85 Creative Short Names Or Nicknames For William

You’ve finally narrowed it down to William! That’s the name you’ve chosen for your baby. Now, it’s time to choose some nicknames for William, and we are here to help! The name William originates in old German. It comes from the word Wilhelm, “wil” meaning “desire” and “helm” meaning “helmet,” which translates to “wilful protector.”

Shannon Robinson, a vlogger and mother of two, says William is one of the names she is interested in for her baby. She says, “William is such a classic name. There are so many Williams out there or Wills, but I just think it’s such a nice, classic British name. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea – classic, traditional. But traditional names, for me, just stand out. I sound so silly because they’re so common, but I just love them (i).”

While William is a beautiful name, let’s look at some precious nicknames for your little boy derived from it. You can call him Wil, Liam, or Lee, but if you think they’re too familiar, we’ve got an interesting list for you. Read on.

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Short Names Or Nicknames For William

1. Bill

As a variant of Will, Bill has been in use since the 17th-century trend of swapping first letters of similar-sounding names. Bill Gates would be one of the most easily recognizable names.

2. Billem

A mix of Bill and William makes Billem creative and interesting. It can also be written as Bill’m to make it look more intriguing.

3. Billie

Bill, a famous nickname for William

Image: Shutterstock

Billie is a unisex nickname and is often combined with other names such as Billie-Jean or Billie-Joe. Today, Billie Eilish is one of the most promising young musicians in the USA and has found popularity worldwide.

4. Billy

A spelling variant of Billie, Billy also happens to be a popular nickname. A famous person bearing the name is musician and pianist Billy Joel.

5. Gee

Guillaume is the French form for William, and Gee sounds hip and trendy and is easy to remember. The name is pronounced as ghee in Europe and jhee in the USA.

6. Gil

Gil is short for Guillaume (French form for William). It is adorable and easy to pronounce. You can use it as a gender-neutral name.

7. Goulièlmos

Goulièlmos is the Greek variant of William and makes the Mediterranean accent sound exotic.

8. Gugghiermu

It is a variant of Guillermo (Greek form of William), popular in the Aeolian islands of Sicily. The name has the Italian tonality to it. Gugghiermu I was a popular ruler in the same region during the mid 12th century

9. Guglielmino

It is an Italian extension variant used for Guillermo (William in Greek) and is used for the youngest or beloved child of the family. The name sounds adorable and also has Latin influence in its formation.

10. Guglielmo

It is an Italian take on Guillermo (Greek form of William), and is quite popular. Guglielmo Marconi is a famous scientist who was the inventor of the radio and other wireless technology innovations.

11. Gui

Gui is the shortened form of Guillaume (French of William), sometimes used in France and Belgium. It is pronounced as gee.

12. Guildhelm

Dutch used the name Guildhelm for knights and warriors. Like Wilhelm, Guildhelm combines the words ‘guild’ with ‘helm’ to mean ‘ a gilded helmet.’ It is one of those names that originated from the military and later get popular among the masses.

13. Guilelmo

One of the many Italian variants, Guilelmo (Guillermo is Spanish of William) is less formal and can be chosen as a nickname. Short forms used for Guillermo can also be used for Guilelmo.

14. Guilen

Guilen is an adorable nickname form of Guillermo (William in Spanish) used in the Basque region of Spain. It is to be pronounced as gee-len.

15. Guilgelmus

Guilgelmus is the Latinized form of Guillermo (Spanish form of William) used in ancient official texts and literature. It is pronounced as gee-gale-moos.

16. Guilhem

Guilhem is a nickname for Guillermo used in southern France and the Occitan area of Italy. It is pronounced as geel-hem.

17. Guilherme

The Portuguese have their versions of William, of which Guilherme is probably the most popular one. The name is also trendy in Brazil where the official language is Portuguese. Guilherme Arana is a popular footballer from Brazil.

18. Guilihelmus

In ancient Greek, names from other regions were adopted and modified to suit the Greek standards. Guilihelmus is one such example. The name found popularity among the catholic religious communities.

19. Guillaume

Guillaume is a popular name in France which originated from the German Wilhelm. It is pronounced as gee-yohm.

20. Guile

A shortened form of the Spanish Guillermo, Guile can be pronounced as both geel or ga-yil. The name has been used for a character in the popular video game Street Fighter.

