6 Signs Gadgets Are Charging Out Your Romance

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Seen the sleepy eyes feeling up the bed for the phone and not you? Noticed all the good mornings being showered at Facebook and Whatsapp and not you? The person who once went to the loo with his newspaper is now in it with his smartphone? Well then let’s be out with the blunt truth!

Your spouse is all too addicted to gadgets! Indeed you might just be married to a TV set or a mobile phone. Oh no, you haven’t lost your charm, and those abs and wrinkleless skin are all fine. But, technology is winning the world over, and so your home too.

While things might seem alright in the beginning, there would come a time when this nasty habit of loving the gadget more than the spouse, would result in a massive explosion! Yes, relationships are vastly affected by gadgets, and why wouldn’t they when gadgets tend to replace interpersonal communication.

So, below are a few, and harmful might I add, reasons that are silently cooking the last meal of your relationship. Cross them off before you are left lonely with your darling gadget.

1. Adjustment is easy (not):

Sailing between one form of technology to the next is not a big deal now. We all have the ability to adapt pretty easily. What we cannot adjust to is the fact that our spouses aren’t giving us enough time, and maybe love. It is quite annoying to miss out on the early morning pecks, eating together at the table, or even having a tiny conversation on the way to the grocery store. While we may throw hints at our spouses and gently nudge them to drop their gadgets, it all goes in vain, and we are only depressed further.

2. Mind away from body:

Ever experienced being passed the baby instead of the water bottle? Well, let’s hope it is not as severe. Our spouses are so unmindful sometimes, thanks to the gadgets, that they end up doing something stupid. They just glue their eyes and face into the screens of phones, TV sets, laptops, tabs, and whatnot, being physically present and mentally absent. So much so that, they might just bite their fingers instead of their food!

3. Prioritize it over him/her:

It’s funny how people sometimes find it fun to hold a cell phone in their hands and walk down the streets rather than their spouse’s hand. Gone are the days when couples went out walking, hand-in-hand, speaking sweet nothings to each other, and spending some quality time. With gadgets reaching paces faster than Usain Bolt’s speeds, we poor sufferers are left longing for some importance. The adverse effect of this is that it soon builds up to kill the relationship. How uncool is that!

4. Physical communication is dead:

It might just be very easy for people to talk to virtual realities. But what about the lady or lad waiting for you at home, with hot dinner, ready to be served? One of the biggest disadvantages of gadgets taking over is that the physical communication has taken a back seat. You could notice it anywhere. Restaurant, parks, dinner tables, social gatherings, family meetings, heck even office meetings! You would find people head down, sunk into their smartphones. We advertise and continue to teach our younger generations the wrong models of communication, making the cycle of bad communication to continue.

5. Kids feel left out:

That’s worse! While both the parents are busy qwertying away on their gadgets, the poor kid has no choice but to glue to something similar. Realize how the next gen kids are so good with gadgets? Well, because we make them so. We force our kids to ape us and, voila, we have children who are up with glasses right from kindergarten. So, you are not only bad spouses but bad parents too! Not something to be proud of, right?

6. Intimacy? No, thank you!

Bought a sexy dress recently to give the hubby some nice time, but he walked into the bedroom staring at the phone and just got into the shower! Decorated the bedroom with lovely flowers and candles but the Mrs. was too busy text chatting with a friend on the phone that she barely noticed anything!

How do those scenarios sound? Murderous, right? That’s what happens when you are addicted to your gadgets. You fail to notice and acknowledge any sign of intimacy with your spouse. People even stare into their phones until they fall asleep. Of course, the sex is out of the window, along with communication, expressing love, making the other person feel important, et al.

It is pretty much a simple equation. If you get glued to an entity which is not going to ease your fever when you’re unwell, not going to cook you a nice, sumptuous meal, not going to tuck your kids in the bed, not going to care for you, then you are glued to the wrong thing. So, stop charging your gadgets, and start charging your relationship with your spouse, lest be forever alone with your phone!

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