

84. Rohan

Rohan is a common Indian name of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘ascending’ or ‘spiritual ascent.’

85. Spiridon

It is a soulful name of Greek origin, derived from the Greek word, ‘spirit.’

86. Suersaq

This shamanistic name comes from Greenland, meaning ‘one healed by a shaman.’

87. Susse

Susse is a traditional Yi name, that means ‘the son of a shaman.’

88. Tadibey

Tadibey is the given name of a Samoyed shaman.

89. Theodore

This is a common name of Greek origin, meaning ‘gift of God’ or ‘God’s divine spirit.’ It is used as a middle name in English-speaking countries.

Hex, a mother of three, from Texas, USA, shares about the events following the naming of her younger son, Orion Theodore. She says, ‘We picked Orion because it’s a fun constellation to find in the sky and his big brother is Skyler. So both of our boys’ names are in reference to the sky. As for Theodore, there are two major reasons: we wanted his middle name to start with a ‘T’ to go along with Skyler Thomas and Anastasia Thora. My poor mom had a heck of a time following me yesterday in a puzzle activity I did with the name ‘Theodore’ (i). ‘

protip_icon Quick fact
Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909, is the most notable bearer of the given name Theodore (8).

90. Tlaloc

Tlaloc is a rare name of Aztec origin, meaning ‘he who makes things sprout.’

91. Txiv Neeb

A name of great importance in Hmong shamanism, meaning ‘father of the spirits.’

92. Ulf

This short name of Norse origin means ‘wolf.’

93. Vidar

A name derived from Nordic roots, Vidar means ‘forest warrior.’

94. Vulcan

Derived from Roman origin, this name means ‘fire’ or ‘volcano.’

95. Wachiwi

This unique name of Sioux origin, meaning ‘dancer’ or ‘dancing girl.’

96. Wakahina

The spiritual name of Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘spiritual guide’ or ‘wise one.’

97. Xin

This short name is of Chinese origin, meaning ‘trust’ or ‘belief.’

98. Yachak

Yachak makes a unique name, used by the Kichwa people of the Ecuadorian Amazon for ‘shamans.’

99. Yao

This is a Chinese name, meaning ‘witch doctor’ or ‘shaman.’

100. Zephyr

The name comes from the word ‘Zephyros,’ signifiying ‘the Greek God of the west wind.’

Funny Shaman Names

Names do not have to be serious all the time. These funny shaman names still carry an air of mystique, but with a touch of humor.

101. Breezy

A humorous name originating from the English word, meaning ’a breeze.’

102. Bongo

A fun and rhythmic name of African origin.

103. Bumblesnout

An endearing name of English origin to suggest someone with a ‘clumsy nature.’

104. Doodlebug

A cute and sweet American name suggests a shaman with artistic skills.

105. Gigglesnort

A humorous English name for a shaman who laughs spontaneously with giggles and snorts.

106. Mystic

Mystic is an English name that means ‘magic’ or ‘mystery.’

107. Spritzy

A bubbly name of English origin for someone ‘full of enthusiasm and fizz energy.’

108. Twinkletoes

Of English origin, the name refers to a shaman with nimble toes.

109. Wanda

Shaman name Wanda

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Derived from an English name, Wanda is a female name, meaning ‘wanderer’ or ‘adventurer.’

110. Whisper

A pretty English name meaning ‘to speak softly or quietly.’

Orc Shaman Names

Shaman names already sound powerful but if you want to add more command to them, these orc shaman names are a force to be reckoned with.

protip_icon Trivia
Orcs are ‘humanoid monsters’ that have been a part of folklore and are specially mentioned in the fantasy fiction novels of J. R. R. Tolkien from Middle Earth (9) (10).

111. Agra Crun

This was the title earned by the shield-wife Bagrar, meaning ‘the blood shield,’ which has also been borne by the Orc members as a religious order.

112. Amnennar

In the game ‘War of Warcraft,’ Amnennar is a male orc and the ruler of the Razorfen Downs. This character can bring ‘cold flames,’ thus, it has been titled ‘the Coldbringer.’

