21 Clear Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically

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Most relationships start with friendship and then blossom into a relationship, and it is essential to understand the signs a friend likes you romantically. While these signs can be subtle or obvious, you must fully understand those signals to reciprocate accordingly.

A close friend, in most cases, turns out to be a partner for life, and sometimes the failure to understand these signs can lead to a relationship ending prematurely. In addition, the friend might start acting strangely or behave peculiarly, so it’s imperative to recognize the signs of your friend trying to get into a romantic relationship. This post helps you identify these signs and act appropriately.

21 Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically

They have probably started liking you romantically. Thus, to find out if it is true, notice the following signs.

1. They are always there for you

If your friend likes you romantically, they will make time to be with you. Whenever you are alone or need someone to talk to, they will be available. They check on you constantly when you are upset and are always emotionally available.

Going out of their way to help you plan a party for your family or completing assignments or other tasks for you are tell-tale signs you are more than a friend to them.

2. They flirt with you

One clear sign that your friend likes you is when they suddenly start flirting with you and see you differently. They hate being called your friend and drop hints about how they want to be more than a friend to you.

Look out for flirtatious gestures, such as coming close to you, telling you how attractive you are, and dropping clues by subtly letting it slip that they have feelings for you.

3. They try to have intimate moments with you

Your friend would find ways to be alone with you, hold your hands, or make physical contact through hugs or by touching your hair without forcing themselves on you. They would find reasons to come close to you. If they do these often, it could signal that they like you romantically.

4. They share their life’s moments and special memories with you

If your friend has been sharing a lot more about their life’s important events, family, and personal thoughts, they may be into you. It could be their way of showing your growing importance in their life and letting you know that you are worthy of knowing more about them and their secrets.

5. They show interest in your love life

Your date or crush would become your friend’s concern if they secretly like you. They would be interested in knowing about your love life and try to bring this subject up in conversations.

They may show dislike for the person you are dating and tell you that you deserve someone better. If they constantly nudge you about the person you like or shoot questions to know more about your crush, they probably have a crush on you.

6. They give you the special attention that is noticeable to others

Your friends and family would notice a change in your friend’s behavior. Their constant attention to you and care for you become noticeable for everyone around. They would be around you constantly, know about your choices and preferences, and notice small details about you. If your friends notice such gestures of one of your friends, it could signify that they are falling for you.

7. They show interest in knowing more about you and your family

When a friend is attracted to you, they will try to learn all about you. Things that are important to you—your family connections and meaningful relationships—will matter to them too. They may make plans with your parents or a family member you are close with to bond with them. Their effort to know the people you love and make connections with them is a sign that they like you.

8. They surprise you and make you feel special

Someone who likes you romantically would try to make you feel loved and cared for. If your friend has been acting romantic, getting your favorite food delivered at your office, bringing you gifts, or making dinner just for you, you may want to find out more about their feelings for you.

A romantic surprise is a sign that your friend secretly likes you and is going all the way out to make you feel happy and loved.

9. They listen to you

Your friend who likes you romantically would make every effort to be there for you when you need them. They will always lend an ear to you and show interest in knowing more about the things bothering you. Although friends too offer a listening ear to the people they love, someone who likes you would talk to you more often and be there every time you want to talk your heart out.

10. They get possessive about you

A friend who likes you may want you all to themselves. They may not like you talking to other friends, especially to someone who they know likes you too. Their jealousy is evident, and they constantly vie for your attention. Being possessive about you and feeling jealous of others who come close to you are classic signs that they are into you.

11. They are protective towards you

All close friends are protective, but the one who likes you will not like anyone mistreating you and will always stand in the way of people who try to hurt you. They will be concerned about you and the choices you make in your life. They wish the best for you and do not want you to face any troubles.

12. They try to impress you

Cracking jokes, saying things that you like, and paying compliments are a few things a friend who likes you romantically would do to impress you. They would even dress up well and be concerned about their looks when they meet you. They will strive to be at their absolute best to impress and charm you.

13. They remember the little things

From remembering the dress you wore a few weekends ago to knowing about your cute obsessions and habits, a friend who likes you would remember it all. They remind you of the things you said a long time ago and remember every detail of your little choices.

14. They get nervous around you

A person’s body language gives away much more than one could imagine, and a friend who secretly likes you is no exception. They will get nervous in your presence, and you will notice their heart racing when you are in their proximity.

They are usually jittery, sweaty, and awkward around you. Do they often become loud and funny in your presence and blush every time you see them? If yes, this friend may have feelings for you. Their skittish behavior is a sign that they like you.

15. They drop subtle hints

A sudden change in your friend’s behavior could be their way of saying that they like you. They drop clues about how they get disappointed when you only see them as a friend or how they wished they could spend their entire time with you. They would let it slip in the conversations that they like you and give you other subtle hints.

16. They stare at you

If your friend has been making too many serious eye contacts to the extent that they make you nervous, it is their liking for you that makes them behave that way. They would constantly stare at you from a distance or make frequent eye contact even when surrounded by many people. Their urge to keep looking at you is a sign that they like you.

17. They support you

Most friends would support your aspirations and goals in life. However, for a friend who likes you romantically, your dreams motivate them to boost your confidence. They would not only congratulate you on your success but also go all out and throw a party to celebrate it. They would also help you fight challenges that come your way and motivate you to accomplish what you set out for.

18. They avoid their phone around you

A friend who likes you romantically would not like any distractions, including their phone, when they are with you. They would mute their calls and notifications just to be with you and listen to you. Their undivided attention towards you is their way of showing that they like you.

19. They send you text messages throughout the day

A friend who likes you romantically will ensure that they remind you how much they miss you when they are not around you. They constantly keep sending texts throughout the day, especially in the morning and at night. They also like all your posts on social media and give you all the attention they can while away.

20. They try to make you jealous

If a friend likes you much, they may try to draw your attention towards them by playing hard to get. To know whether you like them back, they would talk about an individual who likes them. They would see if you get jealous or react to the fact that they might be romantically unavailable.

21. They befriend your best friend

A friend who likes you would want your friends to like them too. They would want your friends to put in a good word for them, and hence, would try to bond with your best friends. Once they are close to them, they may coax your friends to help them get closer to you.

Most romantic relationships start with friendship. However, to understand that your friendship has grown deeper and has created a place for romance, you should pay close attention to even the tiniest details that your friend may be displaying to express their feelings. So, if you want to understand the signs that a friend likes you romantically, think of moments when they have been with you or tried to create special memories with you. If your friend flirts with you, gives you special attention, or is possessive about you, it may indicate that your friendship is growing romantic. If you’re drawn to your friend in the same manner, pay attention to these signs and allow your relationship to blossom.

Key Pointers

  • If your friend is sharing everything and flirting with you, they could have a romantic interest in you.
  • The obvious special attention and getting closer could be more hints to catch.
  • Keep observing more such signs before taking any major step forward in the relationship.

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