How Do You Know When You Love Someone: 30 Sure Signs

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You feel ticklish and keep thinking about the person you met. Is it love or just infatuation? Knowing the signs you are falling in love could help you understand your situation better. There is a thin line between attraction and falling in love that you should know before taking any step further. Knowing where you are before expressing your feelings; otherwise, you may regret it later. Read our post to understand whether your feelings are love or a mere crush.

How Do You Know When You Love Someone: 29 Sure Signs

1. You are eager to know about them

When you like someone, your interest in knowing more about their life will become your prime agenda. You may constantly observe their gestures, features, moves, and how they talk to find everything fascinating. Your sudden interest in them could mean that you are falling in love.

2. You think about them

No matter how hard you try to concentrate on other things in your life, you may be thinking about them and building castles of your future together. You may keep replaying your conversations with them or read their messages repeatedly. It shows you are attracted to them.

3. You prioritize them

If you find yourself planning your schedule to spare time for someone, then you are probably in love with them. Your chores, plans, and all that you do may seem to be revolving around them, and that could be because you are falling in love.

4. You want to spend time with them

When in love, they will be the first one to pop into your mind when you think of having dinner, watching a movie, or planning a trip. All that you want to do is spend time with them, and you would not mind doing something that you do not enjoy just so that you could be with them.

5. You grow emotionally dependent

You may find yourself feeling jealous of others who get close to the person you like. Possessiveness, fear of rejection, or separation anxiety could be a few of the many things that you may experience, and it could be because you started falling for them.

6. You wish to see them happy

Do you find yourself focusing on them? For example, you help, support, and understand their needs. Their happiness becomes your priority, and you would do everything in your power to contribute towards their happiness. It could be a sign that you are in love.

7. You feel excited

Suddenly, you may want to try new things and experiment with your taste, choices, and experiences. You would want love to explore new arenas with that special someone. Your love for them could be evident through the ways you expand your horizons.

8. You share their pain

Falling in love makes you feel their pain, and you empathize with them. If they are sad, you feel down, and when they are happy, your day goes well.

9. You like their smell

When you like someone, you are attracted to their pheromones. If you like sniffing their shirt or getting close to them even when they are sweaty or tired, you are likely to be in love with them.

10. You watch them sleep

They look innocent and cute to you when asleep, and you enjoy watching them from a distance. You behold the sight of their snuggly and cozy sleeping style and it could mean that you are in love.

11. You motivate them

Your care for someone and the urge to encourage them to overcome a challenge or grow in life could be a sign of love. The concern and care for a loved one come naturally to you. You might not be pushy, but you would want them to achieve their dreams and goals.

12. You envision the future with them

When you are falling in love, you would want to know more about their plans. For example, where they would study, work, and settle down. What they want from life might suddenly become important for you, and their inputs for your career may also seem vital.

13. You accept their imperfections

Everyone has flaws, but the one you probably fall in love with will seem right for you. You wouldn’t mind accepting their shortcomings and receiving them as they are.

14. You keep staring

Your admiration for an individual may often lead you to constantly stare at them even when you know they are aware of your behavior. Even when they notice and make eye contact, you keep gazing from a distance and this irresistible need to keep looking at them could be love.

15. You are constantly on your phone

Eagerly waiting for a text, smiling all the time while reading their messages, and analyzing every reply of theirs are all signs that you are in love. You keep waiting for the messages and want to be available whenever they message. This inevitable urge to keep talking or messaging could be love.

16. You enjoy love songs

All the feel-good hormones such as dopamine and adrenaline are at their peak when you fall in love. In such a happy state of mind, you might find yourself singing love songs all day or turning the volume up when a beautiful love song comes on the radio. You enjoy humming to them, and the sheer joy that you experience while doing so could be love.

17. You are optimistic

You are unusually energetic and positive all the time. Your life suddenly seems beautiful, and you take everything that comes with zest and optimism. The dopamine that hits you while remembering them or the things you do with them gives you an optimistic view of things. If you notice this change in your life, you probably have fallen for them.

18. You care what their friends think about you

If you see yourself going out of your way to please their friends and make plans to hang out as a group, it could be to grab their attention. What your partner’s friends think about you and how you bond with them becomes important to you because of your feelings for them.

19. You get nervous around them

Your heart starts racing, and you feel butterflies in your stomach when you talk to them, and you find yourself aware of your partner’s proximity. Despite being together for some time, if the person still makes you nervous, you are probably attracted to them.

20. You care about their opinions

What your partner thinks about you becomes of prime importance when you are in love. You would try and find out if they have feelings for you.

21. You get chatty about them

If you are in love, you cannot stop talking about that special person. You keep mentioning them to everyone around you and bring them up in every conversation.

22. You miss them

When you are away from them, you crave their presence and constantly miss them. You might not enjoy the alone time because you wish they were with you.

23. You crave physical intimacy

When you are attracted to someone, your oxytocin acts up. You might feel physically drawn to them, and their mere touch might give you jitters. You would want to hug or kiss them often and enjoy the closeness too.

24. You want to say you love them

Do you constantly feel the urge to say I love you? Experiencing the need to share your feelings, especially love, is an evident way of knowing that you love them.

25. You feel safe with them

Your vulnerability in the presence of a special person is usually because you love them. You tend to put your guards down when you love someone and feel the warmth and safety in their presence.

26. You make sacrifices for them

Your love for that special someone often compels you to give up your preferences to make them happy. You agree upon giving up something you like because they are above everything for you.

27. You lose appetite and sleep

When you are in love, you may tend to eat less due to oxytocin. Your sleep cycle could also be distorted with constant thoughts.

28. You are conscious about yourself

When you are around someone you love, you want to look your best. If you find yourself dressing up for even a brief meeting with your special one, you could be in love.

29. They are your go-to person

Everything that you wish to share about your life, you do it with them. Any news that you want to break or anything significant that happens in your life, you want them to know about it first. You always want them to be your number one, and this is a sign that you might be falling in love.

Knowing what you feel could allow you to make your relationship with your partner stronger and healthier. If you fall in love, you experience several things at once, and identifying them becomes important.

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