35 Clear Signs A Shy Girl Likes You Secretly

35 Clear Signs A Shy Girl Likes You Secretly

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Do you have a crush on a girl and want to know if she likes you too? It isn’t easy to gauge a woman’s feelings as they tend to keep a cloak of mysteriousness around themselves. It becomes more difficult with shy girls as they don’t generally reveal their feelings thinking they might be rejected.

It becomes difficult for a man to judge a shy girl’s feelings and move forward. We make it easy for you with this post as we tell you some clear signs that a shy girl likes you.

35 Clear Signs That A Shy Girl Likes You

To know if a shy girl likes you, you must pay close attention to her body language and behavior when she is around you. Observe, and you might get a few hints that might give you the confidence to make the first move.

1. She finds your jokes funny

She is the first one to laugh when you crack a joke. Even if it is not a good one, you can count on her for a good laugh. If no one else found your comment witty or funny apart from her, it probably means she’s interested in you.

2. She stares at you

She stares at you secretly, assuming no one is looking at her. As she has romantic feelings for you, she wants to hold you in her gaze. And she never gets bored looking at you as she carefully observes your style and behavior.

3. She quickly averts her gaze

When you catch her staring, she may quickly look away in embarrassment. That’s because she doesn’t want you to know her thoughts and feelings at the moment as she is afraid of rejection.

4. She wants to know everything about you

If she likes you, she’ll try her best to gather information about you. Stalking you on social media, digging out old yearbooks, and asking mutual friends may become her new hobby. You would soon be surprised to know about your favorite song, food, and books from her.

5. She smiles at you

Did you notice her smiling at you? If so, it means she is happy to be around you and cannot hide it. When she smiles at you, she’s subtly letting you know that she likes you and might be waiting to hear from you.

6. She makes plans with your friends

You might find her taking the initiative to make plans with your friends. She’ll organize outings with them hoping to spend time with you. It clearly indicates she is looking for indirect opportunities to be with you.

7. She texts you more than she talks to you

For a shy girl, it’s easier to communicate through texts rather than in person. You may find her sharing more in messages. She may seem tongue-tied in front of you, but her feelings pop up in the text messages.

8. She listens to your conversations with others

You may find her eavesdropping on your conversations in a discreet manner. She might even hang around you to listen to what you say, know what you like, and what your interests are.

9. She keeps bumping into you

She wants to make physical contact but doesn’t know how to. You may find her running into you or walking past you. She might even brush her hand on yours to feel your touch. However, do not expect her to reach out and hold your hand or hug you just yet.

10. She blushes when you talk to her

When you reach out to talk to her, you find a rosy hint on her cheeks. It suggests she is blushing, which is a subtle sign a shy girl likes you.

11. She behaves like she doesn’t like you

In case she doesn’t want to let you know her interest in you, she may come across as a snob. As she is not good at expressing herself, her behavior towards you may seem cold. More than revealing her feelings, she may be afraid that you might reject her. That’s one attribute of a shy girl that not many know.

12. She is around you

Do you find her at your gym, your favorite coffee shop, or even around your neighborhood? It clearly means she is successful in knowing about you and wants to be around you more often. And she is throwing signals at you.

13. She gets nervous

Does she get awkward and clumsy when you talk to her? If an otherwise calm and composed girl suddenly starts getting butterfingers and mixes her words, it is a sign of attraction.

14. She is extra helpful

She is always available to help you. Anytime you need her, she’ll be happy to go out of her way to make you happy. It shows you are her priority, and she has romantic feelings for you.

15. She fidgets with her clothes

She wants to look her best when around you, so she keeps fixing her clothes. You may even find her going to the washroom multiple times to put on some makeup and check how she looks.

16. She follows you on social media

She will be the first to like and comment on your Instagram or Facebook posts. It’s just her way of letting you know she’s interested in you and wants you to take her cue.

17. She hints about you on her social media

If she is interested in you, she may drop subtle hints about you in her social media posts. She may refer to the lyrics of your favorite song or tag you on a quote.

