20 Romantic, Short Love Poems For Him And Her

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Short love poems help express your feelings to your beloved person in a simple, precise, and heartwarming way. Poetry touches a person’s heart and makes your special person realize how much they mean to you. A romantic poem can be a sweet and cute way to propose to your partner or celebrate an anniversary. Poetry can add that romantic touch to date and ignite feelings of the boundless love between you and your partner. Plunge into our list of short poems about love, pick the one you relate to the most, share it with your sweetheart and make their day.

20 Short Love Poems For Her

Sometimes, only a few lines of lovely words can do wonders. Tell your girlfriend or wife that your love for her is eternal by sharing your feelings through short love poems for her.

1. Our Love

L is for “laughter” we had along the way.
O is for “optimism” you gave me every day.
V is for “value” of being my best friend.
E is for “eternity” a love that has no end.
— John P. Read, Luvze.com

2. Your Smile On My Mind

I wake up every day with your smile on my mind.
It’s a beautiful sight to behold, so soft and so kind.
My dreams are filled with the thought of me and you.
I awake and smile, for my dreams have come true.
I have you to guide me through my troubles and fears.
I’ll always be here for you through your struggles and tears.
I love you more than my words could ever show.
You mean everything to me; I just want you to know.
I’ll be here for you no matter the dilemma.
You will always be first on my agenda.
— Luke O. Meyers, afamuche.com

3. True Love

When I say I love you, please believe it’s true.
When I say forever, know I’ll never leave you.
When I say goodbye, promise me you won’t cry,
Because the day I’ll be saying that will be the day I die.
— Paul Smith, kindyou.com

4. Come A Little Closer

Come a little closer
Honey, come a little closer,
let me whisper in your ear.
Let me tell it to you softly,
So that no one else will hear.
What I have to say is private,
and is just between us two;
just want you to know how much,
I love the things you do.
— Chloe, Luvze.com

Honey, come a little closer

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5. True Love

A million stars up in the sky.
One shines brighter – I can’t deny.
A love so precious, a love so true,
a love that comes from me to you.
The angels sing when you are near.
Within your arms I have nothing to fear.
You always know just what to say.
Just talking to you makes my day.
I love you, honey, with all of my heart.
Together forever and never to part.
— Cameron Turner, allpoetry.com

6. The Patience Of Heart

Love takes time.
It takes patience
to find the one,
to find him,
to find forever.
The heart may get broken,
but never give up.
The patience of a heart
is so beautiful.
— Unknown

7. Miss You Love

I miss you so deeply,
My heart struggles to beat,
I cannot breathe fully,
I can’t wait till we meet,
When we are apart,
All I can do,
Is sit here and long to be close to you.
— Unknown, wordsonlife.co.uk

8. Love Is Everything

Does he kiss you? If yes, that is love.
Does he talk to you? If yes, that is love.
Does he shower you with romantic gestures? If yes, that is love.
Every moment of love is what you should cherish as
Love is everything..
— Unknown

Love is everything

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9. Every Thought of You

Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion;
I give to you my deepest devotion.
My fondest wishes you completely fulfill;
I love you totally, and I always will.
— Joanna Fuchs, poemsource.com

10. Your Spell

When I’m down, you lift me up.
When I’m hurting, you make me well.
Your love is over the top, and
I’m forever under your spell.
— Unknown, Truelovewords.com

Short Love Poems For Him

He may not be expressive but takes the best care of you. You can tell how much you love him by sharing some of the best short love poems for him.

11. Love: Oh So Inspiring!

Your love for me is no less than the deep sea
Your love for me is no less than the heavy rain
Your love for me is everything sweet
And so you inspire me with every heart beat.
— Unknown

12. Love So Amazing

My love for you is like the raging sea,
So powerful and deep it will forever be.
Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain.
Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.
I love you more with every heartbeat!
— Ansar Ahmed Bhatti, allpoetry.com

Love so amazing

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13. My Future Wife

You got such a kind heart
The heart in which is my heart
All I can say now
Is I love you with all my heart.

14. Even Though I Could Drown

There’s something about
how the sea draws me in
much like your eyes
even though I know I could drown
I’m always going to try to swim
— Gemma Troy, gemmatroy.com

15. You Are My Queen

Your voice makes my heart beat faster
Your calling makes my blood ripple
You rule not just my heart, but my body
That’s why I say
You are my queen.
— Unknown

16. Togetherness

You make me complete
You make me the perfect soul
You make me feel the world
You and me, cannot be separated
And that’s what I tell the world.
— Unknown

Togetherness; Short love poems

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17. Idle Dreams

In idle dreams of long ago,
I imagined my true love;
A perfect match, a soulmate,
An angel from above.
Now you’re here, and now I know
Our love will stay and thrive and grow.
— Joanna Fuchs, poemsource.com

18. Mi Amor

If time could ease its relentless march when we’re together,
and hasten its plodding pace when we’re apart,
I could spend an eternity in your arms,
to savor love everlasting in my heart.
— Benjay, Miraquill.com

19. Warmth Of Love

To feel your hands warm on my face,
To hold you close in a loving embrace,
To kiss your lips with passion and peace,
I’d give everything and ask time to cease.
— Unknown, wordingvibes.com

20. My Heart Only Loves You

I love you with all my heart, I love you with my soul,
Perhaps you don’t believe me, but trust me because I know.
My love is deep, my love is pure, my love is so very true,
Now please my heart aches to know, do you love me too?
— Unknown, wishespoems.com

I love you with all my heart; Short love poems

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Short love poems are a unique way to express your feelings and emotions and are more concise than a traditional love letter. Whether from a man or a woman, self-written poetry is a personal and unique expression of love. You could surprise your significant other by sharing one of the above poems on a special occasion or a regular day just to make them smile. To make your loved one feel extra special, draw inspiration from these poems to write your own describing your experiences and emotions.

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