15 Clear Signs An Older Woman Likes You

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The ways in which an older woman makes her feelings known to someone can be intriguing. So, in this post, we apprise you of how to tell if an older woman likes you. Read on to learn the subtle signs an older woman gives out when she is truly into someone.

15 Signs An Older Woman Wants You

When a woman is attracted to someone, she subconsciously behaves in a certain way that indirectly gives away what she feels for that person. Here are some signs an older woman likes you.

1. She openly flirts with you

A woman flirts with someone she likes and is comfortable with. If this older woman you like tends to turn every conversation into flirty banter, it could mean she likes you. If she is a confident woman, she will even ask your opinion on her new dress or even lipstick to ensure you notice her.

2. She acts like a kid with you

Your woman of interest may be quite mature in her behavior with others, but with you, she is different. She may act like a little kid with you who is excited and giggly all the time. Her tone of speech also changes as she speaks like a baby that shows she is interested in you.

3. She shows interest in knowing about you

Usually, older women lead a busy life and do not pay attention to new people in their life. But, if she shows interest in knowing your likes and dislikes, personal preferences, family, friends, and relationship status and remembers the details you mentioned to her, it could be because she likes you.

4. She asks if age matters to you

She casually asks if age matters to you in a relationship when talking to you. She may even give you a reference to a couple where the woman is considerably older than the man and asks your opinion about them. She wants to know if you are open to dating someone older.

5. She goes out of her way to do things with you

There is a difference between kindness and liking. If an older woman offers to share her food once with you, it is her kindness but when she goes out of her way and cooks something that you like, then it shows her interest in you.

6. She directly or indirectly lets you know her single status

An older woman interested in you will clarify that she is single and is looking out for someone. For instance, she indirectly mentions how she would love to have someone to accompany her to the movies or check out a new restaurant.

7. She talks about marriage and commitment too often

Marriage is a topic an older woman raises only with her close friends. If she talks about marriage and serious commitment with you, it could mean she trusts you and probably wants you to know what’s on her mind. She could indirectly tell you that she is looking for a serious relationship.

8. She ignores other men

She has eyes only for you, and other men don’t matter when she is with you. Even men her age do not interest her as she is interested in you. In a group of people, she will look only for you and will have a broad smile on her face when she spots you.

9. She tells you about her personal life

Older women open up only to someone they trust. If this woman shares details of her personal life with you, it shows how much she trusts you. It could also indicate her interest in you and that she wants you to confide in her and strengthen your bond.

10. She shares her past with you

Not every woman is comfortable talking about their past. But if an older woman willingly talks to you about her past relationships, she could be giving you a glimpse into her life. She might want you to know more about her and understand how she is as a person.

11. She texts you late in the night

An older woman texting you late at night means she is thinking of you at that odd hour. It could reflect her attraction toward you because she thinks of you at night and texts you, so you too think of her.

12. She doesn’t mind sharing dirty jokes with you

Sharing dirty jokes is common between friends, but if an older woman shares them only with you, she is comfortable being herself with you. She may like you and does not mind you seeing her naughty side.

13. She changes her voice when speaking with you

If an older woman likes you, she tends to speak in a higher pitch when around you or even when talking to you. This is something older women tend to do to appear more attractive. Her high-pitched voice not only gets your attention but also makes her seem more confident.

14. She dresses differently around you

At work, she follows the dress code but invite her for lunch and find her in a sexy outfit, showing off her admirable figure. In fact, she may even seem like a different person when alone with you. She could do this to gain your attention and look more appealing as she likes you.

15. She mentions other men’s interest in her

When an older woman tells you about how men have been hitting on her, it could mean two things—first is that she might want you to know that she is considered desirable by other men, and second is that she might want you to ask her out by making you realize that she is popular with the opposite sex.

These older woman ‘likes you’ signs give you an idea if she likes you or not. However, even if she shows most of these signs, it does not guarantee that she will accept a proposal from your side. Spend some more time with her and try to understand her better before you take the final step of asking her out.

Key Pointers

  • The ways an older woman shows her fondness could differ slightly from the younger lots.
  • She might be exhibiting certain obvious expressions and body language signs to express her admiration for you.
  • Sharing her secrets, flirting, and always being available for you are some indications that she is into you.

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