25 Subtle Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

25 Subtle Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

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Your colleague has been extra-friendly to you lately. She brings lunch and joins you at coffee every day. You keep wondering if she has feelings for you, but you are unsure. Office romances are fun and can develop into fulfilling relationships; however, they are risky as they may take you to the wrong zones. If you have misinterpreted her interest, things at work might get uncomfortable.

But how would you know if your coworker likes you or it’s just her friendly nature? While her feelings might not be certain, a few cues can help you figure out what she feels for you. Keep reading this post as we bring you subtle signs a female coworker likes you to decode the reality.

25 Subtle SignsA Female Coworker Likes You

Here are a few signs that indicate your coworker likes you. However, do not be in haste to make moves. It is good to go slow and take one step at a time.

1. She asks for your help

Does your coworker always seem to ask for your help? Has the frequency of her requests increased over time?

If your female coworker likes you, she might try to get noticed by appealing to your helpful instinct. Asking for help is a great way to get close to a guy without seeming too obvious. If you find yourself spending more time assisting her than before, even on the smallest of things, she is likely interested in you.

2. She finds excuses to touch you

Your coworker casually touches your shoulder while talking. Sometimes, she shifts her chair and sits closer to you. Instead of calling your name, she touches you to get your attention. When she wants to take you somewhere, she lightly touches your elbow or hand.

Has this only happened once or many times? Does she behave the same way with everyone or just you?

Casually touching someone is a subtle way to indicate fondness. An office coworker who likes you might show her affection by initiating innocent physical contact. However, you need to reflect a bit on her behavior for confirmation. If these “touches” are not one-off and you are the only colleague she touches, it is a telltale sign that she likes you.

3. She lights up when she sees you

Is your coworker always very happy to see you? Does her smile get a little wider when she is around you?

It’s not easy to hide happiness when you see your crush. The glow on her face gets apparent. Some people are naturally happy-go-lucky and tend to smile a lot, so it might be slightly confusing to understand if she is interested unless you observe her closely. However, if she positively glows and gives you a special smile every time you are around, she might be interested in you.

4. She communicates her feelings through body language

A person’s body language communicates the truth even when they try to hide it. If your coworker likes you, she might unintentionally mirror your movements while talking to you. If you fold your hands or cross your legs, she might do the same. Fixing clothes or playing with hair area few more body language traits that indicate interest.

Usually, women get nervous about their appearance in front of a person they like. If she is interested in you and finds your conversation engaging, she might tilt her head while listening to you.

5. She tries to sit beside you during lunch and team outings

Your coworker manages to find a seat next to you during team outings. She catches up with you during the lunch hour, and she poses next to you in office photographs. A person who likes you will try to be physically close as much as possible. So, if you find your coworker around you most of the time, it may not be a coincidence.

6. She asks you personal stuff

Has your female coworker developed an interest in your personal life? Does she seem curious when you share tidbits about your family?

If your coworker likes you, she would want to know you more. She will ask you personal questions such as your family background, interests, dreams, favorite food, and preferred travel destination. The answers will help her assess the compatibility between the two of you.

7. She remembers your tiny details

You might not recall when you told her something about yourself, but she recollects even the smallest details. For instance, you might have told her you like your coffee with one teaspoon of cream and two teaspoons of sugar. Next time, you will find her ordering your type of coffee for you. It means the girl either has a powerful memory or she cares about you. You matter to her, so she puts in the effort to memorize your preferences.

8. She connects with you on social media

Your coworker has added you on social media. She has liked most of your posts and pictures, even ones that go way back. It seems like she has spent quite some time surfing through your profile. She sometimes talks about some old photo or post during casual conversations, which you might have forgotten.

Every time you put up a photo or a post, she likes and comments on it. If you two click any pictures together (solo or in groups), she posts them. When a girl is investing so much time on your social media page, she might be interested in being more than colleagues.

9. She gets concerned about you

When girls like someone, they care about the person and are not afraid to show it. If your coworker is falling for you, you will sense her concern. She will miss your company on the days you are not around. Whenever you skip work, she will text or call you to check on you. She might even send some comfort food or come over if you are not well.

Such concern will be reserved only for you as she considers you important. Your presence makes her happy, and your absence makes her dull.

10. She makes frequent eye contact

Have you caught your coworker staring at you quite often?

The moment your eyes meet, she blushes and looks away or gives you a smile. Even in a packed room, her eyes seem to be on you.

Although you sometimes stare due to curiosity or make direct eye contact by accident, there might be more at play if it is happening a lot. Prolonged eye contact can be an indicator of attraction. So if your coworker’s gaze is often glued to you, there is a big chance she is interested.

11. She starts dressing up more than usual

Does your coworker seem to look more beautiful than earlier? Do you see her wearing more stylish clothes, high heels, and more makeup?

Does she blush if you compliment her on her look? If yes, she might be dressing up more to grab your attention. Check if she tries to make sure you notice her makeover. She might come to your desk more often, loiter a bit around your office hangout spots, or fish for compliments.

12. She checks if you are joining for team outings

When your office coworkers plan to go for dinner or an after-hours outing, she will make sure you join. She loses interest in the plan if you can’t make it. If you decide to join late because of your workload, she waits with you and offers help. Whenever she is responsible for planning the outing, she adjusts the schedule based on your availability.

These signs reflect your coworker is keen on your presence as she likes you and enjoys your company. She might be hoping to bond with you outside work, and such outings serve as perfect opportunities.