21. Guillem

Guillem is a shortened form of Guillermo (Spanish form of William) popular in the Catalan regions of Spain. Guillem Balague is a popular Spanish journalist who is known for his sports, especially football coverage.

22. Guillen

A shortened nickname used in the Aragon valleys of Spain, Guillen is pronounced as ghee-len. Guillen is also a surname in the USA.

23. Guillermo

The Spanish equivalent of William traces its origin to Latin. When the Spanish migrated to America, the name also made its way and remained a popular name among Latin speakers. Guillermo Rodriguez is a popular comedian who appears alongside Jimmy Kimmel in his talk show.

24. Gulielmus

The ancient Roman courts used variations that were in sync with the formalities of the Latin languages. Gulielmus is one of such forms of the original Guillermo to adhere to heydays’ more formal Roman courts.

25. Guy

It is a nickname for Guillaume (a form of William) common in France. However, English speakers should be careful as it is pronounced ghee and not gai. Guy is a standalone name, popular in France and Belgium.

26. Gwilherm

Gwilherm is a version popular of William in the Breton language spoken in Brittany in France. Originally, the Bretons hailed from the Netherlands that settled in Belgium and France.

27. Gwilim

Gwilim originated from the Spanish Guillero and gained prominence in the Welsh regions. The name also finds mentions in Welsh folktales.

28. Gwilym

It is a Welsh variant similar to Gwilim but a bit more popular. It is pronounced as gwai-leem. Gwilim Lee is the actor who played the role of Brian May in the Queen biopic movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

29. Helmi

It is a shortened form for Wilhelmina, the feminine of Wilhelm. The name is of popularity among many Icelandic and Norwegian communities.

30. Hillbilly

The name Hillbilly has been used a lot in the southern regions of the USA. It is often used to refer to the hill folks.

Quick Fact
James Morris, a professional American wrestler is popularly known as Hillbilly Jim.

31. Iliam

The Irish Liam (short form of William) has gained much popularity as a standalone name. It sounds cool and trendy despite being short and easy to pronounce.

32. Jelle

Jelle is an adorable nickname used for Willem in Southern Netherland and some parts of Belgium. It uses the wordplay technique of swapping the first letter of a name to give it an interesting sound.

33. Liam

Liam, a Hollywood actor

Image: Shutterstock

Liam is a stylish and modern nickname for William. It is of Irish origin and happens to be a popular name in itself as well. Actor Liam Neeson is a Hollywood actor who hails from Ireland.

Kim and Ross, youtubers and a couple, share their thoughts on the baby name Liam. According to Ross, Liam is quite a nice, strong boy’s name. Kim echoes the same opinion and says, “It’s very common, and you know, I actually don’t mind common names. It doesn’t really put me off at all if I like the name enough or if I absolutely love the name. If it’s common, that’s fine for me (ii).”

Liam Hemsworth, an Australian actor is popular for his roles in, The Hunger Games, The Last Song and Independence Day.

34. Memo

Memo is a sweet and shortened nickname used for Guillermo (variant of William) in the Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. It can be pronounced as mee-moh.

35. Minna

Minna is a nickname that happens to be the shortened form for Wilhelmina, a feminine form of Wilhelm.

36. Uilleag

Irish diminutive and variant of Uilleam (William in Scottish Gaelic language), Uilleag sounds exotic and encompasses the accent of the Irish dialects. It is pronounced as oy-lee-agh.

37. Uilleam

The Gaelic version of William uses a ‘U’ as the beginning to accentuate the Scottish dialect. Uilleam, the Earl of Mar, was a ruler who wielded power in the mid to late 13th century in the northern regions of Scotland

38. Uilliam

Uilliam is pronounced the same as William, with a small pinch of the Scottish accent. Like the previous version, ‘u’ is used instead of ‘w’ as the beginning letter and is a spelling variant.

39. Ulick

Ulick is Norse name that finds popularity in Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Sweden. It is connected to the Scottish Uilliam in its spelling origins and is pronounce it as oi-lik.

40. Ulliam

The Scots have many local varieties for William, most of them starting from ‘u’ instead of the ‘w.’ Uilliam is one of these popular Scottish equivalents of William.

41. Velam

The name Velam is of high familiarity among the Swedes and is found as names of characters in folk tales and mythologies.