18. She compliments you

If a girl likes you, she notices everything about you and compliments you. It could be about the way you speak or the way you play a sport. Women know that compliments go a long way to win a man, and that’s her subtle way of flirting with you.

19. She is interested in your hobbies

Does she take an interest in your hobbies and passions? If she likes you, she might attend a dance contest to cheer you. She may even start taking dance classes to show she is keenly interested in you but is shy enough to express.

20. She shows interests in your work

If you find she knows what you do and shares her knowledge in the project, it means she has done her homework to impress you. She has done some research on your subjects and projects to have a meaningful conversation. That’s a sign of a shy yet smart girl who likes you.

21. She waits for you to start the conversation

She will not be the initiator of a conversation but will wait for you to take the lead. Don’t assume she’s playing hard to get as she is just a shy girl waiting for you to make the first move.

22. She becomes a good friend

Before you go further in your relationship, it is likely she may become a good friend. Shy people are sincere and make good friends. So before she becomes your girlfriend, she will be a friend you would appreciate having around.

23. She keeps changing her looks

You will notice changes in the way she dresses and does her hair. Being shy, she wouldn’t talk but tries to get you to notice her. So, she keeps changing her looks to attract your attention.

24. She loves to listen while you talk

She may be reticent when it comes to sharing her stories but is always ready to listen to yours. You’ll be surprised to hear yourself pouring your heart out while she listens patiently. She would be happy to listen about things you thought would never interest a woman. That’s because she wants to get to know you better.

25. She sticks around till you leave

Wherever you are, you’ll notice she hangs around till you leave. She doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be with you whenever it’s possible, so she will wait to go home until you leave. It’s a subtle sign she cares for you.

26. She mimics you subconsciously

If you notice her copying your mannerisms or hand movements without realizing it, it’s an indicator that she likes you. Watch her gestures to see if they are similar to yours.

27. She remembers every detail of your meetings

You will be surprised to know she remembers every minute detail about your time with her. Things that you may not have noticed will be stored in her memory if she likes you, as she cherishes her time with you and wants to hold on to every moment.

28. She plays with her hair a lot

Another subconscious sign that tells a shy girl likes you is if she plays with her hair. She tries to keep it in place and wants to look just right all the time. It also indicates she is nervous, and so she keeps her hands occupied.

29. She leans towards you

She may involuntarily lean towards you while she is talking to you. We lean towards people we trust and want to get close. It is essential to look out for this sign as it indicates that she is ready to start dating.

30. She is interested in your family

Does she ask about your parents and siblings? It’s her way of letting you know she likes you and wants to make an emotional connection with you. She will even go out of her way to remember their birthdays and anniversaries and help you find gifts for them.

31. She keeps her arms open

When a shy girl keeps her arms open, it means she is relaxed and has a welcoming attitude around you. She might also want you to hug her or be close to her.

32. She talks to the other guys in the group

It could be because she is too shy to talk to you directly, and she is afraid she might embarrass you. To make it easier, speak to her directly or slip into her conversation with the rest of the group. Soon, you will know if she likes you.

33. Her friends are around to test you

Her friends will be protective of her as she has always been shy and may not have been in a relationship before. They will try to gauge your interest in her and check if you are right for her. It is a good sign as it shows she might have told them about her interest in you.

34. Her friends get giggly when you are around

Do you find her friends whispering and giggling when you pass by? It could mean she has shared her secret with them. A shy girl may not disclose her emotions with you but would not hide them from her friends.

35. Her feet point towards you

Body language is important when it comes to shy people. If you notice her feet angled towards you, it’s a sign she likes you. It is a subtle body signal that even she might not be aware of. So look out for her feet and the direction they are facing.

You may need to invest more time and effort when wooing a shy girl, but they are worth it. Behind the reserved exterior is an amazing woman with strong personality. If you find more than a few indications that the shy girl likes you, go ahead and strike up a conversation. Ask her out to a place she is comfortable in and see how your relationship blooms.

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