13 Best Baby Shoes Of 2021

Best Baby Shoes

One of the most memorable moments in a parents’ life is when their baby starts walking. Most babies take their first tiny steps as early as 12 months, although some may take a little longer. Babies have soft and tender feet that require care and protection from rough surfaces and sharp objects. While babies can walk barefoot at home, they should have at least one pair of shoes to explore the outside world.

There is a wide range of adorable and comfortable infant and toddler shoes available in the market.In this post, we have listed the best baby shoes designed to meet the needs of your tiny tots.

13 Best Baby Shoes

1. RVRovic Baby Shoes

RVRovic Baby Shoes

Made of premium canvas with rubber anti-slip sole, RVRovic Baby Shoes are soft, lightweight, and breathable.They are easy to put on and off and have an elastic band around the ankle to make comfortable wear for babies aged six to 18 months. The unisex classic style shoes suit any occasion and are perfect for getting your baby started on the right foot.

2. Debaijia Toddler Shoes

Debaijia Toddler Shoes

The Debaijiaslip-on shoes for kids between one and four years of age make an excellent pair. Made of durable, premium canvas and TPR material, the shoes offer flexibility and elasticity. The non-slip outsoles make the lightweight shoes perfect for indoor and outdoor wear, while their classic design makes them ideal for different occasions.

3. Save Beautiful Canvas Sneakers

Save Beautiful Canvas Sneakers

Walking can be fun and easy with the Save Beautifulhigh-top shoes for baby boys and girls. Designed for walking, playing, and even crawling, the shoes are crafted using premium canvas. The soft sole promisesa perfect grip and balance because of the elastic ankle band. The hook and loop pattern makes the shoes easy to put on and off.

4. Enercake Baby Shoes

Enercake Baby Shoes

Made of breathable, high-quality canvas and soft sole, Enercake baby shoes can be perfect for your child who has just about learned to stand or walk. The classic lace pattern promises no hassle in wearing or removing the shoes, and the anti-skid sole ensures perfect balance without fear of slipping or tripping.

5. HsdsBebe Baby Walking Sneakers

HsdsBebe Baby Walking Sneakers

Babies with chubby feet will enjoy wearing HsdsBebesturdy and soft leather baby shoes. Designed with PU leather, the party wear shoes come with a polyester lining for sweat absorption. The firm rubber sole offers great support and prevents your little one from falling. The shoes come with a hook and loop closure system,making them easy to wear. The colorful cartoons of animals on the shoes make them delightful.

6. RVRovic Baby Moccasins Sneakers

RVRovic Baby Moccasins Sneakers

The designer baby shoes are made of premium artificial leather. Stylish and comfortable, lightweight, and soft shoes are designed to promote the growth of the baby’s feet and offer flexibility while they walk. The elastic band around the ankle makes them easy to wear. The classic moccasins are designed to make playdates and family gatherings fashionable for your little one.

7. Mejale Baby Infant Toddler Shoes

Mejale Baby Infant Toddler Shoes

The suede leather shoes make your baby walk in comfort and grace. The lightweight and soft sole help your child walk with ease, both at home and outside. The elastic band promises better fit around the feet and makes it easy to wear and take off the shoes. The Mejale infant toddler shoes sport a classy look and can be a perfect choice for your tiny tot.

8. BMCiTYBM Breathable Mesh Sneakers

BMCiTYBM Breathable Mesh Sneakers

The sneakers come with a unique coral grip design, which helps your child walk with perfect balance.  Rubber soles provide lightweight cushioning, while the foot bed is cushioned with memory foamfor enhanced comfort. The helmet-type toe caps guarantee extra protection against injuries, and the mesh design offers high breathability. The shoes come with hook and loop closure for easy wearing and removal.

9. Thee Bron Infant Toddler Baby Leather Shoes

Thee Bron Infant Toddler Baby Leather Shoes

The lightweight Thee Bron infant toddler shoes are made of authentic soft leather. The memory foam on the footbed lends solid support to the tiny feet of toddlers and pre-walkers. The fashionable and smart design makes the shoes perfect for casual and formal dressing.

10. Hongteya Leather Baby Moccasins

Hongteya Leather Baby Moccasins

The moccasins, made of genuine leather with a durable rubber sole, can be irresistibly cute on your child. The elastic gathering on the rear side promises a better fit. The handmade shoes are fashionable and can be a perfect choice for babies between zeroand24 months. You can dress your toddler in formal clothing with the cool pair of Hongteya leather moccasins for parties or outings.

11. Dukars Soft Sole Moccasins

Dukars Soft Sole Moccasins

A fusion of comfort and style, the Dukars moccasins are the best baby shoes made of breathable and soft upper material with lace-up closure, which is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The non-slip design makes the classic sneakers the best buy for baby boys and girls. Soft and lightweight soles make walking feel completely natural.

12. Timatego Newborn Baby Booties

Timatego Newborn Baby Booties

Designed for babies between zero and18 months, the Timatego non-slip baby walking shoes for toddlers can keep their feet in grip and offer complete comfort. The soft cotton lining makes these shoes a socks-free design. The hook and loop closure ensures ease of wearing, and the non-slip sole makes the booties ideal for pre-walkers and toddlers.

13. Bebila Leather Cartoon Baby Moccasins

Bebila Leather Cartoon Baby Moccasins

Designed for kids between zero and 24 months, the fashionable shoes are made in genuine leather with suede sole. The convenient slip-on design offers comfort and is comfortable to wear and take off. Convenient to clean, the shoes come with different cartoon style patterns on top, making them appealing to both boys and girls.

How To Choose The Right Baby Shoes?

While buying your baby’s first pair of shoes, picking the best one is essential to ensure safety and comfort. Here is what you need to know to buythe right pair of shoes for your baby boy or girl.

  1.   Size: A shoe too tight will be uncomfortable, and a shoe too loose will be slippery. You should measure the baby’s feet before buying the shoes. Also, remember that babies grow fast and may grow out of their shoes too soon. So pick a size depending on how long you want the baby to use them.
  1.   Weight: Big and heavy shoes will make walking difficult for tiny feet. You should choose shoes that are lightweight so that your baby can walk with ease.
  1.   Flexibility: Baby shoes should have flexible outsoles that fit according to the movement and take the shape of the baby’sfeet for a comfortable walk.
  1.   Easy to put on: The best baby shoes are quick and convenient to put on and take off.
  1.   Anti-skid soles: Look for baby shoes with anti-slip soles so that your baby can walk with confidence and no fear of falling or slipping.
  1.   Wearability: Shoes that can be worn with different kinds of outfits for different occasions and seasons arethe intelligent pick.

Look for baby shoes that are lightweight and flexible, and offer comfort, grip, and stability. Ensure that the shoes support your toddler’s natural movement and benefit your baby’s foot development. If you intend to use them when the baby is walking outdoors, check the sole to see if it can give them traction and protect them from rougher terrains while keeping them safe, warm, and comfortable.