25 Signs She Loves You But Hiding Her Feelings For You

After meeting your dream girl, you wish you could read her mind. Though you have started sharing secrets and discussing your fears, she is yet to reveal her intentions. So, how to know if she is hiding her feelings for you? She could be veiling her emotions and more so if she is shy or apprehensive about being rejected. Or perhaps it is too soon for her to understand her feelings. If she likes you but is not ready to confess, she might be dropping subtle hints for you to pick up and make the next move. Keep reading as we have listed some of the signs that may help decode the cues your love interest wants you to decipher.

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25 Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You

  1. She smiles, and it is not out of courtesy. Her smile genuinely displays that she is happy to see you. In a room full of people, if you spot her looking at you and smiling, then this could be a sign that she has feelings for you.

    She smiles when she is hiding her feelings for you

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  1. She mentions you several times. For instance, when she is talking about ten things, and six things are about you, then there is a high chance that she likes you. It could be your obsession with keeping things in order or your silly fixation on video games; she seems to like it all just because you do them, and she does not hesitate to tell the others about it.
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When you are on her mind, she will often mention your name in her conversations with her friends. So, if her friends tell you that she talks about you all the time, know that she likes you.
  1. She keeps in touch with you throughout the day; it could be a ‘good morning,’ or a ‘how is your day going on’ message, she tries to keep the conversation going on by texting often. If your girl is doing all this and nothing else, it could mean she is taking time to get to know you better while cloaking her true feelings for you.
  1. She shows through body language. Your girl might be refraining from expressing her feelings for you verbally, but the body language is something she cannot conceal. If she likes you, she will be her own self around you. She might sit closer to you, try to touch you, or play with her hair while talking to you. All these could be clues that she is interested in you.
  1. She flirts subtly by holding your hand while walking or sending you a flirty text; such subtle flirting could signify that she is hiding her true feelings for you. Sometimes, she would also lead you into an intimate and private conversation, but stop it midway when it is getting too intense. This is probably because she is afraid of getting too close.

    She may subtly flirt with you

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  1. She told your friends about you. Your precious woman may have many male friends, but she would only talk about someone special to her girl squad. If her besties know everything about you, then it could be a strong sign that you are special.
  1. When she is with you, she will let her guard down and stop masking and dissembling her true self. It could be her habit of eating junk food or her funny laugh, she would not try to hide them from you. When a girl is camouflaging her feelings for you, she will not say it through words but will show it by being herself with you. If you know things about her which no one knows, then she has certainly reserved a special place for you in her heart.
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She opens up to you comfortably because she trusts you and she wants you to know more about her. She doesn’t want to hide anything from you so you can see her true self and like her the way she is.
  1. She will look into your eyes while talking to you or having dinner. Constant eye contact could be a sign of attraction. If you catch your girl stealing glances at you, then that is a strong sign that she has fallen for you. She might be pretending to be cold if you catch her in the act, but her eyes would not be able to hide her true feelings.
Eye contact could be a sign of attraction

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  1. A girl who is interested in you, but is trying to hide her feelings would like to know all the details about your life; she would like to enquire about your family, friends, and hobbies. She would also try to show enthusiasm in things that excite you.
  1. She would try to impress you. A girl who has a crush on you would try to impress you with her qualities. She would subtly mention about her accomplishments and also try to excel at things you like. She would also be mindful of her appearance. All these could be her way of hinting her feelings for you.
  1. She becomes possessive when you talk to other female friends. Though she has not confessed her feelings for you, she would get angry whenever she finds you talking to other girls. She may also take a step forward and show other girls that you are off-limits for them. Such jealousy could be a sign that she has feelings for you.
  1. She remembers everything about you, from the way you like your morning coffee, to your parents’ wedding anniversary, and other important information about your life. She will even remember the silliest details of your life. A girl who is secretly in love with you would remember all the random things about you, like your favorite food, color, music band, etc.
  1. If a girl has feelings for you, she will value your opinion above everything. She would frequently ask you if she was right doing something because what you think of her matters. A girl who likes you will always want to know what you think, especially before she makes a major decision. It shows she trusts you. Also, she wants you to have a good opinion about her.
  1. Whenever you are in trouble or need some emotional support, she is always there for you. Though she has not yet told you her feelings, she will always make time for you and see to it that she is present for all the major and minor things in your life.
  1. She laughs at your jokes, even when they are silly because she doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed or she wants to show that she likes everything you do. Laughter could be a sure sign that she has fallen for you.
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Don’t assume that she is in love with you just because she laughs at your silliest jokes. Some women are polite, while some laugh easily. Only if other signs mentioned accompany, you can be sure about her feelings for you.
Laughter could be a sign

