31 Signs You Will Never Get Married

Marriage is not necessarily meant for everyone. Are there signs you will never get married? As people get older, they reach certain milestones in their lives, including completing education, receiving a degree, getting a job, finding a partner, getting married, starting a family, retiring, and enjoying the rest of their retirement lives. But is it mandatory for everyone to follow the set milestones? What if you don’t want to get married? What if you want to remain single for the rest of your life? Could the remainder of your life still be happy and productive? Read on to know about some signs that you will never get married.

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31 Signs You Will Never Get Married

Marriage is a life-changing decision, and it is natural to feel unsure about it. It is a preference that should not be forced upon anyone. Here are some signs you don’t want to get married.

1.You don’t understand the purpose of marriage

You have found the love of your life and are living happily with them. Everything is smooth, and you do not see the need for marriage in your life. For you, happiness is all that matters and marriage is an unnecessary complication.

2. You have not seen a happy marriage

You have witnessed failed marriages

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You have witnessed failed marriages, so the importance of marriage is lost for you. You feel marriage is not a means to achieve fulfillment in life. Or you have seen someone in a bad marriage, which made you feel that it makes no difference to a couple.

Gal Mux, a blogger, expresses their aversion to marriage, partly influenced by global numbers of failed marriages. Mux writes, “I am not being pessimistic and dooming any marriage I would get into would be a failure. I just feel that statistics can tell us that in our times, marriage — at least in its traditional form is probably not the best way to share a life with someone. There could be other arrangements, such as domestic partnerships or cohabitation agreements, that could be better suited. Because marriages fail so much and I know I wouldn’t have the patience to stick around and attempt to fix one that no longer gives me joy, marriage is a pass for me (i).”

3. You think you can never afford to get married

An engagement or a wedding are both expensive affairs. A single-day celebration can cost you the savings of a lifetime. You feel you can use that money for an exotic vacation or to buy a house for yourself.

4. You are happy with yourself

Loneliness does not concern you. Some people enjoy their own company. You may be an introvert who is not interested in companionship, so marriage has no place in your life.

protip_icon Did you know?
Men outnumber women in being unmarried. The ratio of unmarried men to women is 125:100 (1).

5. You fear commitment

You are a loyal partner, but the idea of committing to one person scares you. You value your independence. You are commitment-phobic, and marriage means loss of freedom, so marriage is not up to your alley.

6. You are unsure of your current partner

You are happy and content with your partner. However, if you haven’t been with them for long or are unsure of your compatibility with them, you may hesitate to get married. If you are not confident about spending a lifetime with your partner, you may not want to marry.

7. You are not at that stage

You are at the stage of your life where your career takes precedence over everything else. You are ambitious and wish to achieve certain things in life before settling down. You are unwilling to compromise and may even be unsure about getting married in the future.

8. You are accustomed to singledom

You are accustomed to singledom

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Over the years, you have developed a way of living that you love and cherish. You are on a path of self-discovery. Getting married would mean changing all that is set and making adjustments for a new person. And this idea does not appeal to you.

9. You haven’t found love

Marriage is often the next stage after falling in love and dating. But you haven’t reached the first step of love. Perhaps no one has been able to meet your expectations yet. And marriage is meaningless without love.

10.You don’t want to be answerable

You loathe the fact that being married requires you to be answerable to your spouse. You need to make decisions by consulting them, and you do not want this for yourself.

11.You are not into following traditions

Marriage means a change of name, vows of loyalty, leaving your home, and compromising at times. You do not vibe with these traditional practices and hence are not keen on marriage.

12.You feel overwhelmed being the center of attention

During your wedding, people will be there to see you. But if you suffer from social anxiety, then having a marriage in front of people may not be your thing. It could be an uncommon reason for not desiring to marry.

13.You do not want children

Raising children is not easy and also not for everyone. And marriage typically raises hope in a spouse to start a family. But, since you are not keen on having children, marriage seems unappealing to you.

14.You have been hurt in the past

You have been in bad relationships in the past that have made you opposed to long-term relationships. Bad experiences in the past have planted the seed of insecurity in you and you fear being stuck in a bad marriage.

15.You are a traveling enthusiast

You work only to explore the world in your free time. If traveling is a priority, you may feel marriage might shackle you down with responsibilities.

16.You prefer casual dating

Sign you will never get married

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You feel you get bored of a relationship too easily and prefer being in the casual dating game. You like the adventure of dating more than a serious commitment.

protip_icon Point to consider
Many people nowadays opt for polygamy and open marriages. You can be in a non-monogamous relationship with the consent of the persons involved.

17.You are unable to trust anyone

Some bad past experiences have made you suspicious, and you find it difficult to let your guard down. You doubt the intention of people who show romantic interest in you. Marriage is pointless if you cannot trust your spouse.

18.You are afraid your partner will change

You may be in a romantic live-in relationship, but it is true that marriage does change people. You are scared of how marriage might change your partner, and hence you want to avoid it completely.

19.You are involved in too many things

Apart from your regular work, you are involved in several other activities that you enjoy doing. You are also working on self-love and self-improvement. Getting married may limit your time for these activities, so you might not be interested in marriage.

20.You fear you might suffer in marriage

There are a ton of marriage jokes available online that many couples relate to. After reading those jokes, you feel marriage entails sacrifices and suffering and hence you are averse to the idea of it.

