Shocking Surprise For Parents Of Triplets. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Shocking Surprise For Parents Of Triplets

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What happens when a couple who have lost hope after several years trying to conceive go in for adoption, but along comes the good news of pregnancy? Well, this is exactly what happened with Sarah and Bill Imbierowicz of Kokomo, Indiana. This couple has had an overwhelmingly extraordinary journey towards parenthood.

Sarah and Bill tried for years to attain parenthood. They tried conceiving through IVF, but were heartbroken with several miscarriages in due course. They never lost hope, though.

After three years of IVF, Sarah was finally able to get pregnant. She had their first son, Will. Thanks to the positive outlook towards life despite so many meltdowns. Will is a miracle baby in his own right considering that he was the only one that survived after implanting four embryos in Sarah’s womb.

“When the kids smile, when they are having fun and stuff, when they accomplish new things, it’s really fun to see that,” Bill said.

But they had no idea they were in for a hat-trick. A year later, Sarah conceived again – this time with three triplet boys! When Will turned one, the couple wanted him to have a sibling. They once again underwent the IVF. This time with three embryos implanted, Sarah and Bill were hoping for one offspring. But instead they were blessed with triplets!

“We started out transferring two at a time, but we miscarried several times,” Sarah said. “Eventually we got to the point where we decided to transfer four.” It also came as quite a shocker as two out of the four were supposed to be of lower quality.

After having the four boys, the couple decided to beget children once again. This time, they wanted a daughter. And again – what the ultrasound revealed was nothing short of yet another miracle!

Sarah’s doctor wore a stunned look on his face when she met him at her next ultrasound session. “[The doctor] just got this look on his face, and I said, ‘Oh, no,’ and he said, ‘What do you see?’ and I said, ‘I see two,’ ” Sarah said. “He said, ‘Look again.’ I said, ‘I see three,’ and he said, ‘I see three, too.’ I think the whole room just went quiet at that point. I think we were all just like, ‘Oh.’

And this time, the couple had implanted two female embryos hoping for one daughter. But the two embryos created three baby girls – a second hat-trick. So here they were again, becoming parents to two sets of triplets!

Dr. Goldfarb, fertility specialist, explained, “Most of time when you transfer two embryos and get pregnancies it’s because one embryo split and you end up with identical twins,”

It has been very exciting for Sarah and Bill. “We’re really excited to have everyone,” Sarah said. It’s as if the universe contrived to make for the past miscarriages with the two sets of triplets. “And it’s a bonus that they’re girls – it balances the house out for us.”

For the ever-growing Imbierowicz household, luckily they have the mutual support and all they need to take care of the needs. Sarah said, “I would be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t a little overwhelmed. But I also know that with the help we have, there’s never going to be a baby not being held or a toddler not being played with. It will all work out.”

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Earlier there were reports of Andy and Sarah Justice adopting a set of triplets only to discover weeks later that they were pregnant with twins. Goes to show how unpredictable life can be!

The story of Sarah and Bill goes a little more over the edge with how unbelievable it turned out for them. Definitely a stunning tale. Three successful pregnancies and seven children! Way to go!

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