113. Bagara

Curated from the ‘World of Warcraft,’ this orcish name refers to the ‘spiritual leader’ or the ‘high priest’ among the orcs.

114. Bogham

Bogham is the name of the Shaman or the ‘spiritual leader’ of the ‘Barkbite Clan’ of the Wood Orcs.

115. Corhuk

This is the name of the Orc from ‘War of Warcraft’ who is a ‘farseer’ meaning ‘a fortuneteller or a prophet.’ These are the characteristics possessed by the shamans.

116. Elkay’gan

It is derived from the online game ‘War of Warcraft.’ The name is given to a male orc, a ‘mystic’ meaning ‘one who transcends human knowledge.’

117. Geyah

Derived from the online game ‘War of Warcraft,’ it is the name of a female Orc character. She is called ‘the great mother’ and the ‘spiritual leader.’

118. Haromm

This is another male orc character from the online game War of Warcraft, referred to as ‘shaman trainer.’

119. Ishn

Derived from the Orcish language, the name ‘Ishn’ means ‘fire,’ which is regarded as an important element in Shamanism. This symbolizes purification, rebirth, and transformation. Thus, Ishn could be a great shaman name.

120. Kurkush

Derived from the name of the Orc from the online game ‘War of Warcraft,’ Kurkush is a ‘farseer’ meaning ‘a fortune teller or a prophet.’

121. Magicka

Originating from the Orcish language, as the name’s pronunciation suggests, Magicka translates to ‘magical’ or ‘enchantment.’

122. Malacath

Malacath is a Daedric prince called the ‘Blue God of Goblins’ and the ‘Lord of Monsters.’  Thus, it can be a powerful name for boys.

123. Margadesh

This male orc character from the ‘War of Warcraft’ game has the ability of the ‘farseer,’ which means ‘to prophecize’ or ‘a fortune teller.’

124. Morgoth

As per Tolkien’s Middle-Earth cosmology, Morgoth is the name of the most powerful being, equivalent to God, who enslaved and corrupted the elves to transform into the orcs.

125. Olog

This beautiful orcish name means ‘cave’ or ‘underworld,’ thus representing a connection to the ‘world of dead and spirits.’

126. Ork

A short and simple mystic name, which simply means ‘Orc.’ This is the term preferred by the author J.K. Tolkien in his fantasy novels and writings after the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series.

127. Sharvak

Shravak is a female orc character from the game ‘War of Warcraft,’ who has the power of the ‘elementalist.’ It means ‘one who draws magical powers from a supernatural, elemental intelligence.’

128. Shikrik

In the game ‘War of Warcraft,’ Shikrik is given to a female Orc character who is the ‘shaman trainer’ in the ‘Valley of Trials.’

129. Ubeshka

Of Orcish origin, this shaman name refers to ‘possession.’ Thus, it can make a wonderful given name for ‘someone possessing spiritualism.’

130. Yarnag

Originating from the Drublog Clan of the Wood Orcs, Yarang is the name of the Shaman of this clan. Thus, the name may refer to ‘spiritual leader’ in the Orcish language.

protip_icon Point to consider
Orcs’ names are usually derived from the invented Orcish language by Tolkien. Some Orc names are also derived from the online game, ‘War of Warcraft.’ Thus, the meanings of these orc shaman names may refer to the character’s role and ability.

Cool Shaman Names

These are not your average shaman names; they crackle with power. They have a modern feel about it but are filled with old wisdom.

131. Aurora

Derived from the Latin origin, Aurora is a feminine given name, meaning ‘dawn’ or ‘light.’

132. Blaze

Originating from the English language, Blaze represents fire and passion.

133. Burning Bear

A Native American name symbolizing strength and bravery of a bear while connecting to nature.

134. Drakon

Derived from Greek origin, Drakon is a masculine name, meaning ‘dragon’ or ‘serpent.’

135. Gaia

A feminine name derived from Greek origin, belonging to the Greek goddess of the earth.

136. Kairos

This masculine given name is derived from Greek mythology, referring to the personification of opportunity, luck, and favorable moments.

