4 Signs Breastmilk Is Not Good (And 3 Things That Aren't A Big Deal)

Since breastfeeding is a natural process, we all assume that it would come easily to us. But, this can’t be further from the truth. Breastfeeding is not an easy task and requires quite a bit of perseverance and dedication. A new mom needs to put in immense efforts to ensure that it works for her baby. From making sure that the latch is proper to ensuring that the feed is adequate, there is a lot to look after. This is where pumping the milk can perhaps do some good. Not only does it give the mom some time for herself where someone else can feed the little one, but it also gives her time to observe whether her little one is feeding properly. But, storing milk has its own set of guidelines. Here, we bring you some of these signs, which indicate that the milk may not be good for the little one:

1. Storing It For Too Long

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The guidelines when it comes to storing milk is essential to ensure that it doesn’t get spoiled and is of the best quality. It is better to use the breast milk at the earliest. The longer you take, the more the chances are for it to get spoiled. Just compare it to any other food source; if not used in the specified time limit, the food gets spoiled and can prove to be harmful to the consumers. And, here the consumers are your precious little angels. So, be cautious.

2. Store It Properly

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The fridge is a haven for any pumping mom with all the breast milk stored in it. This milk is all ready to be provided to the little one, even at a short moment’s notice. So, not only is it important to not store the milk for too long, but it is also essential that you store it in a proper fashion. Always keep the breast milk in a sterile and clean container. Make sure that no lingering air is present to contaminate the milk.

3. The Pump Should Be Sterile

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Of course, if the mommy has made a decision to feed the breastmilk to her little one in a bottle, it needs a way to be pumped out into the bottle. And, this is where a pump comes in handy. Since it is such an integral part of the process, it is always better to buy a pump of good quality. And, it is also important to ensure that these pumps are stored and cleaned in a proper manner.

4. Consistency Matters

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When you prepare a bottle of breastmilk, it is important to make sure that the milk is mixed together properly. And, the result will be a consistent-looking milk. Instead of shaking it to mix it, you can perhaps swirl it to have a better effect.

And, there are also some signs that make a new mom anxious, but are really not that big a deal:

1. Not All Medicines Affect Breastmilk

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It is not like new moms can’t get sick. After all, they are not immune to those nasty flu seasons either. But, a lot of breastfeeding mothers find it hard to resort to medications. This is mostly because they worry that the medications will influence their breastmilk in some manner. But, there are plenty of medications that exist for the breastfeeding moms too. So, just have a chat with the doc and take the prescribed medicines in case you are sick.

2. Spit Up Does Not Always Mean Something Bad

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There are many new moms who get worried when they see their infants spitting up more than usual. But, spitting up doesn’t always mean that the breastmilk has become spoilt. While you may want to have a chat with your doc to confirm what it is all about, it is usually considered a normal part of the feeding process. And, there are several reasons for it. It can also be because the little one is full or has eaten too fast.

3. Small Portions Are Not Always Something To Worry About

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Babies don’t always have a set routine when it comes to feeding. They can be pretty unpredictable in this sense. So, while your friend’s baby might nurse for a longer duration in one go, it is completely alright if your little one has smaller portions through the course of the day. As long as they continue to stay healthy, you can keep your worries away.

Can you think of something else that we may have missed out on? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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