12 Signs She Is Testing You And Ways To Win Her Over

12 Signs She Is Testing You And Ways To Win Her Over

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Is your date acting unusual lately? One moment, she asks you questions, and the next, she remains silent. She makes plans to meet but then cancels them without giving a valid reason. Some women put their partners to the test before committing to a relationship.

She might put you in certain situations and observe your reactions. If you mess it up, you might lose the chance to win her heart. Some may call it a ‘mind game,’ but remember, she is not playing with you. She is probably testing the waters before entering into a serious and long-term relationship with you.

These tests will help her ascertain if you are compatible with her. Keep reading this post to know some signs she is testing you to prepare and plan your move accordingly.

12 Signs She Is Testing You

Consider her tests normal and stay focused to pass them and win her. Here are some signs that tell she is testing you.

1. She plays hard to get

If she wants to see how serious you are about her and to what extent you will go to be with her, she might make you chase her. She knows that someone who is fooling around will give up quickly, but the guy who genuinely loves her will stick around to earn her affection.

2. She wants to know how much you care for her

She wants to be taken care of and pampered when she is sick. When she tells you she is unwell, she wants you to check on her by calling or texting frequently. When you do it, she will know you are concerned and want to take care of her.

3. She mentions one thing repeatedly

Of late, you have been hearing her mention how badly she wants to watch a particular movie or try the food at a new restaurant. You know she can do it alone anytime, but if she repeatedly mentions it, she probably wants to see if you are listening and paying attention to her. She wants you to do something to make her happy.

4. She takes you to a place where there are many women

If you ever find yourself with her in a pub or hangout place with many attractive ladies, do not give in to the temptation of checking them out. It could be difficult but remember her eyes are on you, and she will instantly notice when your eyeballs dart toward a woman. Some women try this trick during the initial stages of courtship to ensure they are not dating a disloyal man.

5. She cancels or postpones plans

There will come a time when she will cancel your dates for no reason or suggest postponing lunch or dinner. She would want to see the amount of effort you would put in to go on a date with her. A guy who is serious about her will try at least a couple of times to take her on a date. The one who forgets or gives up may not be ‘the one’ for her. However, if she cancels more than twice, get the hint that she is not interested in you.

6. She shows interest in knowing your past relationships

Your past relationships can tell her a lot about you. If she asks you about your exes, say good things about them without blurting out every detail. Show her you are matured enough to move on with good feelings in your heart. And do not talk bad about your exes; it shows your lack of respect for women and relationships.

7. She introduces you to her friends

Perhaps she fears that her love for you might blind her to the extent where she overlooks your flaws. She will take an opinion by introducing you to her friends. This ‘expert panel’ of hers will tell her if you are the best match for her. When she takes you to meet her friends, remember to be on your best behavior because she might taketheir opinion seriously.

8. She shares little details about herself

You may find it unusual when she tells you how her pet dog accidentally pooped on her, or her first favorite color was yellow, but now she likes red. She might tell you these to check if you pay attention to what she says. If she matters to you, you will remember little things about her. And if not, it’s loud and clear that you are not listening to her.

9. She seeks your help

When she asks you for help, she wants to know if she can rely on you. Women like to be with someone who makes them feel safe and protected. If she calls you late at night to fix her computer, help her and let her know you will be there for her whenever she needs you. However, you do not have to be at her beck and call. Learn to gauge when she needs you and when she can be okay independently.

10. She deliberately pushes your limits

At times, you may feel like she is unreasonable and testing your patience. She does that to see how you react under pressure and to what extent you can control yourself. If you are in the initial period of dating, she might test you to see your worst possible reaction.

11. She wants to know your plans for the future

When a woman asks you about your plans, goals, and ambitions, she is probably considering you for the long run. She wants to know what she can expect from you in a relationship and if you are a suitable person who can offer her security.

12. She avoids getting intimate with you

She probably likes you as much as you like her, but that does not mean she will get in the sack with you. By keeping you waiting, she istesting your real intentions. A man who wants to date her only for physical intimacy will get impatient, but a guy who truly loves her will wait till she feels comfortable enough to get intimate with him. When she willingly sleeps with you, it means you have passed her ‘waiting’ test.

Do not feel offended if she tests you because a woman will test only the guy she likes. When you pass these tests, it assures her you are ‘the one’ for her. If you love her, prepare yourself for these tests.