20 Absolute & Passionate Signs That He Is Making Love To You

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The subtle difference between making love and having sex may confuse many couples. However, we can help you figure out the signs he is making love to you and not merely having sex by explaining the differences. Physical intimacy is all about the presence of emotions and feelings as it defines the chemistry between you and your partner. As your relationship progresses, love-making may lose the excitement and pleasure you had in the initial days of your courtship, and it might end up as only sex. So how do you know if your partner is still making love? Read on the post for some signs that differentiate love-making and sex.

20 Signs He Is Making Love To You

Sex, when mixed with intimacy and feelings, could become the deepest form of expressing love. Without emotions, sex is but a mere hormonal act of the bodies. A man would make love to you only when he is emotionally involved with you. Here is what to look for to know for sure.

  1. He will make eye contact. If he makes eye contact while having sex, then it could be a sign that he is into you and wants to be in the moment with you. In case your man is avoiding eye contact, it could be because he is shy or is not interested in you. If he is stealing glances from you and cannot maintain straight eye contact, then he could just be shy.
  1. Both of you enjoy it. When it is an act of the souls and not just the bodies, then both you and your man would enjoy it. This is not something that can be planned and executed, but it happens naturally when you share strong feelings for each other.
  1. He would kiss you a lot. One kiss is worth a thousand words. If your man is smothering you with kisses during the act, then it means he likes you a lot and wants to make you feel valued. The way he kisses you would make you sense the intensity of his love and how much he is enjoying being with you.
  1. Your pleasure matters too. One of the major differences in making love and having sex is that your man would ensure that you are enjoying too when it is lovemaking, But if he is having just sex, he would end up simply ejaculating, instead of considering your pleasure.
  1. There will be conversations. Making love involves more than just bodies. Your man would initiate deep and intimate conversations in bed. He would open up and share intimate and private things about his life. He may also tell you things which he has not told you before.
  1. He will take your name. If you find your man take your name during sex, then it shows that he loves you, and you are the one in his life. Hearing your name during such a passionate situation could add to the mood and boost your libido too. If you feel like it,  take his name too, and do not hold back.
  1. He creates a romantic environment. Because he wants to have meaningful sex with you, your man will also make sure you are in the mood. He would try to decorate your bedroom, play your favorite music, and dress up as per your liking.
  1. He would never force you. A man who wants to make love would be aware that sex cannot be forced. If he finds you are not in the mood, he will not get upset or throw a tantrum. Instead, he will understand and give you time to warm up to it.
  1. He tries to be hygienic. A man who wants to make love knows how much of a turn off smelly armpits and bad breath could be. So, if he tries to smell fresh, then it is a sign that he is giving importance to your likes and dislikes.
  1. He will not doze off immediately. Many men would turn to the other side and doze off as soon as the act is done. But if your man continues to show affection by pulling you close for a cuddle or kissing you on the forehead, then it is a sign that he is interested in more than just your body.
  1. He would keep in touch. A man who is there only for the sex would not bother to text or keep in touch with you after the act. But if he does, then he has genuine feelings for you. If your man is good at expressing, then get ready to be drenched in his lovey-dovey messages.
  1. You will know it. Another strong sign would be your intuition. Whenever he is having sex with you, your mind, body, and soul tell you how involved he is, and how much he loves you. And this can never go wrong.
  1. He shows he is interested in you. A guy who is in love with you would make sure he is on your mind all the time. Before the actual act, he might take you out to dinner or your favorite band’s concert. He might even surprise you with flowers and a box of your favorite chocolates.
  1. He will stay over. This applies to couples who are not living together. A man who is in it for sex might not be interested in staying for the night; he might prefer to leave once his needs are satisfied. If your man chooses to stay over and is also open to keeping a few spare clothes in your apartment, then he might have feelings for you and want to make love to you.
  1. He will make breakfast for you. This may not happen with all men, but applies to some. If you open your eyes to some mouth-watering pancakes after spending the night together, then your man is trying to impress you, because he cares for you.
  1. He will make you feel beautiful. Not every woman will have a runway body; many could be insecure about being too fat or having blemishes. All these would never matter to a man who wants to make love to you. In fact, he would make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  1. He would like to experiment. If your man wants to try new things in bed, then he is not there to satisfy his bodily needs but wants to go beyond that. This is a sign he enjoys your company and wants more of it.
  1. He will look happy. When a man makes love to you, he would appear happy and content. He would not just turn to the other side and doze off. Instead, he might strike a light-hearted conversation or even make a cup of tea for his favorite woman.
  1. He will calm your anxieties. Some women may have an innate fear of sex and might not be cooperative. A man who wants to make love would not get angry and throw a fit but would give you space and try to talk and ease your fears.
  1. He will respect your boundaries. You could be his wife or girlfriend, but if you have certain reservations about physical intimacy, he would never force you to cross them. He also would not force you into doing something you despise.

While in an intimate relationship, if your man likes to converse a lot, kisses you often, wishes to stay over, yet respects your reservations, these could be subtle signs he is making love to you and not merely interested in having sex. Nevertheless, not all men have similar ways to display their feelings, and your man could be trying to express love in his unique way. So, do not be apprehensive about his intentions if you couldn’t spot these signs. You may have to interpret his gestures as per the whole context of the relationship to comprehend if he is making love to you or just into a casual sexual encounter.

Key Pointers

  • Lovemaking is the deepest expression of love involving emotions and feelings.
  • Making eye contact, kissing a lot, and taking your name during physical intimacy are signs he is making love to you.
  • Cuddling or kissing you on the forehead, intimate conversations in bed, and respecting your boundaries means he has strong feelings for you.

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