137. Lumina

Aurora is a feminine given name derived from the Latin roots, meaning ‘dawn’ or ‘light.’

138. Lux

Lux is a unisex name that comes from Latin origin, meaning ‘light.’

139. Nyx

Derived from Greek roots, Nyx is a short feminine given name, meaning ‘night.’ This is also the name of the Greek goddess of the night.

140. Ragnarok

Originating from Norse mythology, it can be considered a female name, referring to the ‘end time or the final battle.’

141. Ravenfeather

This is a seer and a quest giver masculine Tauren name from the ‘War of Warcraft.’

142. Silvanus

Shaman name Silvanus

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Derived from Latin origin, Silvanus means ‘forest.’

143. Solara

A beautiful feminine name of Latin origin, meaning ‘solar.’

144. Sylvan

A male given name derived from Latin origin, referring to the ‘woods’ and ‘forests.’

145. Volcanus

Derived from the Latin origin, it is a masculine given name, meaning ‘volcano’ representing fire.

Tauren Shaman Names

Like Orcs, Tauren are fictional beings from the popular Warcraft series of novels, games, and other media. They are anthropomorphic bovines and consist of warriors, shamans, and hunters. Check out some unique Tauren shaman names with meanings derived from their native language of Taur-ahe, a fictional language partially written using pictograms.

146. Althaea

A female name derived from the Taur-ahe language, meaning ‘healer.’

147. An’she

Referring to the ‘sun God’ in Tauren mythology, An’she is derived from the Taur-ahe language and simply means ‘sun.’

148. Ariadne

This is a female Tauren name derived from the Greek name meaning ‘most holy.’

149. Balthazar

Of Hebrew origin, the name refers to a spirit named Baal. The name means ‘Baal protects the king.’ .

150. Catori

Taken from the Native American name, this Tauren name directly translates to ‘spirit.’

151. Druidia

A Latin name used by Tauren referring to the ‘nature guardian.’

152. Gwyneth

Taken from a Welsh name, this name for Taurens means ‘white’ and is a title used by Taurens to depict ‘the Lady of the Forest.’

153. Hukraz

A male Tauren name, meaning ‘protector,’ signifies the trait of a shaman.

154. Kaelani

Depicting the realm of spirit and Tauren’s association with nature, this Hawaiian name means ‘sky and heavens.’

155. Kambo

A South American name given to a Tauren Shaman who uses ‘frog medicine.’

156. Karynna

A female name derived from the Taur-ahe language, meaning ‘pure.’

157. Keoni

Taken from a Hawaiian name, this Tauren name means ‘God is gracious.’

158. Kiva

Referencing to a ‘sacred place’ this Tauren name comes from the Native American name.

159. Leilani

Derived from Hawaiian, this feminine given name means ‘heavenly flower.’

160. Malorne

Referring to the ‘wise and powerful Ancient guardian who takes the form of a white stag’ Malorne is an important being in the Tauren culture.

161. Mawat’aki

A name derived from the Taur-ahe language, meaning ‘wintersoul.’

162. Minerva

Referring to the ‘Goddess of wisdom and war,’ Minerva is a feminine given name in Tauren, originating from Latin.

163. Mugwort

Derived from a plant name, this Tauren name means ‘dream weaver.’

164. Mu’sha

Derived from the Taur-ahe language, Mu’sha means ‘moon.’ Thus, it is a mystical and beautiful name.

165. Orenda

Carrying the mystic appeal, this Tauren name has Native American origin, and means ‘magic.’

166. Por-ah

Evolved as a given name, referring to a ‘legendary stone’ that holds a significant place for the Shamans of Tauren.

167. Rune

Rune was the name of the wise Shaman among Taurens and is of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘secret.’

168. Shamanthi

Referring to the ‘shaman priestess,’ this name comes from a Sanskrit name.

169. Shu’halo

Shu’halo is another name for Taurens in the native language, Taur-ahe.

170. Sylfa

Referring to the ‘forest guardian,’ this tauren name is derived from the Old Nordic name, meaning ‘forest.’