42. Viiliimmi

It is a Norse-derived version of Williame, used by Greenlandic people. The name is also born by a Norse deity who is revered and admired in folk stories.

43. Vilhelms

It is the Latvian form of William and sounds almost similar to the German Wilhelms. The name is popular and among the personalities bearing the name is Latvian landscape painter Vilhelms Purvitis.

44. Vilhelmus

It is a standardized Latin version of Wilhelm. Vilhelmus adopts the ending ‘us,’ popular during the Roman reigns. The name can be pronounced as veel-hel-moos.

45. Vilhialmr

Vilhialmr is an old Norse version of William, popular in Sweden and Norway. The name can also be found in other Scandinavian cultures and has the typical Norweigian pronunciation to it.

46. Vilhjálmur

Associated with wars and warriors, Vilhjálmur is popular in Iceland. Though originating from the same German Wilhelm, the pronunciation has undergone variation and sounds like vil-hyal-mur.

47. Viliam

Like many eastern European cultures, ‘v’ is used in many names and may even start from ‘w’ in Slovakian. Villain is a popular variant in Slovakia and nearby countries.

48. Viliamu

It is a mispronounced Samoan variant that eventually got accepted as a standard in the Polynesian island nations. Kitiona Viliamu is a popular Samoan rugby player.

49. Vilis

Vilis is a diminutive of the Latvian Vilhelms and used as a nickname. It is almost similar sounding to the English surname Willis.

50. Viliumas

The male name Viliumas is a version of William, popular in the nation of Lithuania. Viliumas Malinauskas is a successful millionaire entrepreneur of Lithuanian background.

51. Viljam

Viljam is pronounced as veel-yam and is the Latvian form of William. The name has also seen popularity in certain parts of Norway.

52. Vilko

Croatians have used the creative nickname Vilko for William for a long time. Though it is related to William, Vilko also refers to wolves and foxes in certain Croatian dialects.

53. Villem

Villem is an Estonian variant of William. The name has been borne by some prominent Estonian personalities, one of them being Villem Gross, a well-regarded journalist and writer.

54. Vilmos

Vilmos can be a beautiful sounding nickname for William. It is a popilar name in Hungary. Vilmos Szabadi is a successful classical violinist who has won multiple awards for his performances and compositions.

55. Vilyam

The Turkish originated version Vilyam is still in used in central Asia and many parts of eastern Europe. Vilyam Rokhi was a military general of the Latvian army during the first world war period.

56. Walaam

A Tuskish iteration of William, Walaam better accommodates the Turkish accent in the name. The name sounds similar to the word ‘salaam’ used for salutations.

57. Weelum

The Scots equivalent, Weelum, is a popular name from Scottish fantasy and folktales. In one of such myths, Weelum is a bear who happens to be the gatekeeper to other worlds.

58. Wellëm

One of the variants popular in certain dialects in Luxembourg, Wellëm employs Luxembourgish pronunciation and spelling.

59. Wiley

It is a spelling variant of Willy or Willie. Wiley is a more joyful and cheering variant of the popular Willy and can be pronounced as both wee-lee or wai-lee.

60. Wilhelm

It is the original German name from which William has been derived. The name is highly revered and is born by nobility and high-borns. Wilhelm II was the last German emperor who had an important role in strengthening the German might towards the late 19th century.

61. Wilhelmina

The feminine form of Wilhelm is popular in the Netherlands and Germany. The graceful name has been used as a brand name for one of the leading modeling and talent management firms in the world, based in New York.

62. Wilhelmus

The Dutch variant of Wilhelm, Wilhelmus, is much regarded and also happens to be the name of the national anthem of the Netherlands.

63. Will

The most popular shorter form of William, Will as a standalone name means ‘desire’. You would easily identify many big names with this name, popular ones being actors Will Smith and Will Ferrel.

64. Will.i.Am

It is the creative way of writing the name as popularized by the lead singer William James Adams of the band Black Eyed Peas.

65. Willa

Willa is a popular feminine name that originated from Will. Willa Holland bears the name and happens to be a popular television actress.

66. Willahelm

The old Germanic name Wilhelm has had many iterations in texts from region to region. The version Willahelm is found in the southwestern mountainous Black Forest areas in Germany.

67. Willame

It is the old Norman way of spelling by adding an ‘e’ to William. This particular spelling at one point was used more compared to William.

68. Willaume

It is a Welsh variant and is also used as a surname. A popular actor bearing the name is Alexandre Willaume.

