30 Clear Signs He Misses You Badly

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If you are in a long-distance relationship, let’s talk about signs he misses you. For instance, if you have always been the one initiating the conversation, calling him up multiple times, and you suddenly stop doing so for a few days. This will come to his notice for sure, and he might even try to ask you what happened. But even after he asks you, you do not get back to your usual way of communicating with him. Now you may think that this will trigger him, and he’d get back to you. However, if that does not happen, how can you be sure that he misses you? There are always more subtle ways of people to show that they miss you. So to help you get clarity about your relationship and understand the hints, we have listed some signs that your guy is missing you. Read on.

30 Signs He Misses You

1. He texts you often

If you have been receiving texts from him quite often, it is one of the clear signs he misses you. Regardless of how mundane and random those texts may be, it goes on to show that he is thinking about you and wants to know what’s going on in your life.

2. He always calls you

Do you see multiple missed calls on your screen? And does he find silly reasons to speak to you and listen to your voice? These are clear signs that he misses you.

3. He responds to your texts and calls immediately

Try this each time you send him a text or call him. Observe the time he takes to reply to your text or pick up the call. If the response is instant, bingo! Take it as a clear sign that he misses you badly. But do not jump to conclusions that he has forgotten you if he misses them sometimes.

4. He talks about you

If you learn from your mutual friends that he talks about you or brings your name up in their conversations or even jokes, then take it as a sign that he misses you.

5. He is all over your social media

Does he add likes or view your every social media post and comment on them? Take these as clear signs that you are on his mind, and he misses you. If he goes to the extent of tagging you in memes and posts, you can assure yourself that he misses you badly.

6. He gets jealous

He get jealous to see you with another man, signs he misses you

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If he shows those subtle signs of jealousy when you are around with another man at a party or social event, it is a clear indication that he misses you.

7. His friends give you hints

If you have broken up, and his friends tell you that he has been talking about the good times he had with you and mending his ways, take it as a sign that he isn’t over you yet and might want you back in his life.

8. He texts or calls you when drunk

If he texts or calls you when drunk, it could mean that he is using alcohol as a means to express his feelings. You could interpret it this way-it gives him the courage to say things he wouldn’t usually say when he is sober.

9. He tells you directly

Well, we all know that this is one of the toughest things to do for a guy. But, if he tells you directly that he misses you, it is the clearest indication that he has been missing you dearly.

Quick tip
Responding to someone who expresses that he misses you can be tricky. If you also miss him, reciprocate the feeling. But if you feel uncomfortable about what he says, subtly move out of the conversation.

10. He asks you for your picture

If he keeps asking you for your picture when either of you is away for a while, it means he wants to feel close to you when you both are away.

11. He keeps the conversation going

If he does everything to keep the conversation going when he calls or texts you, it could mean he wants to be near you.

12. He reaches out to you with no apparent reason

He accosts you with a greeting

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He might just reach out to you to say “hi” or “how are you?” without a specific agenda in mind. If he does this, you could take it as a sign that he holds you dear in his heart.

13. He listens to your favorite songs

He could be playing all the songs on your playlist without realizing it. You could get to know of it once you check his playlist, or your favorite song could be playing in the background while he is talking to you over the phone. This is one of the subtle signs that he misses you.

14. He gives you surprises

Some men believe in expressing their feelings through action. If he sends you a gift or surprises you with an act of love or kindness, it might be his way of showing that you are special and he misses you.

15. He shows up to the same events

Do you bump into him at unexpected places or events, especially those places where he wouldn’t usually frequent? He wants to reconnect and be close to you. Perhaps he is getting the hints from your social media posts or your friends.

16. He brings up the good old days

Does he bring up the good old days you were together, in his conversations? And does he check your old pictures on Facebook or hold on to the souvenirs? Then he might be missing you.

17. He is curious

Is he curious about the things happening in your life? Does he ask you about your day, your job, your pets, and everything that has to do with you? He might be missing you dearly.

18. He tells you about his day

He shares important details

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Despite his busy schedule, he takes out time to tell you about his day, the things he did, the people he met, etc. It is a sign that you are important in his life, and he misses you.

19. He makes plans to see you

If he goes the extra mile and makes plans to see you or tells you about his plans for the next time you meet, he is dying to see you.

20. He fights with you

If he ends up arguing with you for the silliest of things or gets frustrated over not being able to meet you, it could be a sign that he misses you.

21. He wears something that you gifted him

Does he still don the t-shirt or the piece of jewelry you gifted him? It is a strong sign that you are still in his mind.

22. He is always happy to see you

Does he get all excited when he sees you? It could be during a chance encounter or a time you have planned. If he gets excited or can’t stop smiling, it is a clear sign that he has been missing you.

23. There are no signs of a new relationship

It has been a while since you guys broke up, and yet there seem to be no signs of him getting into a new relationship. Well, the reason could be that he’s still missing you.

24. He FaceTimes you

He wants to be close to you, albeit virtually

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Well, this is a clear sign that he isn’t content with just the calls and texts but wants to see you and be as close to you as possible, albeit virtually.

25. He keeps sending you pictures

If he keeps sending you pictures of him and his friends having a good time when he is not around you, it is a sign that he wishes you were there sharing that time with him.

26. He keeps in touch with you even when not expected

Let’s say he is on an important business trip or vacationing with his friends or parents. If he still makes time to reach out to you and let you know how things are, then do not have to worry over whether he is missing you or not.

27. He does your favorite things

Ask his friends, and if they tell you that he watches your favorite movies, listens to your favorite songs, and cooks your favorite food, he has been missing you.

Did you know?
There are several reasons why a guy can miss you. He could be falling in love with you, remembering the good times he spent with you, or simply not receiving enough attention from you.

28. He keeps in touch with your family and friends

He meets your family

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If you haven’t been together for a while, and yet, he still keeps in touch with your sibling or your close friends, it is a sign that he misses you and hasn’t got over you yet.

29. Your plans matter to him

Does he ask you about your friends or your plans for the future? It is a sure sign you are still close to him. At times, he might want to stay close to you.

30. He gets touchy

Look out for this sign, ladies. If he really misses you, he’ll tend to get intimate when you meet. It could involve putting his hand on your shoulders, hugging you, or holding your hands when talking to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I tell if a man is attracted to me but hiding it?

Some signs that a man is attracted to you include going above and beyond to help you, giving you his undivided attention, listening to you intently, getting a little flirty, and enjoying even the slightest physical contact. He also steals glances, checks out your older social media posts, and forgets the rest of the world when you are around.

2. What makes a man miss his girlfriend?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. A man misses his girlfriend when she doesn’t initiate contact or reply to read messages, enjoys her own company, and acts in mysterious ways.

Texting you frequently, talking about you when with friends or others, getting jealous, drunk texting or calling you, trying everything he can to keep the conversation going, and so on are signs he misses you. If you haven’t seen him in a long time and notice these signals in him, know that he is missing you and want to be with you. And if you’re together but are away for work or family reasons, you can bet he’s itching to see you again.

Infographic: More Signs That Suggest He Misses You Badly

Despite how much he loves you, there’s a chance that your man won’t express his feelings openly or that he’ll act overly tough in your presence. This might also make you feel sad and even angry sometimes; however, knowing these subtle yet clear signs will surely help you know that he’s missing you when you’re not around. Check out the infographic below to learn about some additional indicators that he misses you.

signs he misses you badly [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • A guy may not express directly, but his frequent texts to you may indicate that he misses you.
  • He may call you often, facetime you, or immediately reply to your texts and phone calls.
  • If he gets jealous when you are with another man or shows other subtle but obvious signs, you should understand that he longs to be with you.

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