171. Tarragon

A feminine given name used among Taurens and refers to a ‘witch doctor.’

172. Tathariel

A female Tauren name, meaning ‘daughter of nature.’

173. Tiva

Symbolizing the dance performed in Shaman rituals, this Tauren name is of Hopi (Native American) origin, meaning ‘dance of nature.’

174. Washte Pawne

Referred to as ‘a wind serpent,’ Washte Pawne is the spirit biter in Taurean mythology.

175. Zulmar

A male Tauren name, meaning ‘wise,’ refers to how a true Shaman character should be.

Egyptian Shaman Names

Shamanism has been a part of Egyptian culture since ancient times.

Explore the significance of names inspired by Egyptian gods and goddesses.

176. Akh

The shaman name was used in ancient Egyptian culture to represent the ‘shining spirit.’ It also means ‘to be effective’ or ‘to be useful’ and can be used as a unisex name (11).

177. Anubis

Anubis is the ancient Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife, and it means ‘royal child.’

178. Amenhotep

This is an Egyptian male name, meaning ‘Amun is satisfied,’ derived from the name of the Egyptian God Amun.

179. Amun

ThisThe name refers to the god of air and the unseen forces of the universe. It means ‘hidden.’

180. Ba

An Egyptian term that means ‘manifestation’ can make a beautiful male name (11).

181. Bastet

The name is derived from the Egyptian goddess of home, fertility, and childbirth.

182. Hathor

Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, and motherhood, meaning ‘house of Horus.’

183. Horus

The name derives from the Egyptian god of the sky, a falcon-headed and means ‘the distant one.’

184. Isis

This female name means ‘throne’ and originated from the Egyptian goddess of magic, motherhood, and fertility.

185. Katharsis

The Egyptian male name comes from the Greek katharsis, meaning ‘purification’ or ‘cleansing’ (11).

186. Khnum

The meaning of this Egyptian male name is ‘to create’ or ‘mold,’ and is derived from the Egyptian god of creation and fertility.

187. Ma’at –

Ma’at is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and balance, and the name means ‘truth’ or ‘order.’

188. Mut

This Egyptian female name means ‘mother’ or ‘queen.’ This is also the name of the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and protection.

189. Neith

Originated from the Egyptian goddess of war and weaving, the name means ‘weaver’ or ‘warrior.’

190. Nephthys

The name is derived from the Egyptian goddess of mourning and the afterlife, meaning ‘lady of the house.’

191. Orphic

From the mystic cult of Ancient Egypt, this name is also used as a male given name (11).

192. Osiris

The name of the Egyptian god of the afterlife, death, and resurrection, meaning ‘the mighty one.’

193. Thoth

From the Egyptian god of wisdom, meaning ‘he who is like the Ibis.’

194. Ptah

The Egyptian male name means ‘the opener,’ derived from the Egyptian creator god of craftsmanship and arts.

195. Ra

Shaman name Ra

Image: Momjunction Design Team

A powerful Egyptian name, meaning ‘sun,’ derived from the ancient Egyptian sun god.

196. Sai

Sai is a unisex name derived from the Egyptian word ‘sai’ meaning ‘wisdom’ (11).

197. Sekhmet

Sekhmet is a symbol of power, a female Egyptian name meaning ‘powerful’ or ‘mighty.’  This comes from the name of the Egyptian lioness goddess of war and healing.

198. Seshat

The Egyptian female name means ‘she who scribes,’ inspired by Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of writing, knowledge, and wisdom.

199. Seth

The name of the Egyptian god of chaos, storms, and disorder. It means ‘to dazzle.’

200. Taweret

Meaning ‘she who is great,’ Taweret is the female given name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and protection.

Japanese Shaman Names

Discover the mystique and power of Japanese shaman names, which are good to know and exceptional.

201. Aiko

Aiko is a Japanese name that means ‘little loved one.’ It therefore represents the purity and innocence of a child with love.

202. Daiki

The name Daiki is a masculine Japanese name, meaning ‘great radiance.’

