How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You Secretly: 25 Signs

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Do you think that someone you know is developing feelings for you although he doesn’t confess it? Then you should look out for the signs he loves you secretly. He might be dropping some hints or giving out mixed signals, but you are unsure whether he loves you or not. Some guys keep their feelings hidden for various reasons. They can be waiting for a green signal from you, or they may not be confident enough to approach you. In this post, we talk about the subtle signs a guy likes you secretly.

25 Signs He Secretly Likes You

1. He stares at you

You can tell if a guy has a secret crush on you when he tries to catch your gaze and hold it for a long time. Then, when you notice him raising his eyebrows amusingly while you’re talking, you’ll know he secretly likes you. Perhaps you will notice him staring at you across the room and smile when you catch sight of him.

2. He acts nervous

When a man keeps his feelings secret from you, he may act nervously, such as playing with his fingers or running his fingers through his hair. So, if you notice him being jittery around you, even shaking slightly, or having difficulty talking to you, it’s likely that he secretly likes you and is trying to hide it.

3. He’s around you

He will find an excuse to be near you at all times

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When he secretly likes you, he will find an excuse to be near you at all times. You will notice that he creates opportunities to be around you. For instance, you might find him hanging out outside your class or desk, eating in the cafeteria when you’re there with friends, or spot him drinking water near your space.

4. He asks personal questions

Another sign that a guy has a secret crush on you is when he wants to know about your love life and keeps asking you some personal questions. For example, he’s curious about the type of guy you prefer to date and what you like to do on weekends. He will also reveal a part of his life.

5. He disguises his questions

Some guys who aren’t open about feelings may ask indirect questions or in a light-hearted tone. If he asks questions that aren’t typical chit-chat, it’s a good indication that he has an interest in you but is hiding it.

6. He’s willing to help you

You can tell a guy is affectionate to you when he tries to help you. For example, if you need help using the computer, moving your stuff to a new place, or shopping, he is always willing to help without expecting anything in return. He wants you to feel special and can go to any length to meet your needs.

7. He smiles every time he sees you

He smiles and opens up

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Whenever a guy has a secret crush on you, he smiles and opens up. He smiles at you when you enter the room. You can notice his excitement for you, a tell-tale sign that he secretly likes you. Even on his worst days, your presence will brighten his day.

8. He mirrors your body language

You may notice that he is mirroring your behavior or body language. For example, if you lean forward, he might lean forward. If you place your hands on your hips, he might copy your gestures. Play around with this a little by changing your position and see if his position changes.

9. He teases you playfully

Another sign that a guy has a secret crush on you is when he teases you playfully as a way of flirting with you. His speech may contain jokes at some point. However, he’s pretty sure he’ll up the game if you flirt back.

10. He remembers details about you

He is paying attention when you talk as he remembers details about you, your life, and your interests. For example, if he remembers specifics from previous conversations, such as your favorite music band or even the name of your pet cat, you know he’s paying attention and perhaps secretly likes you.

11. He keeps the conversation going

He will seize the opportunity to talk to you

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When he finds you, he will seize the opportunity to talk to you and figure out how to be a part of your conversations. One of the signs of a guy secretly having a crush on you is when he brings up topics that he knows will pique your interest.

12. He notices everything about you

When a guy secretly admires and likes you, he might compliment you on your physical appearance, such as your new dress or hairstyle. Even the tiniest details will not escape his attention. He will not only compliment your appearance but also admire your inner qualities, talents, or intelligence.

13. He finds out details about you

If a guy has a crush on you secretly, he may seek information about you from other sources, such as common friends. He will even be orbiting your social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook. He might even bring you up in conversation with his friends and family more often.

14. He shows his jealous side

When he notices another guy around you, he acts strangely. If you want to know if a guy secretly likes you, watch what he does when another guy comes around you. If you talk about other guys or go out with others, he won’t like it. A guy who likes you may behave in ways that indicate jealousy.

15. He tells his friends about you

When a guy has a secret crush on you, chances are he has told his friends about you, and they treat you differently whenever they see you. So, keep an eye on how his friends interact with you in his presence. If they’re teasing him and pairing you two, he’s probably into you, and his friends are aware of it.

16. He seeks alone time with you

He may look for reasons to see you alone

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Though spending time with a group of friends is exciting, we all crave alone time with people we care about. If your guy friend has a secret liking for you, he may look for reasons to see you alone. Even when you’re in a group, he tries to find ways to spend some time with you.

17. He ’likes’ you on social media

’Likes’ on social media posts are the new-age way of determining whether or not a guy secretly loves you. For example, you post a photo savoring a pinata colada or a photo of a recent vacation in the most exotic location, and he is the first person to like and comment on your photos.

18. He agrees with you on everything

If your man likes you but hides it, he will avoid confrontation. He doesn’t want to say or do anything that might offend you. He wants your favorite movies or TV shows to be his as well. He may hold the same beliefs as you or eat the same foods that you like.

19. He finds reasons to touch you

He may frequently touch you and find reasons to do so. His touch will include chivalry. Perhaps he wraps his arm around your back while strolling through a crowd, wraps his blazer around your shoulders, or touches you while assisting you in getting out of the car.

20. He is the first one to respond

You will know if a guy has a secret crush on you when he is the first to respond to whatever you say or do. He loves you more than anyone else and is always willing to keep you company when you need it. He is not only the first to respond but also values and respects your opinions.

21. He uses your name in conversations

You can tell a guy likes you if he uses your name often. It is also important to pay attention to how he pronounces your name. He smiles a lot when saying your name, which is a great sign he has a secret crush on you. He may even call you by a nickname.

22. He changes his looks

He becomes more bubbly around you

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A subtle or obvious change in his appearance or overall personality is a good indication that he secretly loves you. For example, when you’re around him, you’ll notice that he dresses dapperly or that he becomes more enthusiastic or bubbly.

23. He doesn’t break his promises

He may be a man of few words but will keep his word. A guy who has a secret crush on you keeps his promises because he values you and takes you seriously. It shows that he is willing to have a commitment and an affirmation of his love for you.

24. He buys you gifts

If he brings you a random gift, buys you lunch, or buys you gorgeous dresses for no reason, it is because he thinks you are special and he secretly cares for you. When it comes to buying gifts or spending money on others, guys will only do it for dear people.

25. He blushes when he sees you

He blushes whenever you meet him or make eye contact with him. When you tap him on the back or touch him in any way, you can see him blush. When you compliment him or talk to him, he will blush because he secretly loves you.

It’s nearly impossible to know what a guy is thinking unless you have a crystal ball to predict what’s going on inside his head. However, if you’re wondering if a guy secretly loves you, observe him and take note of his gestures that tell you if he has secret feelings for you.

Key Pointers

  • He may try to hide his feelings with all his might, but there are a few tell-tale signs that will show his admiration for you.
  • The signs may be as small as a subtle smile when he sees you or even insecure acts of jealousy.
  • If you’re wondering whether he likes you, these signs may reveal the answer.

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