35 Subtle Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

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You may have a female friend who is your go-to person for every small or big thing in your life. However, with time, the dynamics between the two of you can change, and you may wonder if you are noticing signs she likes you more than a friend. It may be a tricky situation, and knowing about her feelings is also essential as it plays a key role in deciding the future course of your relationship. Moreover, a wrong move can ruin your current equation. You may not want to lose a person who always lends a sympathetic ear or gives you good advice. Read this post as we tell you about the possible signs she may show if she also reciprocates your feelings and likes you more than a friend.

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35 Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

If a woman likes you more than a friend, she will consciously and unconsciously give you some hints. Here are a few signs that will tell you if she is interested in you romantically.

1. She flirts with you

Flirting could mean she likes you more than a friend

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You find yourself at the receiving end of her beautiful compliments. She sends you flirtatious texts, and more often than not, you have caught her checking you out. She playfully hits on you and comes up with cute nicknames for you. Teasing and making you laugh becomes her favorite pass time, and she regularly seeks your approval about her appearance. If you notice these strong signs of attraction, know that she wants to be more than friends with you.

2. She starts taking an interest in your life

She wants to know about your dreams and aspirations along with the little things, such as your favorite holiday destination, favorite food, favorite movie, hobbies, and your childhood stories. She is also curious about your past relationships. All these give a subtle hint that she is interested in your love life.

3. She finds opportunities to touch you

When you like someone, you want to get physically closer to them. If she likes you, she will try to touch you more often. Notice her acts of intimacy, if she is trying to touch your hand, shoulder, or thighs when speaking. If you are sitting next to each other, she might move closer to you or try to lean on you. She may tap on your shoulder to gain your attention instead of calling out your name. Such gestures of endearment are good indicators that she likes you more than a friend.

4. She mirrors your body postures

A person’s body language can tell you a lot about their feelings for you. If she likes you, she will mirror your body language. Observe if she imitates your postures and gestures. She may unconsciously align her body (feet and torso) towards you, indicating she is attracted to you.

5. She communicates her feelings through body language

Does her smile become more pronounced when she sees you? Have you caught her blushing and looking away when you look at her? Does she unconsciously play with her hair and twirl it around her finger when you are around? If you notice these subtle signs, know that she is into you.

6. She smiles more when you are around

Being with you makes her happy, and it shows on her face. She has a wide grin every time she sees you. While she smiles at others, too, the way she smiles at you is different. If you notice a sweet, genuine shy smile that lights up her face, it is an indicator that she finds you special.

protip_icon Do remember
Sometimes you may misconstrue her friendliness as romantic hints. So, get clarity on her feelings and relationship status before drawing conclusions.

7. She doesn’t like to see you with other women

Seeing you with other women makes her jealous

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It’s natural to be possessive about someone whom you consider more than a friend. If she is attracted to you, she will not be happy to see other women getting close to you. You would sense her displeasure when you speak to her about other women. She might also try to deter you from taking an active interest in them. If she sees you talking to another woman, she might try to intervene and pull you away, which is an expression of her sentiments for you.

While she may not like to see you live in amity with other women, she would want to know your feelings about them. It is an indirect way to figure out your feelings for her. However, it is not healthy because you may start thinking about another girl because of her constant references.

8. She is up-to-date about all your social media posts

Earlier she used to like and comment on your posts and pictures. But now, you notice her actively being a part of your social media handles. You find her liking your old photos and posts, too. She even tags you in flirty, cute, or romantic memes. She posts statuses, pictures, and stories about the two of you quite often. All these actions show that she likes you more than a friend.

9. She contacts you more often than before

Is your phone filled with her calls and messages? She calls you at odd hours and often over minor things. You wake up to her message in the morning, and it is her message you last see before going to bed. She tries to make you feel special by checking if you have eaten or reached home safe. If you observe these classic signs, know that she likes you more than a friend.