21.You are in an unstable relationship

You are in an unstable relationship

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You and your partner have been together for a long time but you still lack the stability that you need in a relationship. This has made you wary of getting hitched.

22.You do not approve of monogamy

Marriage means staying loyal to one partner. If loyalty does not come easily to you, then marriage may not lure you unless you find a partner willing to have an open marriage with you.

23.You do not need a partner

You have everything you need in life, and there is no need that a partner can fulfill. Also, you may have extremely high standards that no one has ever been able to match up to. Hence, you do not understand the need for commitment and marriage.

protip_icon Did you know?
There are aromantic and asexual people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. They might actively avoid romantic relationships and choose to remain unmarried.

24.You fear taking a risk

No matter how much you love your partner, there is no guarantee that your marriage will be successful. And you are averse to taking risks, so marriage is a no-no for you.

25.You do not believe in ‘one true love’

You are despising romance with a vengeance and steer away from anything that involves love and relationship. Even the idea of ‘true love’ makes you cringe. For you, marriage is unwanted.

26.You feel you may not make a good spouse

When you marry someone, you promise to stay by their side during good and bad times. You feel you do not have it in you to tend to another person when they are ill, making you a bad spouse.

27.You want to avoid the drama

In a marriage, fights and arguments are inevitable and completely normal. But if communication is not your strength and you are afraid of verbal spats, then it is natural that you want to stay away from marriage.

28.You do not want complications in life

When you are dating, you can easily walk out of the relationship with no complications. But in marriage, separation involves legal formalities and expenditure, which you wish to avoid.

29.You have family responsibilities

If you come from a humble background and are responsible for your younger family members, you might avoid marriage, thinking you might not be able to manage both families.

30.You enjoy having a social life

You enjoy having a social life

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When you are single, you can have a happening social life. But after marriage, you may have to spend more time looking after your family, which can make you run away from the concept of marriage.

protip_icon Trivia
Some famous personalities, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Nicola Tesla, Jane Austen, Queen Elizabeth I, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Florence Nightingale, were never married.

31.You are close to your family

You have a great family who makes you happy and loves you, too. You do not wish to change the dynamics of your family and wish to avoid marriage.

Possible Benefits Of Not Getting Married

In a world where getting married and leading a conventional life is often seen as the norm, many couples choose not to get married for various reasons.

1. You can prioritize your needs

If you like the freedom of prioritizing your desires and aspirations without the responsibilities and compromises that come with marriage, you may embrace a life without getting married by centering around your personal goals and growth.

2. You can avoid financial complications

Marriage comes with financial responsibilities, including taking care of each other’s finances. If one is not able to manage, the other is required to lend a helping hand. On the other hand, if you do not wish to participate in such a financial arrangement, you may choose not to marry and have complete control over your money.

3. You can live your desired social life

You may have to adjust to your social life at times when you are married. But if you do not want to make compromises, then not getting married can be ideal. Your social choices are entirely yours to make, bringing you the freedom to enjoy life without any constraints.

Coping With Social Norms About Marriage

You may feel the pressure to get married when surrounded by friends and relatives who have tied the knot. However, do not worry, as you are not alone. Marriage is a personal choice, and you don’t have to give in to societal expectations and cultural pressures. Here are some tips for coping with social norms about marriage:

  • Focus on communication: Communicate your thoughts and feelings about marriage openly with your family members. Clear and honest communication will help them understand your perspectives.
  • Set boundaries: Establish boundaries with family, friends, and society. Ask them to respect your choices and decisions and firmly stick to your boundaries.
  • Define your priorities: Have clarity on your own values, priorities, and expectations regarding marriage. Understanding what matters to you personally can help you make the right decisions.
  • Seek support: Surround yourself with individuals who respect and support your choices. Seek advice and guidance from friends, family members, or support groups who understand and appreciate your perspectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it normal to never get married?

Yes, it is normal if you never want to get married. While society may raise an eyebrow at this decision, you don’t need to explain your choices or justify your decision to the world. However, because this is a significant life decision, you should put enough thought into it. You may even seek help from your family or close friends.

2. What is someone who never gets married called?

A man who never gets married is called a bachelor, and a woman who never gets married is called a spinster.

3. How common is it to never get married?

The number of people not getting married is on the rise. It may be attributed to recession, pandemic, or other financial issues. Research suggests that about one in four of today’s young adults in the US may never marry if the current marriage trends continue (1) (2) .

4. Is marriage necessary in life?

Marriage may have several advantages, such as a sense of stability, security, feelings of love, compassion, and parenting. However, it is not necessary to marry to lead a quality life. As all relationships are not equally rewarding, being unmarried doesn’t mean solitude, depression, or being socially aloof.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that everyone may not be prepared for. If you relate to any of these signs that you will never get married, it may be best to convey your intentions and desires to your family. The choice to remain unmarried should not cause shame or worry. It is a personal choice that should be respected by those near and dear to you. Hence, live as you want to without the pressure of society to lead a happy and content life.

Infographic: What To Do If You Never Want To Get Married?

If the above signs accurately portray your feelings, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t let your different take on marriage make you anxious. If you have decided not to get married but are scared about the future, this infographic will help you accept your feelings and live an unapologetic life.

what to do if you never want to get married (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Marriage is considered one of the most significant milestones in life.
  • Being happy with yourself and feeling that you are not yet ready for a lifelong commitment are signs that you might never get married.
  • Not wanting complications, avoiding family drama, and several other signs as you scroll down.

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