15 Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

A breakup usually indicates the end of a relationship; however, at times, your partner does not accept this and tries to keep in touch with you. In such a case, you would sometimes want to recognize the signs your ex still has feelings for you.

These signs may not always be clear, and you need to pay attention to understand them. For example, if you notice some strange behavior, such as your partner commenting on your picture on social media, liking your posts, asking your friends about you, or spending time around your house or office. In that case, it suggests that your ex may want to reconnect or rekindle the relationship.

So, if you find such behavioral patterns in your partner after a breakup, read this post to explore more about it. Know the signs that suggest your ex loves and desires you even after your relationship has ended.

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Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

Moving on is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while or when you truly loved each other. Some can move on by making an effort, while some find it hard to let go. Your ex-partner may be one such person if they show the signs listed below:

1. They keep texting or calling you

Your ex-partner wants to be in touch with you. Is it the most apparent sign to know that they still have feelings for you? It could be. Though they might have no intentions of getting back together with you, they might still show some interest. They may message or call you to inquire how you are or just to talk. If they are trying to be in contact with you long after the breakup, it may indicate they are still attached and may care about you or have feelings for you.

Nonetheless, caring doesn’t always mean that they are longing to have you back in their life. So, unless they tell you directly, don’t assume anything.

2. They follow you on social media

They want to know what you are up to

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If your ex is following you on social media, it might mean they have not moved on. They might still want to know what you are up to in life, whether you are into a new relationship or still single, and whether you are happy or not after the breakup.

All these signs signify that they might have some feelings for you. But they don’t say whether or not they want you back.

3. They don’t return your stuff

As a way to move on, you might delete your partner’s pictures and get rid of their stuff after the breakup. But if your ex is unwilling to return your belongings, you may have to accept that they want to retain your stuff even after the breakup.

This behavior could indicate they have not accepted the breakup. It might also be possible that they are giving you subtle hints that they want to make things work between the two of you. Or they want to hold on to your things to keep remembering you.

protip_icon Point to consider
If you are clear about not getting back with your ex despite their hints, convey it to them politely or through mutual friends.

4. They contact your friends, or their friends contact you

Do you get messages or calls from your ex’s friends asking you questions such as ’how are you?’ ’how is life?’ or statements like ’you seem to be happy’ or ’how well you have moved on.’

That could mean your ex yearns to know about you but doesn’t dare to contact you directly. They could be missing you but do not want to convey their feelings. Similarly, your ex might be contacting your friends as well, to know about your well-being. Such behavior shows that they are still intrigued and at least want some reaction from you.

5. They cross your path

They bump into you every so often

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Do you find your ex wherever you go? At your gym, near your workplace, or in your neighborhood? Once or twice, it could be a coincidence. But if you both are crossing paths almost every day and almost everywhere, then they might be doing it deliberately.

These cues might tell you that your ex still loves you and wants to see you regularly. Or they want to be with you again, but they are too afraid to admit it. Whatever it is, the feelings are still lingering in their hearts and that. And that is alright as long as they are not making you uncomfortable.

6. They get jealous or want to make you feel jealous

You can’t erase all your feelings or affection for your ex-partner overnight. Even after you break up, you may have some feelings for them that you cannot brush aside. One such feeling is jealousy, which your ex will have if they still love you. They might feel jealous because you have moved on, or they might try to make you feel insecure by sending you happy pictures with friends or a new partner.

7. They are not moving on

You have moved on after breaking up with your ex, but you find out they haven’t. They are neither dating nor trying anything new in life. They are possibly even depressed. This emotional state of your ex could signal that they still want you back in their life, and they love you. Or, it is possible that they have been so addicted and are feeling a sense of loss because they feel bonded to you and don’t know how to move on without you.

8. They repeatedly block and unblock you

After the breakup, your ex blocks you. Well, that says that they do not want to communicate. But then they unblock you after a week or so. That means they have opened a channel of communication. But neither they nor you initiate the conversation. And again, they block you. If the cycle of blocking and unblocking repeats, it might mean your ex has feelings and may still be drawn to you but is unsure what to do about it. You don’t have to feel obligated to respond or react to this. Just give them some space and time, and they might heal. Taking a break in a relationship could help.

9. They display strong emotions for you

They are traumatized after losing you

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Is your ex-partner acting weird after the breakup? Do they get furious over your social media activity, or do they come to you at odd hours to apologize? Not everyone can handle a breakup, and these reactions could be due to the trauma of the loss they feel. Such behavior signals that they are still fond of you and are unable to get over you.

Chances are that they are trying their best to get over you, or they want you back in their life. If you don’t want to continue the relationship, you should handle this situation carefully. It is wise not to react and to ignore their behavior as much as you can.

10. They are apologetic and miss you

You have broken up due to the constant fights and arguments. You blamed each other and were unable to come to a consensus. But now, your ex suddenly takes all the blame and is apologetic for whatever happened. They say they miss you a lot or they are still enamored by you, but they are not clear that they want you back.

They might say they miss you and have feelings for you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want you back in their life. So, hold on to your thoughts and try not to jump to conclusions.

protip_icon Quick tip
If your ex is genuinely apologetic about their behavior and you’re confused about your feelings, you can discuss the same with your friend who knows you and them equally.

11. They drunk dial you

If your ex is getting drunk and calling you even after your breakup, it could mean that they still have embers of passion for you. Whether they appreciate you, blame you, show anger, or sound depressed, they have you on their mind, and that’s why they dialed your number.