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  1. She would be your no.1 cheerleader. Whether it is small or big moments, she would encourage you during all your ups and downs in life. She would celebrate your achievements and show how proud she is of you. Though she may not say “I love you,” she might be liking you secretly if she is the one who always wants the best for you.
  1. She takes extra care to look presentable whenever she is going out with you. If you find her wearing an outfit you said you liked, then it is a sign that she wants to impress you. She might act all cold and distant, but she will always make sure she dresses up the way you like when she goes out with you. For girls, it’s the little things. She wants you to be proud of her whenever she is with you. It also feels nice when you keep complimenting her.
  1. It could be a beach picnic or just Netflix and chill, a girl who has feelings for you would look forward to spending some alone time with you. Though this alone time will have physical boundaries, if she is initiating to spend time alone with you, it could mean that she trusts you and wants to know more about you.
  1. Though no feelings have been exchanged between you two, people around you would get the hints and ask if you two are a couple. Also, she might have subtly mentioned it to some of her friends. But why didn’t she tell you directly? Maybe she is evading the situation as she is scared or waiting for the right moment. Girls and women tend to avoid making the finest move out of fear of rejection. they cannot stand rejection and would rather not say anything.
  1. A woman’s heart is mysterious. No matter how much your girl might like you, she would not confess her feelings until she is sure of you. If you find the woman of your dreams constantly asking questions about your dating life, then she might be determining whether you are a player or a loyal person. She might be muffling her feelings for you, waiting for the right time to reveal them.
  1. If you have already introduced her to your gang of friends and she is trying to impress your friends, then it could be a sign that she likes you and wants your friends to like her, too.
  1. She tries to take care of you. If your girl looks after you by doing little things, like cooking supper or reminding you to take medicines when you are sick, then she could be interested but is bottling up her feelings for you.

    She cares for you

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  1. You may often find her asking silly and unrelated questions; for example, she might say, “I am tired of my job, I would like to quit. What do you think?” In reality, she may have no intention to do so, but she wants to gauge your reactions. You may find such questions out of context, but this could be her way to know more about you.
  1. It is said that human beings adopt mannerisms of people they like, so if you find your girl imitating your behavioral patterns, then it could be a sign that she likes you.
  1. Last but not least, you might often find her worried about your well-being. She might behave like she has no feelings for you, but she would get all tense if your phone is not reachable, or if you come back late from work, or skip meals. This is because deep inside, she likes you so much that she cannot bear the thought of anything happening to you, even if she is suppressing her feelings.

These are some of the signs that may hint you that she is shrouding her feelings for you. However, while observing these signs, you need to be careful as most of them might also be true if she is thinking of you as her best friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does one decide to hide their feelings?

Sometimes people do not express how they feel for someone due to fear of rejection, lack of self-confidence, the person they adore seems out of their league, or because they have been hurt in their past and don’t want to feel hurt again.

2. How can I open up about my feelings?

You may try to open up about your feelings by taking small steps such as making conversations, practicing what you want to say while being confident, picking a pleasant setting to talk, and reminding yourself that it’s alright to be vulnerable while still being kind and honest with yourself.

3. How do I get her to confess her feelings?

A girl may not confess her feelings for you first due to fear of rejection. But, if you think she likes you and you feel the same way, you can reciprocate these feelings by treating her well, being honest about your feelings, complimenting and flirting with her. If she feels comfortable with you, she will most likely tell you how she feels about you.