203. Haruki

Originating in Japanese, the name Haruki is a masculine name, meaning ‘spring’ and ‘tree.’

204. Hana

The name Hana is a feminine Japanese name meaning ‘flower.’

205. Hayato

Originating from Japan, Hayato is a masculine name, meaning ‘falcon person.’

206. Hikaru

Hikaru is a masculine name derived from the Japanese roots, meaning ‘light.’

207. Kenji

Indicating strength, Keji is a masculine Japanese name that means ‘strong.’

208. Miko

A cute and casual name, Miko is a masculine given name of Japanese origin, meaning ‘shaman’ or ‘priest.’

209. Miyu

A beautiful name, Miyu, is a feminine Japanese name meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘gentle.’

210. Nana

A spiritual name of Japanese origin, Nana is associated with the number ‘seven,’ representing spiritual fulfillment.

211. Ren

Ren is a sweet masculine Japanese name meaning ‘lotus.’

212. Rina

Rina is a feminine Japanese name inspired by nature, meaning ‘jasmine’ and ‘apple tree.’ The Indian meaning of the name is ‘melted,’ and the Hebrew meaning is ‘song/jo.’

213. Ryo

Exuding cool vibes, Ryo is a short name for males of Japanese roots that means ‘refreshing’ or ‘cool.’

214. Ryu

Ryu is a short yet powerful masculine given name of Japanese origin, meaning ‘dragon’ or ‘spirit.’

215. Sakura

A nature-derived name for females, Sakura is of Japanese origin, meaning ‘cherry blossom.’

216. Satori

Satori is a Japanese male name meaning ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening.’

217. Takumi

Meaning  ‘artisan’ or ‘skillful,’ Takumi is a masculine name of Japanese origin.

218. Yui

Rooted in Japanese culture, Yui is a short and cute feminine name that means ‘tie’ or ‘bind.’

219. Yukio

Yukio is a masculine Japanese name meaning ‘happy’ and ‘hero.’

Fantasy Shaman Names

Shaman names are filled with magic, but fantasy shaman names take it up a notch. They combine otherworldly energy with mystic significance.

220. Arinna

A Hattian given name for females, derived from the name of the Hattian solar goddess.

221. Artemis

Artemis is a feminine name of Greek origin, derived from the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt, moon, and wilderness.

222. Aya

A soulful name for girls, meaning ‘dawn.’ In Semitic Mythology, she is the goddess of the dawn and the consort of the sun god Shamash.

223. Black Elk

Rooted in the Siouan language and culture, Black Elk is a unique male given name derived from the name of the warrior shaman Black Elk.

224. Crazy Horse

Inspired by the nickname of a Lakota shaman, Crazy Horse may signify ‘someone ready for a battle.’

225. Lightning Bolt (Wâsaskotêpaýiw)

A fierce and brave name, Lightning Bolt is the name of the Hopi Shaman of Native American roots.

226. Nugua

A name derived from the Chinese Goddess of creation, a lady with a dragon’s head and a snake’s body.

227. Pele

Pele is a feminine given name of Hawaiian origin, derived from the name of the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes.

228. Rain Bear

Borne by a Shaman in the Native American Cheyenne tribe, Rain Bear means ‘He who brings the rain.’

229. Red Cloud

Borne by the shaman of the Lakota tribe, this name means ‘he who walks in the clouds.’

230. Thunderbird (Piýêsiwiw)

The name Thunderbird is used by the Native American Lakota tribe, meaning ‘he who controls the thunder.’

231. Yemaja

Yemaja is a female name of African origin, derived from the name of the mermaid-like African goddess.

Shaman Names WoW (World of Warcraft)

Apart from the orcs and taurens, the Warcraft series also features humans, elves, gnomes, dwarves, werewolves, goblins, and trolls. Check out some WoW shaman names.

Apart from the orcs and taurens, the Warcraft series also features humans, elves, gnomes, dwarves, werewolves, goblins, and trolls. Check out some WoW shaman names.

