33 Sure Signs He Wants To Marry You

When two people are serious about each other, the next step for many, if not all, of them is marriage. If you’re in such a relationship and are curious about the signs he wants to marry you, you’ve come to the right place. The marriage proposal is a life-changing experience for a couple, and it’s the first step in committing to each other as you begin your own family. When your lover expresses his love for you and anticipates a long-term future with you, he may be preparing to take the next step in marriage and could already be dropping clues that you are failing to notice. In this post, we have listed some of the most common signs that would suggest he’s ready to take the next big step in the relationship.

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Signs He Wants To Marry You

1. He drops hints about wanting to marry you

You are in a romantic location, and your partner says, “I wish we could do this forever.” You meet him after a long time, and he says, “I wish we weren’t apart for so long.” It could even be a casual statement like, “I can’t wait to have weekly movie nights with you,” or “when we live together, I’ll cook you the best meals.” Such statements might be his way of easing you into the possibility of someday being married to him, having a wedding ceremony and also gauging your reaction to it.

2. He asks about your plans for the future

If he is asking you about your career, talking about kids, where to settle down, or getting a pet, it could be more than curiosity. He might be trying to gauge your responses and see how they align with his long term plans.

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If he is considering marriage, he may communicate his future plans with you and solicit your input, possibly with subtle hints that he wants you to be a part of those plans.

3. He introduces you to his family

A tell-tale sign is when he introduces you to the most important people in his life. While introducing his friends could be a common courtesy, inviting you to family events and gatherings is a reliable sign that he may want to marry you. If he introduces you to his family, mainly his parents, he could be serious about marriage and being your life partner by getting to know the people who are important to him. This is an important ritual in many cultures preceding marriage.

Meeting the parents means he wants to let them know that he chooses you as the life partner and wants you to get to know the people who are important to him. This is a common step preceding marriage in most relationships.

4. He tries to know and impress your family

One of the foremost signs that he may want to settle down with you is when he goes out of his way to get to know your family and gets closer to them. He is respectful to your parents, and tries to gain your parents’ respect and trust, which could be the next logical step.

5. He has a positive view of marriage as a concept

Your significant other will not shy away from discussing things related to matrimony whenever it comes up in conversation. If the man avoids or switches the topic or feels uncomfortable, he is not ready for marriage. If he talks about marriage in a good light with his parents, siblings, or close friends, it could mean that he wants to marry you.

6. He talks about children more often

He talks about children, signs he wants to marry you

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Your partner is friendlier with children, plays with them, or seems to take pleasure looking after or interacting with toddlers and encourages you to care for them. If this is a relatively new trait for him, it could be that he is ready for parenting. This could be a subtle indicator that he wants to have a family with you. He may say things like “You’d make a great parent” or “You’d pass on your amazing qualities to your children.” Watch how he responds to children, does he respect them and relate to them as human beings? If so, he may be great marriage material.

7. He involves you in all major decisions of his life

He will seek your opinion and honor it. He will talk to you in confidence on important matters. A good benchmark of what he values you is how much he appreciates your decisions on crucial family or financial issues. He may ask for your advice on how to deal with an annoying relative. He may include you in major decisions like buying a car or a property. This could also indicate that he wants you to be a part of his major life decisions, suggesting marriage.

8. His habits have changed to accommodate yours

Couples tend to impose their likes and dislikes on each other. If your partner is serious about you, he will walk the extra mile to make certain changes in his lifestyle or choices to please you. He may change from being a night owl to being an early bird to synchronize better with your schedule.

9. His family and friends treat you with newfound respect

If he declares to his friends or family that he plans to marry you, they will treat you with more respect than they would if you were “just a girlfriend.” His friends will be extra careful not to offend you, while his family will try to accommodate your likes and be more hospitable than usual.

10. He’s mentioned he wants to be married by a certain age

He will drop a hint by stating that he wants to marry at a certain age, and if you’re close to that age, there’s a good chance marriage is his top priority. Age, career, and income milestones make him think he’s ready.