Even random messages from your ex suggest that they still miss you. But because they are not completely in their senses, you can’t be sure.

12. Their conversations are all about you

"Their conversations are all about you "

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Post-breakup, you happen to bump into your ex and start talking. That’s when you realize that the conversation is all about you. They start to revisit the pleasant times you both have shared, they recall your good and bad habits, they confess something they did while you were together, or they just smile thinking about those times.

If they’re only interested in talking about you instead of telling you about their own life, they probably still have feelings for you. If they do, they will only bring up the good things about you, whether or not they intend to repair the damaged bond.

13. They are always available for you

Whether you want to share something private, need help, or advice, your ex always seems to be right there for you.It means that they value your relationship and respect you. Both of you might have moved on in your lives, but they still give you time. That shows the feelings and gratitude that used to be there have not disappeared and still linger in their hearts.

14. They try to open up to you

Your ex tries to talk to you, opens up, and even wants to see you. They convey they might want to be friends with you. They might share about their day or ask you if you are dating. Primarily, they act like they want to stay connected with you. That could mean they still have enduring feelings for you and are not ready to part. At the same time, they are unsure about getting back together with you.

15. They have disappeared

Yes, you read it right. Complete disappearance of your ex could be a sign that they are still in love with you. You don’t find them on social media; they are not seen with their friends often, and they do not answer your calls. Such behavior might mean that they are unable to handle the intense emotions of breakup in a healthy way.

If your ex has most of these signs, then it could mean that they are not over you. Next, we talk about the different ways in which you can deal with such behavior.

What To Do If Your Ex Has Feelings For You?

Signs your ex has feelings for you

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Here are a few things you could do to avoid making the already uncomfortable or awkward situation worse.

  • Do not panic if you sense that your ex has feelings for you. If your relationship has ended on a bad note, and you don’t want to get back with them, it is okay. It is your life, and you don’t have to return to a relationship based on the difficulties they are having with moving on.
  • Are you thinking of getting back with your ex? Before you decide, recall how your life was when you were still together and compare it with how you feel in your current life. If you think you were happy with them and they are also keen on giving the relationship another chance, talk to them about it. If you are satisfied with how you are both communicating, you may want to consider getting back together.
  • If you are not sure about going back to your ex, wait for their response. If your ex is simply showing you that they have feelings but not explicitly telling you about it, then you should hold on. Let them convey that they want you back in their life. Until then, don’t pay much attention to their behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make your ex regret losing you?

Making your ex regret losing you reflects you have not yet moved on. If your relationship has ended, there is no point in thinking about your ex or making them feel bad. For your peace of mind, you should focus on your wellbeing by trying various things such as making new friends, going on a trip, learning a new skill or joining a hobby class, or changing your style to feel more confident.

2. How do you know if your ex is your soulmate?

If you still have a fondness for your ex, admire them for who they were, remember the times spent together, and cannot hate them even after the breakup, they could be your soulmate. You want them to be happy even if they are not with you.

3. Why do I still feel connected to my ex?

If you still feel strongly connected to your ex it could be because you compare every prospective partner with them and are unable to find someone like them. Perhaps you never wanted to breakup and you miss them. Or maybe you want them back into your life because of a certain vitality they bring into it and are unable to move on.

4. How do I connect with my ex?

Drop a general ‘Hi’ on their social media messenger or wish them on a special occasion, or comment on their latest update. Stay calm and wait for their response. Don’t fill their inbox with incessant messages demanding their attention. Once they reply, let the conversation flow naturally.

5. Do exes come back after dating someone else?

Yes. Exes may come back after dating a new person. This happens when the relationship is a rebound for your ex. It also could happen if they compare their new partner with you and find them inadequate. Also, when they realize they took you for granted and did not value the relationship.

6. How long does it take for an ex to come back?

There is no set period within which an ex comes back, as every person and every relationship is unique. However, it usually takes a couple of months for your ex to realize if they made a mistake.

7. How do I know if someone misses me without contact?

The use of secret stalking on social media, a long period of not dating, significant lifestyle changes, and posting melancholy content on social media indicate that someone misses you after being out of contact.

A breakup can be a challenging phase in life. Sometimes, although you have successfully moved on, your ex may find it difficult to cope with the separation. This scenario can confuse you, and you may want to understand the signs your ex still has feelings for you. If your ex keeps texting or calling you, doesn’t return your belongings, or displays strong emotions for you, they probably aren’t over you. If you are sure you want to remain separated, stick to your decision. If you are unsure, try not to make any hasty decisions. Think about your life before and after your breakup. Reassess your dreams and ponder over the things that make you happy. If you are doubtful, talk to your friends and family and make a choice only after prioritizing your needs.

Infographic: Subtle Hints Your Ex Isn’t Over You Yet

It may take some time to move on after breaking up. But some may not move on at all and still have feelings for their exes. Explore the different behaviors below and compare them to your ex to know the truth. If your ex’s behavior makes it seem like they might want you back, here are a few more signs of being sure about it.

subtle hints your ex isnt over you yet (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • If your ex is still contacting you, they may not be over you yet.
  • They may try taking up all the blame on themselves for the broken relationship to win you back.
  • They may display strong emotions of jealousy or randomly show up at your place.
  • If you start to get swayed by their persistence, try thinking about why you left in the first place and then decide.
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