13. She feels jealous when you talk to other women

A girl who likes you would not enjoy seeing you laughing around with other women. She would want all your attention on her. So if you want to know if your female coworker likes you, note her actions when you talk to other female colleagues. She might seem angry or disappointed.

To shift your focus from these women, she might intervene or take you away using some pretext. Later on, she might even gauge if you are interested in this other person.

14. She shares her secrets with you

Your coworker shares personal details of her life with you. She talks about her fears, quirks, dreams, and experiences. If she is in a dilemma, she discusses it with you and asks you for advice. She has opened up to you more than anyone else at work.

A girl reveals such intimate details only to a person she trusts implicitly. If a coworker bares her heart to you, she has a soft spot for you.

15. She is there for you

If you need any help, your coworker offers her services. Even if helping you means staying back late, she happily assists. She is your biggest cheerleader and supports you come rain or shine. If your office colleagues are teasing you, she always defends you. She might tease you, but she never laughs at your expense. You can share your worries with her without fear.

Women are loyal and helpful only to people they consider important. So if a colleague is acting this way, it might be her way of telling you that she is interested in you.

16. She leaves notes and gifts for you

Some women are romantic at heart and enjoy pampering the people they like. Notes and gifts are their way of showing appreciation. If your coworker likes you, she might leave gifts on your desk, such as a box of your favorite chocolates or a copy of a book you wanted to read.

You might find cute notes on your desk cheering you up when you are down or indicating how much she missed you when you weren’t around. These gestures are her way of telling you how much she likes you.

17. She keeps in touch after office hours

If a girl likes you, she would want to have a conversation with you outside office hours. She would want to build a connection, and texts or phone calls will help her achieve that. She might send you good morning or goodnight texts, ask about your weekend or steer the discussion towards movies or TV shows to keep it going.

As you two start chatting regularly, she might begin a playful banter over text. If she is confident enough, she might call you as well, using some excuse.

18. She often flirts with you

If a female coworker is flirting with you, it is the most significant sign that she likes you. She often compliments your shirt, your smile, or your style. Playfully teasing you seems to be her favorite pastime. She drops hints about getting together with you. You get playful and lovey-dovey texts from her with a kiss or heart emojis.

Whenever she is around you, she leans close or flips her hair. If she is only doing these with you and quite often, she might be waiting for you to take the hint and ask her out.

19. She notices the slightest change in your looks

She notices if you are wearing a new belt or a tie. When you get a haircut, she is the first to compliment you. All her attention is focused on you as she is fascinated by you. She probably has visualized you so often in her thoughts and dreams that your appearance is printed in her mind. If someone is taking out time to know even the little details about you, it is a sign that she adores you.

20. She takes care of your preferences

You do thoughtful things for people you like. Doing something for them makes you happy. If your coworker likes you, she will do stuff that will delight you. She might get you coffee from your favorite coffee place to get that sweet smile from you.
She wants to create a strong impression on you, and doing something special for you would work like a charm. She is putting in her best efforts to make you notice her. It’s time to get up and smell the coffee and appreciate her.

21. She has a cute nickname for you

Does your coworker have a cute nickname, especially for you? Does she often refer to you by that name and smiles while saying it? Has she saved your number on her phone under that name?

Having a cute nickname for someone is a ‘couple thing.’It is a well-known way to express affection. If your coworker has a cute nickname for you, it is an unmistakable sign she adores you.

22. She shares inside jokes with you

The two of you laugh together a lot. You have plenty of silly jokes that only you two know. Often, you suddenly start giggling over an inside joke that leaves other people puzzled.

Sharing inside jokes forms a unique bond between two individuals. It is a great way to connect with a person, creating a special bubble. If the two of you have plenty of such inside jokes, you two likely share a great camaraderie. The effort that she has put in to build this rapport shows her affection for you.

23. She is interested in your love life

Does your coworker seem overly interested in your love life? Has she enquired about your relationship status? Is she interested in knowing the type of girl you are looking for?

Knowing about a person’s love life becomes crucial when you have acrush on them. You want to gauge your chances before figuring out your next steps. If your coworker persistently checks with you about your dating status, there is a good chance she is interested in you.

24. She wants to spend time alone

If your coworker likes you, she would want to spend some alone time with you. While the girl might not directly ask you out on a date, she would suggest hanging out off the clock. She might say that she is interested in watching a particular movie and ask for your company or propose exploring a new restaurant together.

If you two have talked about your interests, she might use them to make your “non-dates” more appealing. For instance, if you told her you enjoy bowling, she might suggest going together or ask you to teach her. These casual outings allow her to know you better without any distractions.

25. Your coworkers seem to know her feelings

If your colleague has a crush on you, your other coworkers will most likely notice it. You will hear whispers around the office about the two of you. Her other friends in the office might drop hints. Some coworkers might directly tell you that she is into you.

If the office gossip is rife with the tales of your new romance, your coworker’s interest in you may not be so discreet anymore. You are probably not interpreting the hints correctly, but your coworkers are not so slow on the uptake.

If your coworker is showing these signs, she might be interested in you. Now the ball is in your court. Are you interested in dating her? Workplace romances can get complicated. If it is against your corporate policies, it might impact your job.
Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes relationships don’t end well. If this happens in your case, and you two still have to work together, the situation might become awkward. Consider all these factors while making the final decision. Figure out if this relationship is worth the risk before making your move.