11. You’re close to all his friends

He takes you everywhere and introduces you to the people who matter to him. This means he wants you to familiarize yourself with his inner circle and wants your near and dear ones to know how much you mean to him.

12. You can’t stay apart for long

You can’t stay apart for long, signs he wants to marry you

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While this is common enough in the early stages of a relationship, when everything is new and exciting, it’s also a positive sign if this is happening later on in a long-term relationship or after you get serious about each other and are thinking about a lifetime of togetherness. Time spent living or working apart wears on both of you and him wanting to spend more free time with you is a good sign he may ask you to relocate to be with him. Sometimes relationships can be maintained, but they cannot grow while geographically far apart.

13. He discusses long-term plans with you

If your partner confides his lifetime ambitions, goals, aspirations, and dreams to you, it means he sees you as a significant part of that future. If you’re in a relationship, it may be an indication that he wants to marry you.

14. He tells you things that no one (or very few others) know

If your partner confides in you about things that are personal or matter to him, it’s a clear sign that he trusts you. Affirm him for taking you into confidence in matters related to his job, finances, family issues, health, or even stress. Let him know how much you appreciate this and encourage him to continue by reciprocating.

15. He’s comfortable being vulnerable around you

It’s a positive sign if your partner opens up about his feelings, insecurities, hopes, and fears. Men rarely show their vulnerable side to even their closest friends or family members. If he is comfortable being open about these things to you, it means he sees a future with you.

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It is believed that men feel comfortable unleashing their inner child in front of the partner they’re considering staying with for a lifetime.

16. He suggests moving in together

He is ready to take the relationship to the next level if he says he is willing to move in with you. But remember, living together need not always lead to a marriage.

17. He doesn’t show interest in other women

While this might seem obvious and something that should be expected regardless of marriage, it’s more significant than it seems. He keeps his promises will not flirt with other women or ogle at them even if they are attractive. This is a clear indication that he is committed to you. If you notice that he comments about other women, you need to discuss this honestly. It may not mean he’s not committed, but your feelings are valid and you should see if he is flexible about this.

18. You’re more physically intimate than ever

You’re more physically intimate with your man than ever

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It goes to show his attraction towards you has only deepened over time. He is head-over-heels with to you, wants to hear your voice, and meet you almost every day.

19. He plans his schedules around you

He might put off that outing with friends or reschedule a meeting so he can spend some time with you. He will never miss your weekly movie night and always be on time for dates. If he’s shuffling his entire life around your availability, this may be a good time to discuss viable marriage options with him.

20. He tries to get to know the real you

He takes a keen interest in your likes and dislikes. He doesn’t stop at knowing what your favorite food, dessert, or ice cream is. He goes beyond learning about your favorite music or movies and talks about things that you value most in life. If he’s talking to you about your values, your principles, and life goals, then there’s a strong chance he wants to marry you.

21. You’re his top priority

He will not think twice before canceling a dinner plan with someone you feel uncomfortable with. He will leave a party early because he knows you are tired.

22. Your double dates tend to be with married or engaged couples

If your close friends are married or engaged, there’s a good chance your double dates will tend to be with the same couples. This could often make you feel like the odd person out but might be your partner’s way of showing you how good your married friends have it and might want to nudge your opinion in that direction. People are very influenced by others. Social pressure is a part of human nature. Being surrounded by married friends is a promising step toward what he aspires.

23. He’s uncharacteristically excited when you meet or talk

If you find that he’s acting as he used to when you first started dating and he’s more excited than usual, it could mean he’s planning to propose and cannot hide his feelings for you.

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Pay attention to changes in his interests, including participation in events and interactions with people. If he starts having longer conversations with your parents or becomes more involved in planning romantic outings, it may indicate he’s considering marriage.

24. He’s more attentive and caring than usual

If your partner seems to be more caring than usual or a better listener, or more supportive for no apparent reason, then there’s a chance he’s trying to remind you why you fell for him in the first place. By getting you in the right state of mind, he hopes to have a better chance of your wanting to marry him.

