19 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You

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Marriage is a strong relation between two souls. It’s the pure essence of true love and a lifetime commitment. Falling in love is easy, but maintaining it requires commitment. Two loving hearts make the decision of getting married after several considerations, judgments, and discussions, and it takes time to reach the point when you discuss marriage plans.

You might be ready to get into the wedlock, but what about your boyfriend? Does he get silent when you talk about the wedding? Or does he get frustrated when you talk about lifetime commitments? If yes, then he might not be ready for it. Confirm his feelings by reading this post that tells you some common signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

19 Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You

Check for these signs that indicate he doesn’t want to marry you to make the right decision.

1. He doesn’t believe in marriage

Does he say marriage is not his cup of tea or that it’s a formality to keep two people tied to a relationship? If yes, then it shows his disbelief in marriage. He might be in love with you but might not believe marriage to be a bond between two hearts who exchange vows to live together forever.

2. He doesn’t discuss marriage plans

He smartly brushes the topic aside as he’s inclined towards his opinion. Often deviating from the marriage plans is a possible sign that he’s not interested in marrying you. Also, if his responses are not serious, it shows his disinterest.

A boyfriend with least interest in marriage will never bring the topic up for discussion. He will be more interested in flirty talks and fulfilling desires. So, stay alert and look for possible signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to his family

When you are madly in love, you want to tell everyone about it. Try to recall if he ever introduced you to any of his family members or invited you to any of his family occasions. If the answer is no, it clearly signifies that he’s not ready to get into the association of marriage.

4. He is not interested in your family and friends

If your partner doesn’t express interest in meeting your family, he perhaps doesn’t have marriage plans. If he never expressed an interest to meet your family or get to know your close friends, you should know what it means.

5. He keeps giving excuses

“Baby, we still have time.” “Let’s give each other some more time, and we will marry next year.” A disinterested boyfriend may never postpone his outing with friends or family celebrations, but whenever the marriage topic arises, he turns the plan down with an excuse.

The different excuses he uses to justify himself reflect he’s not going to ask you to marry him. A guy interested in marriage will not wait for the perfect time. He will make the most of the present time and plan for your future together.

6. He never shares his emotional space

Every strong relationship revolves around some common ingredients—trust, loyalty, understanding, love, care, romance, surprises, and family. If he never shares his emotional feelings with you, he must have several things going on in his life, or he doesn’t want you to be a part of his emotional space. Irrespective of the reason, it reflects a lack of commitment with you. Mutual trust is important for maintaining a long relationship. Remember, if he wishes for a never-ending relationship with you, he will give you all his time and pour out everything that is in his heart.

7. He doesn’t consider your priorities

Are your future goals, dreams, plans, and aspirations not important to him? A serious boyfriend will look ahead to make your life prosperous and happy. But if he keeps himself on priority, he may not be having serious feelings for you.

Also, he may avoid sharing his future plans with you if he has no serious feelings for you. In such a case, don’t feel surprised when you find out you’re not mentioned in any of his plans.

8. He suddenly stops taking you for outings

Every couple goes on dates or meet somewhere in solace to spend quality time together. Dates help a couple discuss personal things going on in each other’s life. Many sweet memories of togetherness are created when you go on a date. Right from the beginning of your relationship, he must have taken you on dates.

But, if he suddenly stops seeing you, it means he’s creating distance. Not going on date is a clear sign that he’s slowly cutting away from you.

9. He’s nervous in making decisions

Some men find decision-making difficult. Be it about going on a date or planning to travel, does he look confused? It’s natural if he is nervous at the beginning of the relationship. However, if you find him confused or hesitating, even after the two of you have been together for years , there could be other reasons. Such instances show he is not confident about marrying you.

10. He is insecure

Do you often have to please him to marry you or keep proving yourself that you are loyal? Insecurity is not a part of a healthy relationship. If your relationship requires you to beg for commitments, it shows you are not an important part of his life.

11. He uses you like an option

Does your boyfriend keep demanding from you and doesn’t care about your emotional feelings? If he only thinks about his needs and not about you, he may not have plans to marry you. Becoming an option is not a good idea and keeping hopes that he will marry you one day is not right too in this scenario.

12. He has conflicted thoughts about marriage

If your man gets upset when discussing marriage plans or quickly diverts the topic, it’s a possible sign that he’s not interested in marriage. He might have made up his mind not to marry you. Maybe he is going through conflicted thoughts—whether to hang on to you or let you go. Discussing marriage could turn him defensive and make him uncomfortable.

13. He creates a distance

Silent behavior or keeping a distance from you is a strong sign of disinterest in you. He must have made up his mind, and so he ignores you.

14. He doesn’t consider you important anymore

A true lover always keeps his love as his top priority. Be sure that he’s not interested in marriage if he stops showing importance towards you and makes excuses whenever you need him the most. Do not let yourself feel needy for his love if he doesn’t keep you as his priority, he doesn’t deserve you.

15. He brings up his ex

If your boyfriend often talks about his ex-girlfriend or blames her for becoming uncaring and silent, it could be a reason to stay away from marriage. A guy who doesn’t want to come out of his past even after your constant efforts may not have you in his future plans.

16. He doesn’t talk about the future

After falling in love, there’s so much a couple discusses—their future, honeymoon, wedding dress, children, old age, family, and vacation. If he’s serious, he will confidently discuss each and every topic. But, if he feels frustrated when you talk about them, it shows he’s not ready to marry you.

17. He doesn’t leave his bad habits

Excessive smoking and drinking are wrong, and if he doesn’t try to work on it even after your constant reminders, it shows he doesn’t care about you. And whenever you ask him to quit his addiction, he comes with an excuse. It clearly shows addiction is more important than you, and he is not serious about planning a future with you.

18. He agrees, but never confirms the wedding date

A loving boyfriend would be excited about wedding date and plans. Also, he will involve his family and friends in the plans. But if you find him not confirming the date, he might be disinterested in marriage with you.

19. He shuts you down

He will not talk about his internal conflicts and family problems if he’s not serious about you. People in love share each other’s emotions and feelings. But if he disregards you and shuts you down, it reflects that he doesn’t consider you a life partner and has no intentions of marrying you.

What To Do If He’s Not Interested In Marrying You?

Some men feel shy to execute the marriage plans. In such a case, take the initiative and persuade him to marry you. Even if he’s interested, he may feel hesitant. You can help him by resolving his apprehensions about marriage and give him time.

If your heart says he’s your true love, give him time. Try to share positive aspects of married life, and maybe his disbelief about marriage might change. He may get serious about committing, taking vows, and walking down the aisle.

On the other hand, if you notice the majority of the signs mentioned above, he has no interest in having a future with you, and you may have to take an unplanned step.

Do not lose hope. If he rejects you for marriage, do not keep going behind him. Let him go and wait for the right person to arrive in your life. Marriage is a sacred commitment, so make a decision only when you are confident about the person.