4. Do girls pull away when they have feelings?

It is not accurate to say that all girls pull away when they have feelings for you. But, there can be instances where the person may pull away when they realize they have feelings for you. This can be due to a number of reasons like past experiences, fear of being rejected, or second guessing their feelings.

5. How long do feelings for a girl last?

There is no specific timeline for how long feelings for someone will last. It ultimately depends on the compatibility and passion of both people involved. The feelings can be fleeting, or they may be long-lasting.

6. How fast does a girl catch feelings?

The rate at which a girl catches feelings can differ from person to person. It depends on a number of factors like the connection between two people, compatibility, chemistry, individual personality, past experiences, emotional readiness, and the dynamics of the relationship.

7. What makes a girl develop feelings for a guy?

Developing feelings for someone is an individual experience and can vary from person to person. But some common factors that can lead to catching feelings for someone are emotional connection or compatibility, attraction and chemistry, and heartfelt communication.

8. Can a girl hide her feelings for a guy forever?

It can be possible for a girl to hide her feelings for a guy. However, it is essential to remember that suppressing feelings or emotions for a long period may lead to frustration, emotional strain, and a lack of satisfaction from personal relationships.

9. Is it possible for a guy to miss out on a potential relationship because he didn’t realize a girl was hiding her feelings for him?

It can be possible for a guy to miss out on a potential relationship because the girl has concealed her feelings for him. You may be oblivious to the romantic interest of the girl if you fail to communicate effectively or read her signs. Therefore, open communication and clarity should be maintained in a relationship.

10. Can hiding feelings lead to a successful relationship in the long term?

Hiding your feelings for someone is not recommended in a relationship. It may lead to many complications like miscommunication, absence of emotional intimacy, lack of trust, and unfulfilled needs and desires.

Some girls may be shy to express their emotions, but they could be showing their adoration for you with subtle signs. Suppose a girl is interested in knowing your little details, takes your opinions on everything, smiles often, makes eye contact, cares for you, and is too possessive, these could mean she is hiding her feelings for you, but she has a liking for you. Be observant of these signs, but be mindful that they might indicate that she considers you her best friend. So, you should know the subtle differences before coming to any conclusion. Always remember that these signs are not guaranteed indicators of her feelings for you. Blogger Gunawan Saputra once noticed several positive signs indicating that a girl probably liked him. Sadly, he ended up realizing that he was wrong. He says, “She gave me compliments like how she enjoyed hanging out with me, how she could share her stories with me because I’d listen to her sincerely and gave her the right advice. Then she would say things like, “You’re a really nice person, I can’t believe you haven’t found any girlfriend yet!”. To be honest, it’s a compliment, but my heart cracked a little after hearing that…A girl can be so kind, caring, and physically showed that she’s interested in you. She has done what all the relationship experts say and it can still mean nothing, she only sees you as a friend. Nowadays, I won’t assume anything until the girl literally says, “Gun, I really like you, and I want us to be more than just friends, in a romantic way (i).”

Infographic: Signs She Is Hiding Her Romantic Feelings For You

Is your friendship turning into something more? You may feel it, but what about her? There are subtle yet apparent signs you can tell a girl loves you but is trying to hide it. Whatever the reason may be, if you spot these signs, you can get the confidence to ask her out.

she may be hiding her love for you if (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Being in love is a great feeling, but comprehending whether your girl loves you back is easier said than done.
  • If a girl loves you but hasn’t voiced her feelings, she might be displaying certain gestures, like being caring, possessive, and trying to impress you.
  • Be observant of these signs, but also make sure that she is not considering you her best friend before making the first move.

Is she always around, trying to catch your eye, laughing at your jokes, and looking at you with a twinkle in her eye? She might be hiding her feelings for you. Watch this video to look out for the signs.

Personal Experience: Source

i. I thought she was into me, but I was horribly wrong!

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