10. She finds time to meet you

Are you both meeting more often these days? You find her dropping by your place without notice or texting you to meet. Even if she has a busy day, she always finds time for you. She prioritizes meeting you over spending time with her friends. While friends delight in catching up now and then, wanting to spend most of the time with one person indicates that she wants more than friendship.

11. She seems interested in your family

Your family suddenly becomes one of her favorite topics of discussion. She wants to know all about them, their interests, professions, birthdays, and anniversaries. She shows enthusiasm to meet your parents and siblings and gives you hints to take her for lunch or dinner. At times, you might forget your parents’ birthdays and anniversaries, but she will not and even helps you choose a gift for them. If she is putting effort into knowing your family, it is a sign she wants more from you.

12. She shares everything with her friends

Women generally share their deepest secrets with their close friends. If she is romantically interested in you, her close friends know about it. They may also try to play cupid if she is shy to reveal. If you notice her friends acting funny around you, teasing you, or deliberately leaving you two alone, it is most likely that she has romantic feelings for you.

13. She keeps staring at you

You notice her staring at you with a dreamy expression, and the moment you look at her, she looks away and turns nervous. It happens when she is attracted to you but is too shy to express it. On the other hand, if she is sure of her feelings for you and wants to know the same, she will maintain eye contact and smile when you look at her.

14. She dresses up more than usual

She dresses consciously when meeting you

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Earlier, she met you in casual attire, but now she has started dressing up more than usual. You find her dressed up in all the attractive clothes and even with more makeup than before. She wants to look the best in front of you with a glowing face, dewy and plump lips, and highlighted eyes. These gestures show she has feelings for you.

15. She laughs at your silliest jokes

You are not the funniest person, but she laughs at your lame jokes and calls you hilarious. Making her laugh has become easy for you. If she is laughing at your jokes that are not funny, then there is a big chance she likes you more than a friend and is trying to make you happy.

16. She tries to make you jealous

She has started asking you for dating advice and teases you by asking your opinion about other guys. You notice her praising other guys in front of you. It is a reverse psychology technique to know what you feel for her. Making you jealous is a simple way to get you to open up. So, if you have feelings for her, too, it would be an excellent time to convey them.

17. She is jumpy around you

She is your good buddy, but recently she has started acting unusual around you. She becomes red when you praise her and may find it hard to keep the jubilance off her face. She giggles nervously, drops things, crashes into walls, or stumbles while walking whenever you look or smile at her. Earlier she used to speak anything with you, but now she has become cautious. Such changes are hints that she has feelings for you.

18. She wants to be alone with you

She finds ways to spend time with you. Even with a group of friends, she makes excuses to be with you. From small chores, like grocery shopping to holiday trips, she wants to accompany you. She asks for your help in trivial things to spend more alone time with you. All these apparent signs indicate that she gives some serious consideration to you and views you more than a friend and likes your company.

19. She notices everything about you

She keeps an eye out for every little detail about you. If you have worn new clothes or shoes, got a new watch, changed your hairstyle, trimmed your beard, or worn a new perfume, she will be the first to notice. She will comment and compliment you if she has feelings for you.

20. She supports you

In every up and down in life, you always find her by your side supporting you. Be it a fight with your friends or family, a bad day at work, or you are unwell, she will support you, cheer you up, and show her compassion. She can take on the world for you and is not afraid to show her ardor.

21. She gives you special treatment

She prioritizes being with you

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Observe how she behaves with other guys and with you. It is the best way to know if she considers you special. Does she prioritize you over everyone else? Does she sit closer to you? If the answers to the above questions are yes, it is an obvious sign that she considers you more than a friend.

22. She frequently utters your name

Lately, you notice her taking your name a lot, even in cases where she doesn’t have to. You hear your name a lot when she speaks to your friends, too. When you like someone a lot, their name plays in your head, so you tend to use it in your conversation. It shows she is thinking about you a lot and is interested in being more than a friend.

23. She plays hard to get

One day she showers all her attention on you and bombards your phone with calls and messages. The other day there is radio silence from her side. You are left wondering if you have done something wrong. She sometimes gets angry and upset over silly things and then stops talking for a while. Her extreme behavior may confuse you. She is most likely trying to draw your attention, which is a strong indicator she wants you to be more than a friend.