69. Willelm

It is an Old English variant found in Anglo-Saxon records and literature. The pronunciation gravitates more towards the German Wilhelm.

70. Willem

Willem, a stylish nickname

Image: Shutterstock

Willem is a Dutch variant of Willam. The name has originated in the Frisian tongues spoken in the northern Netherlands. Willem Dafoe is a veteran Hollywood actor.

71. Williamson

In Scottish, Williamson means ‘the son of William’ and is a common surname. Kane Williamson is a successful cricketer from New Zealand.

72. Willian

It is an Irish version that replaces the final ‘m’ with ‘n.’ This small spelling change also affects the pronunciation, making it sound like willy-anne.

73. Williama

It is the Hawaiian form of William to suit the local pronunciation of the Hawaiian dialects.

74. Willie

Country singer Willie Nelson is probably the most well-known personality bearing the name Willie. Willie or Willy are both nicknames extensions of Will.

75. Willis

Derived from William, Willis is a common surname in Scotland and is also popular as a first name. Actor Bruce Willis, of Diehard fame, bears the surname.

76. Willum

It is the Scottish derivation of the German name Wilhelm. The name is known to have gained popularity initially in the Glasgow region.

77. Willy

Willy is one of the highly popular nicknames for William. The name has been used for characters in many movies and literature. One such popular character is Willy Wonka from the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’

Quick Fact
The movie ‘Free Willy’ in 1993, brought the living conditions of the killer whale named Keiko (Willy) to the attention of the world. The outcry not only helped improve his living conditions but also led to his release into the wild.

78. Wilson

It is an English surname that traces its origin to the name Will or William. Wilson is highly recognizable, thanks to the popular sports brand.

79. Wiremu

It is a version that popular among the Maori people of New Zealand. Wiremu Tamihana is a famous Maori leader of the late 19th century who is revered today as the ‘Kingmaker.’

80. Wiriamu

As the Japanese language does not differentiate between ‘l’ and ‘r,’ William often takes the form of Wiriamu.

81. Wull

Wull is a spelling variant of Will, and the ‘u’ replaces the ‘i’ to facilitate the Scottish way of pronouncing the name.

82. Wullie

Wullie, a fun nickname for William

Image: Shutterstock

Wullie is a cute diminutive of William used in Scotland. The name is sometimes pronounced as woolly or even olie. Wullie is also a popular comic strip character published in The Sunday Post newspaper in Scotland.

83. Wulson

The Scottish form, Wulson, replaces the ‘i’ in the popular name Wilson with an ‘u’ to accentuate the Scottish pronunciation better.

84. Wylie

It is a spelling variant of Willie that can be either pronounced as wee-lee or wai-lee. Wylie Dufresne is a famous namesake who happens to be a world-renowned chef and restaurateur.

85. Wyllys

A variant of the Scottish surname Willis, the name’s first recorded use, is found in the market town of Dumfries. The Wyllyses have also been known to migrate to the USA in the 17th century.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can nicknames for William be used to express affection or friendship?

Yes, most people choose nicknames to show their love and affection. But, sometimes, nicknames are also considered for any unique features or characteristics of the newborn.

2. Does the popularity of William’s nicknames vary by region or culture?

William’s nicknames are very popular in the US as well as worldwide. Also, most nickname variations are gender-neutral and widely used among many regions and cultures.

3. Can a William choose to go by their nickname professionally, or is it best to stick with their full name?

The decision for William to use their nickname professionally or stick with their full name relies on individual choice and the specific career context. Certain professions may favor a more formal approach, while others may be more accepting of using nicknames.

4. Is Bo a nickname for William?

Bo is not etymologically derived from William; however, some individuals named William may opt for the nickname “Bo.” While less common, it remains a good choice for those who prefer it.

A nickname is a sign of affection and intimacy between the one named and the one who gave them that name. They are usually a form of endearment and sometimes used as a substitute for long names. According to the Official Social Security Database of the US (2020), William is a popular name globally and is the 5th most popular name in the US. This list of interesting, common, and unusual nicknames for William will help you pick one that suits your William’s personality and preferences.

Infographic: Nicknames For William

William is among the most popular boy names, especially in the United States. Do you know someone with this name or have you been considering it for your newborn? Then, check out these nicknames for William in the below infographic.

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