17 Sure Signs That Your Ex Wants to Get Back Together

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When you come out of a relationship, you make an earnest effort to move on. But moving on may not be easy as you might still have feelings for your ex-partner,or they might be missing you.

In either case, you would want to know if your ex has moved on yet or is looking for ways to have you back in their life. But can you ask them about it directly? Before you attempt anything like that, look for these signs your ex wants you back.

17 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

These acts suggest that your ex might want you back in their life, although they may not explicitly express it to you.

1. Finds channels to communicate

Your ex likes your photos on social media, endorses your skills on an employment website, or even recommends your name for a reputed online course. These can all come as a surprise, but such subtle moves can be among the first signs that your ex wants you back.

2. Nostalgic social media posts

They may upload romantic and nostalgic posts that subtly refer to your relationship and all the moments you spent together. If you look closely, you may even spot a reference to some special moment in your lives. It is quite a weighty indicator that your ex still looks forward to having you back in their life.

3. Moves to your neighborhood

If you get the news that your ex has moved into your neighborhood or if he/she is courteous enough to tell you about it, then it is likely to be more than a real estate-related decision. Taking a place in your vicinity makes for an excellent opportunity to see you often.

4. Finds excuses to call you

It rained more than usual; your ex decides to call you. There is a discount sale at your local mall; your ex intimates you promptly. There could be a list of excuses to call you. While calling you for strong and grave reasons makes sense, if you sense your ex calls you at the drop of a hat, then chances are they want you back.

5. Talks about moments together

No matter where the conversation starts, your exsoon drifts towards your life together. He/she will speak of all the memories you had and how you both would have dealt with a situation. Expect softness in their voice and a deepness in their words while getting all nostalgic.

6. Shares about his/her current life

Your ex shares about their present, what they have been to, places they visited, career changes, and more. If your ex makes a point to update you on every change in their life, then it might be a sign they want you back.

7. Still has your presents

He/she drinks coffee from the mug you gifted on your anniversary. They wear the cardigan you knit. You get to see the items you had gifted,in their pictures or whenever you bump into them. Your ex still holds on to the things you left behind or gifted.

8. Shows off changes

If the bone of contention in your past relationship was your ex’s bad habits, then be prepared to hear a lot of details about how he/she has dealt with it. Your ex may go to great lengths to share with you about changing themselves and how they turned over a new leaf.

9. Takes your advice

Your ex might have been so used to taking your advice that they continue doing it even after the breakup. They would ask your advice and suggestions on every matter that is important for them. Don’t be surprised if they seek your advice even for trivial things like whether they should watch that new web series.

10. Shows more maturity than before

It is not just about taking advice but also showcasing that you can count on them. The ex who wants you back is likely to display more maturity, responsibility, and trustworthiness than what you may have seen in the past.

11. Will ask about your relationship status

No matter how hard you avoid talking about it, your ex will eventually pop the question about your current relationship status. He/she will be curious about whom you are dating, what that person does, and how you met your present love interest. It is a good way for your ex to gauge how far you have drifted away from them and how much ground they need to cover to win you back.

12. Often shares about his/her single status

One of the significant signs that your ex wants you back is that they are single or not in a committed relationship. What makes it affirmative is their constant and explicit mention of their single status during your conversations and texts. Your ex wants to make it clear that there is no one perfect for him/her than you.

13. Shares the good news

Did he/she buy a new car? You are the first one to know. Did he/she get a promotion at work? Then you get the first text about it. If your ex shares all the positive occurrences in their life with you first, then it outright indicates that you never left their life.

14. Ready to share

He/she would be eager to share things with you. Whether you need his/her car for an emergency trip, or you need a backup phone, they are ready to offer theirs. What’stheirs is yours. It is your ex’s way to make you feel like a couple once again.

15. Tightens all loose ends

If there was some mistake for which he/she never apologized or a wrong that he/she never made right, then your ex may do so now. Your ex will resolve all your complaints or requests that you once made when you were a couple.

16. Asks for a date

If your ex ticks all the right boxes and you seem to be liking the status quo, then there is the likelihood that you will be asked for a coffee or dinner date. It takes a lot of confidence and courage to ask an ex out for a date again. Therefore, if your ex asks you out, then it means they have put a lot of effort into it.

17. Spends a lot of time with you

There does not seem to be a time limit to how much time your ex can spend with you. If you agree for a date once, then you are likely to meet him/her often. It will always seem that your ex wants a limitless time with you even if they never admit that they want you back in their life.

It is never easy to rekindle a lost relationship. If there is honesty in your ex’s efforts and you, too, have feelings for them so much that you want to get back, then there is nothing wrong in giving them a second chance. But keep in mind how the relationship ended previously. They might want to come back by showing these signs, but reevaluate if they just want you back for the time being or are genuine. You don’t want to put yourself through similar pain again. Also, if you have moved on, then let your ex know about it in clear terms to avoid any potential problems.

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