25. He’s not picky about “his” things

He shares his belongings with you

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You will notice signs of inclusiveness. A good indicator that your man is ready to marry you is if he considers his belongings as yours. Mine becomes ours.

26. He’s there for you during the tough times

He will stand by you in your worst times. He exhibits in every possible way that he is there for you. This is a sure sign that he sees a future with you and is willing to stand by you through thick and thin.

27. He prioritizes quality time with you over everything else

He seizes every single opportunity to spend quality time with you. If you find that he devotes a majority of his leaves or generously spends money on vacations/ weekend trips with you, there’s a good chance he wants to marry you.

28. He only visualizes himself being with you

There may be times when everything is going great in your relationship, and he may say, “I can’t imagine dating/being with anyone else.” This could be his way of saying he wants long-term commitment.

29. He wants to be as close to you as possible

He might turn down a job opportunity if it meant relocating to a different city. This could be a sign that he’s ready to commit fully to you, and he wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

30. He constantly misses you

Even if you get a decent amount of interaction through the week, you might find your partner missing you when you haven’t been able to talk or meet in some time. If he’s longing for you every moment you’re not together, it’s a sure sign he wants to marry you.

31. He’s concerned for you

He cares for you when you are unwell

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He may bring you your favorite chicken soup or medicines when you are unwell. He may insist on dropping you home at night. He may pick you up from the airport. All these gestures indicate that he is concerned about you, and he could be ready to put a ring on your finger if you’re willing.

32. He speaks about your future as an eventuality and not a possibility

He may say this subconsciously – “When we’re married…” instead of “If we’re married.” While this falls short of a proposal by a long shot, it’s still a clear statement of intent coming from him that he wants to marry you someday.

33. His friends or family let something slip

His family showers you with gifts and treats you like family. They may refer to in terms of the relation, such as ’sister/sister-in-law,’ or ’daughter/granddaughter.’ It could suggest that he told them about his intentions to marry you, and they may be deliberately referring to you as family. Or it could be a mere slip of the tongue before the proposal. In either case, it could indicate that he is planning to propose marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry me?

Several factors may influence a man’s decision to marry you. Sometimes, they may not be sure about your and his feelings, and at other times, he would want to give some more time to the relationship before marriage. So, the actual time a man takes to marry his partner may vary depending on the situation and the depth of the connection.

2. What does it mean if a man says he wants to marry me?

If a man says he wants to marry you, he means he wants you by his side forever. He feels at peace when he is around you and wants to get old with you. He trusts the bond you share and knows you will face all the ups and downs together and create a beautiful life.

3. What qualities will make a man want to marry me?

If you give your man the space he needs, celebrate his success, listen to him without judgment, appreciate him often, respect his uniqueness, and show your commitment to the relationship, then he will most probably be sure that you are the one whom he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with.

Marriage is considered a long-term commitment that involves not only two individuals but also their families. Suppose a man values your opinions while decision-making and feels comfortable sharing his insecurities and fears with you; he may be hinting at his wish to have you as his life partner. Not shying away from discussing marriage, spending most of the time with you, and adjusting his schedule to sync with yours can be considered signs he wants to marry you. However, don’t feel pressured to say yes just because he “pops the question,” and take your time to decide.

Infographic: Signs He Wants To Marry You

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, there comes a time when you start imagining your future with your significant other. Do you think your partner is envisioning the same? Check out our infographic to figure out if he wants to marry you.

relationship loyalty quotes (infographic)signs he wants to marry you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • You are the most important person in his life.
  • He shows interest in your future plans and tries to impress your family.
  • Cannot stay apart for long, discusses long-term goals, and includes you in his plans.
signs he wants to marry you_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Are you wondering if he wants to marry you? Are you confused with all his signs? Look out for these 30 signs to find out if he loves you and wants to take the next step!

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