Should You Or Should You Not Block Your Ex?

Should You Or Should You Not Block Your Ex?

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Social media has made communication extraordinarily easy. However, it comes with a drawback. The first thought after a breakup is ‘what to do about social communication with your ex?’ Digital memory footprints will follow you everywhere, and constantly receiving notifications from your ex may lead to a mental breakdown. Therefore, some people prefer blocking or unfollowing their exes from social media to cut them off entirely and move on. On the other side, some people live in vanity and do not require a blocking system for a peaceful life. It’s your personal choice.

Although it might seem to be a good thought to block your ex, is it necessary? What message are you trying to indicate to your ex? If you are confused, and such questions are fogging your mind, reading our post on ‘Should you block your ex or not’ may help you and get you answers.

10 Reasons To Block Your Ex

Here are a few reasons that may compel you to block your ex. However, choose what fits your situation instead of following others blindly.

1. You need to end the curiosity

Do you expose yourself to constantly scrolling through their social media feed? Checking if they are dating someone, are they happy, or their whereabouts will keep you in a vulnerable state. To stop the madness and give a break to yourself, end the curiosity, and move ahead in life. Try to keep yourself busy with what you like and love to do. Develop your hobbies, learn something new, and focus on yourself.

2. You deserve a closure

When you are emotionally attached to your ex, you can’t get closure. For moving on in life, you require a complete shutdown. Even a single text or comment can harm the determined decision of separation. Find a solution to your problems and let go of the memories. It is advisable not to have an open end to your relationship when you don’t want your paths to intersect.

3. Save yourself from psychological abuse

Your ex knows your weaknesses. They know which heartstrings to pull and might post something on social platforms that could instigate you to write back. It could also involve texting you to check if you are ‘fine.’ Don’t fall prey to such situations. These mind games will only pull you back. Keep reminding yourself why you broke up and block them completely to move on.

4. You want a calm and peaceful life

You were so attached to your ex that it is difficult for you to cope with a broken relationship. When you are in a healing phase, give time to yourself. It is essential to extract all the negative feelings you had in your relationship to experience inner peace. A good start to do is by blocking your ex from every phase of life.

5. Your partner cheated on you

Your loved one cheated on you as they were least bothered about your feelings. How would you deal with infidelity? Block that person from everywhere—the short and straight answer. If you love yourself, then moving away from them can make your life a happier place.

6. You need time to heal the inner bruises

Being in an abusive relationship can expose you to unhappiness and a disturbed mind. You lose the will to enjoy the perks of a relationship. If you lost your self-respect in the process and were too dependent on your ex, you need to overcome and heal from within. Avoiding them and blocking them from social media can be the right start.

7. You do not want to take the guilt trips

You had a toxic relationship, and you were a clingy partner. You keep blaming yourself for the breakup, even if it was not your mistake. Do you want to continue being on a roller coaster ride? If no, then hold yourself back and think through. You chose separation for a healthier life. Block them and avoid getting tangled in guilt trips.

8. You want to save yourself from coincidental scenarios

You might accidentally like your ex’s picture or post on social media. You might even end up drunk texting your ex and regret it later. To save yourself from the embarrassment, block your ex before it’s too late.

9. You want to avoid comparisons

You may have had the best time when you were in a relationship with your ex. However, the relationship has now ended. Now you are with a new person, and you have new things to explore and embrace. But you tend to compare your current partner with your ex and keep checking their social media handles to get their update. It would only lead to dissatisfaction. Every person is unique and has different qualities. To move on, block your ex’s number and delete their contacts.

10. You want to do it before your ex does

If you had a bitter end to the relationship, block your ex before they do it. You want your ex and all your mutual friends to know that you were the first to end social communication. It might also save you from embarrassment.

5 Reasons Why Not To Block Your Ex

You have to be persevering when you decide to be in contact with your ex. As time passes, you realize staying in touch with your ex is not that big a deal. Here are some reasons why you should not block your ex:

1. You need time to think

You had a breakup, but you are unsure if you made the right decision. Maybe, you want to go through all the reasons that lead to the end. Alternatively, you want a temporary break from your relationship. In such situations, blocking is not necessary. Being in touch on social media will be harmless, and you will get the time and space to think better.

2. Your relationship ended well

You and your ex mutually decided on a breakup due to different needs, incompatibility, or dissimilar goals. When you both are happy to continue the social connection, you may not block them.

3. You have an option available for a patch-up

Do you have feelings for your ex even after the breakup? Are there any chances of your ex coming back? If yes, then breaking all the ties will not help. Blocking your ex might indicate you don’t expect anything more from them. So, don’t block f you’re expecting a knock on the door.

4. You want to let them know you moved on

Sometimes you want to show you are happy in your life and moved on. You might want to give your ex a hint that you have started dating someone else, and there is no chance of reconciliation. In such a scenario, you need not block your ex.

5. You are open to friendship

You don’t want to get back together, but you don’t want to leave them as you shared a good bond. It can be a good idea to continue as “friends.” It will not let you have any burden of a relationship, and you can still enjoy being a part of their life.

It could be complex to decide whether to block your ex or not, as sometimes the consequences are unpredictable. Before deciding, analyze everything. On what basis are you thinking of blocking your ex? The decision should not be based on any negative emotion such as anger or hurting your partner. Give yourself a priority. Love yourself for whatever you decide. Don’t make your life torturous considering what others would think. After all, it’s your choice to block them or not.