15+ Telltale Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Has a man caught your attention? And you might want to know the signs he wants you to notice him. Most people use non-verbal cues to express their interest, especially in the initial stages of a romantic relationship. They are often so subtle that you fail to decipher them. It can be difficult to understand a man’s love language when he wants your attention. However, you can look out for specific signs that a guy is interested in you and wants you to notice him. Read this post to find out.

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15+ Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

1. He dresses smartly

Women, like men, are visual creatures. A man’s clothing can attract a woman’s attention. When he dresses to impress you, he is more likely to choose clothes that look appealing. If he knows he will be meeting you, he will aim to look his best. And when he knows what style or color you prefer, he could even adjust his appearance, just for you.

2. He speaks louder than usual

Some guys enjoy strutting their stuff. If you notice his voice becoming noticeably louder when you approach, it could be one of the signs he wants your attention. His shyness may keep him from talking directly to you, but he wants you to hear everything he says. Whenever he speaks, he tries to sound smart or funny. He wants you to be aware of his presence throughout the conversation and get your attention.

3. He holds your gaze

He holds your gaze so you notice him

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When a guy makes a lot of eye contact, it’s one of the telltale signs he’s trying to get your attention. He looks you in the eyes and tries to make a deep connection with you. For instance, he could flash you flirty glances across the room or he may try to hold your gaze for a few seconds longer than usual to enhance the tension and playfulness.

protip_icon Point to consider
If a man is not so active on social media but comments on all your photos and is prompt in responding to your texts, it might mean that he is interested in you.

4. He leans forward

When a guy wants you to notice him, he leans forward toward you. It can be either subtle or overtly “in your face.” It could be his way of signaling that he wants to be closer to you. Furthermore, his feet will be more pointed toward you when standing, and his face will be square onto yours.

5. He is everywhere

Does he find any excuse to be near you at all times? When you see him hanging out at your favorite coffee shop or popping up at your desk, he might want you to notice him. While you may think these are random encounters or coincidences, he makes it a point to bump into you all the time to build rapport.

6. He helps you

He helps you so you notice him

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When he tries to help you, you can tell if he’s trying to get your attention. For example, he will listen to your personal or professional problems. He will always be available to help you fix laptop glitches or move your belongings to a new location. If he is willing to help without expecting anything in return, he wants you to feel special and notice his gestures.

7. He smells good

There is something delightful about a fine-smelling man. You instantly feel good and refreshed. While attraction for men is often driven by what they see, the attraction for women seems to be driven by scent. He knows that scent can play a big role in grabbing your attention and making you weak at the knees. Therefore, he may wear your favorite perfume or cologne, so he will not only smell fresh and clean but also get your interest.

8. He learns about you

There is no end to his curiosity in matters that concern you. If he gets to know you share the same interests, he might try to grab your attention. For example, if he knows you like dancing, rock climbing, or cycling, he may participate in these activities to create a connection. Moreover, he might avoid topics that you dislike.

protip_icon Did you know?
It is often said that when a man likes a woman, he tells his friends about her. If his friends start looking and smiling at you when you enter a room, it is one of the signs that he is into you.

9. He uses the laughter ‘mantra’

He makes you laugh

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He understands that the secret ‘mantra’ for attracting a girl’s attention is to make her laugh. So when he wants you to notice him, he tries to be funny and endearing by adding a touch of humor.

10. He teases you

Teasing is a flirtatious tactic. There’s a good chance he is attracted to you if you are the only girl he teases or tries to be around. He may even notice and comment when you get dressed up or get a new haircut.

11. He texts you, orbits your social media

When he texts or calls you frequently, it is a sign that shows he likes you and wants you to notice him. Alternatively, he may circle your social media accounts in an attempt to catch your attention. If he follows you on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat and sends you pictures or anything else via social media, he is showing his intention.

12. He flaunts his physique

He flaunts his physique, sign he wants you to notice him

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Does he show off when he hits the gym and send pictures of his rippling muscles and abs? Perhaps he would allow you to squeeze his biceps with a compliment or may puff up and keep his body stiff in an attempt to impress you and draw your attention. While he lavishes you with compliments every time he sees you, he might expect the same in return.

protip_icon Quick tip
If a man likes you, he might invite you to the places he frequents so that he gets to spend more time with you.

13. He keeps the conversation going

He will seize the opportunity to talk to you and figure out how to engage in your conversations when he wants you to see him. He would bring up topics that will pique your interest. In addition, he would like to send text messages even at odd hours to keep conversing. You can consider his persistence as a sign of interest in you.

14. He showers gifts

It could be as simple as paying for your meal or buying coffee, flowers, or a gift. Giving gifts could be a way for him to get your attention if your relationship isn’t yet serious, or he wants to show how much he adores you.

15. He mirrors your body language

Mimicing your movements reflects his interest in you

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Does he mirror your behavior or body language? For example, if you lean forward, he may do the same. If you cross your arms, he may cross them as well, or if you place your hands on your hips, he may mimic your movements. Play around with this a little by changing your position and see if his position changes. It reflects his interest in you.

16. He gets jealous

If a guy shows signs of jealousy, it could indicate that he has feelings for you and wants you to notice him. Jealousy often stems from the fear of losing someone’s attention and affection to someone else. His jealousy may get triggered when he sees you interacting with others or being friendly with someone new. This emotional response could indicate that he cares about your connection and wants you to be aware of his presence and feelings. However, it is important to approach these situations sensibly. If his behavior bothers you, have open communication to better understand his emotions and intentions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for a guy to know he is interested in someone?

There is no specific time when a guy will realize he is interested in you. It could take moments, days, months, or even years. While it is widely assumed that men fall in love instantly, recognizing that she is “the girl” for him may take a little longer.

2. Do guys smile when they like someone?

Yes. Some guys are not expressive and do not smile often or with anyone. However, if he likes you, you will notice him smiling a lot around you. His smiles become more frequent when you are nearby. He even blushes when you are around because he cannot contain the excitement of seeing you.

3. How do you test if a guy likes you?

One way to test a guy’s feelings for you is to give him a seemingly impossible task. If he goes out of his way and completes it, then know that he really likes you. For instance, tell him how badly you want a signed copy of a book or a CD but do not know how to get it. If he somehow manages to get it for you, then know he is into you. Even if he fails, his attempt at the challenging task should clearly show his feelings for you.

Some guys may take their time to express their interest in you openly. Meanwhile, you may look for the signs he wants you to notice him. The lingering look, the slight blush, and the frequent jokes to make you laugh are indications of his interest in you. Additionally, being presentable when around you, gifting, and flirting clearly show his liking for you. This list of cues may help you understand whether or not he wants your attention. If you observe him for quite a long while and seem to be sure, you may proceed to talk to him directly.

Infographic: Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Remember when you feel like he may be trying to get your attention, but you don’t want to assume because it can be embarrassing? This infographic is to help you cure your curiosity in such situations and find out if his gestures mean he wants you to notice him. Dive in and check out the most obvious signs.

signs he wants you to notice him (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Doubting whether or not he likes you and wants your attention is a common thought while seeing someone.
  • Do not take too much time waiting for him to approach you if you are already sure.
  • Texting you, flirting with you, and being everywhere around you are a few signs he wants you.
signs he wants you to notice him_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

He’s always around, trying to make you laugh, and always looking for ways to get your attention. Could it be that he’s trying to tell you something? Discover the signs to know if he wants you to notice him.

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