232. Arechron

Belonging to the Broken Draenei (Kurenai) race, Archeon is the male humanoid who is the quest giver and the leader of Kurenai in Warcraft.

protip_icon Trivia
According to the War of Warcraft narrative, Draenei and the Broken Daenei (Kurenai) originated from the race of Eredar, supremely talented magic-wielders from the planet Argus (described as the Utopia world).

233. Corki

He is the son of Arechron, a leader of Kurenai, and thus, comes from the lineage of WoW shamans.

234. Demitrian

Demitrian is the name of the human highlord, possibly derived from the Greek name, meaning ‘Earth mother.’

235. Dohgar

Dohgar is the name of the male half-orc who has the ability of a ‘spiritcaller’ and is the Mok’nathal quest giver.

236. Firmanvaar

The name of a male Tauren, Firmanvaar, is the shaman trainer at the Azuremyst Isle.

237. Gorboto

Gorboto is the name of the broken Duraenei who has the power of ‘earthmender.’

238. Loki

A male kurenai, who has the power of an ‘elementalist’ and is the quest giver in Telaar, Nagrand.

239. Javad

Shaman name Javad

Image: Momjunction Design Team

He is the male Draenei who has the ability of ‘farseer’ and is the shaman trainer.

240. Janidi

Janidi is the female jungle troll who has the ability of a ‘seer.’

241. Jin’zakk

Jin’zakk is the name of the forest troll who is a ‘warlord’ and is the ruler of Zul’Aman.

242. Kardris

The name of the female orc who has a ‘dream seeker’ ability and is a shaman trainer.

243. Morgh

Morgh is the name of the male Broken Draenei who has the power of ‘elementalist’ and is the quest giver.

244. Morod

Morod is the male Broken Draenei who has the power of ‘wind stirrer’ and is the quest giver.

245. Nezzliok

A female jungle Troll, Nezzliok is the witch doctor who has the power of ‘Dire.’

246. Nobundo

He is the ‘farseer’ kurenai, the first Draenei shaman and the shaman trainer.

247. Regulkut

Regulkut is the name of the male Tauren with ‘farseer’ ability and is the quest giver.

248. Searn

Belonging to the Darkspear tribe, Searn is the jungle troll and is the quest giver.

249. Skaltesh

A male kurenai Skaltesh is a ‘seer,’ who helps to see the elemental spirits.

250. Sophurus

Sophurus is the male kurenai who has the power of an ‘eartmender’ and his role is of a quest giver.

251. Sulaa

The female Draenai Sulaa is the shaman trainer in Crystal Hall.

Discover More Names

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the Shaman names have any spiritual or healing connotations?

Yes. Shamanism is primarily associated with connecting to the spiritual realm and aiding in healing from curses, illnesses, and other healing aspects. Also, shamans served as spiritual guides and healers in the community. Thus, many shaman names are derived from names that have spiritual and healing connotations (1) (12).

2. Who are some well-known shamans or spiritual figures?

Yes! Names like Angakok, Arpachshad, Maria Sabina, Sangomas, Haman, Chayanyi, Brujo, Beata, and Balian are some well-known Shamans. They are famous indigenous shamans or shaman tribes from different cultures worldwide.

3. How common is the culture of giving shaman names in the US?

Choosing shaman names is not a common culture among Americans. However, parents may prefer names derived from nature, animals, and flowers and those with positive meanings. Native Americans may choose shaman names for their babies as Shamanism is deeply rooted in their culture (12).

Shaman names indicate ‘spirit’ or ‘soulful.’ and the natural elements like water, air, wind, fire, and the earth. Additionally, celestial bodies, including the sun, the moon, and the stars, also have a significant role in shamanic rituals. Moreover, animal-derived names, plant-derived names, and those inspired by forests also held great importance. In short, it can be stated that Shamanism is associated with spiritualism, nature, as well as the realm of gods and goddesses.

Key Pointers

  • Shamanism is a spiritual practice performed by Shamans.
  • Shaman names consist of those associated with spiritualism, positivity, natural elements, nature, and the celestial ones
  • Warcraft, an online video game, majorly consists of shamans. Thus, one can derive Shaman names from its characters.

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