24. She bares her heart to you

You have seen her most vulnerable side. She shares her deepest secrets with you without any reservations. You are her go-to person for any issues in her life. She values your opinions and regularly asks for your advice. It means she trusts you and wants to rely on you.

protip_icon Did you know?
A woman is more attracted to a man if she’s unclear about his feelings for her (2).

25. She introduces you to her friends

If she has to meet her friends, she may take you along. She’ll introduce you to her friends and colleagues and brag about your qualities and achievements. Women want their friends to know that they have found a special someone. If she is showing you off to her friends, she likely sees you as more than a friend.

26. She tends to have dilated pupils

When you are romantically attracted to someone, your pupils dilate (1). If you notice her pupil size growing every time you speak to her, she likes you. But other factors like changes in light, excessive alcohol or drug use, or eye injury can also cause dilation in pupils. Make sure you notice this happening every time you meet before coming to any conclusion.

27. She wants to be the center of your attention

She tries to grab all your attention every time you meet by touching you, complimenting you, and giving you “come hither” looks. Even when you are socializing with a group of friends, she tries to seek your attention by striking a private conversation with you. When you like a person, you want to be at the center of their attention. If you notice her trying these tactics, she may have romantic feelings and be in awe of you.

28. She never cracks jokes at your expense

She may crack jokes and playfully tease you, but she will not make jokes at your expense. Even if your friends tease you, she will try to divert the topic or discourage them from laughing at you.

29. She takes interests in your interests

You notice her ordering or cooking your favorite food. She has started finding enjoyment in the music you like and wants to talk about your favorite movie. The girl who never watched any soccer may want to watch a game with you. If you find your female friend taking an active interest in the things you like, she might be trying to impress you and gain brownie points.

30. She talks different around you

Women tend to be more feminine around the men they like. If she harbors a fondness for you, her voice will become softer when she speaks to you. However, some women have naturally soft and high-pitched voices, so pay attention when speaking with you or other people. If her voice changes, it is highly likely she has feelings for you.

31. She never fails to impress you

She indirectly tells you about her qualifications, achievements, and other good qualities. She even highlights common interests between you two. If you told her about your favorite book, she reads it and discusses the trivia with you. She wastes no opportunity to show her sense of humor and shower you with adulation. That’s because we generally want to present our best version to the person we are attracted to.

32. She remembers every conversation with you

She remembers every little detail, incident, and story you have ever told her. Sometimes, she may surprise you with the depth of details. You might forget about a particular incident, but she gently reminds you. When we like someone, we fondly remember the tiniest details about them. So, if she remembers every conversation with you, then she probably likes you.

33. She cares a lot about you

She takes care of you when you are sick

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While friends care about each other, you notice her concern for you has intensified. If you are sick, she frequently calls and texts to know how you are. She may drop in at your place with soup and take care of you.

34. She hints towards the possibility of a relationship

If your female friend likes you, she may try to pitch the two of you together indirectly or jokingly to check your reaction. She might tell you things like”

  • “Doesn’t it feel like we are dating since we are together all the time?”
  • “We know so much about each other, imagine what an amazing couple we would make!”
  • “Even couples don’t share the kind of chemistry we have.”

Such statements indicate that she is falling for you and wants to see if you feel the same way.

35. She asks open-ended questions

She tries to engage in deep conversations with you by asking open-ended questions. She puts in a genuine effort to know more about you and understand your opinions about various aspects of life. Rather than asking basic queries like, “Did you have a good day?” she opts for more insightful ones such as, “What was the best part of your day?” These thought-provoking questions promote more profound conversations, showcasing her curiosity about your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. She also shows enthusiasm when you share something with her. Her commitment to keep the conversation going showcases a sincere interest in strengthening your connection by eliciting more detailed responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a girl like you but not show it?

Yes. A girl may like you and hesitate to show it for various reasons. She could be shy, doesn’t want to rush into a relationship, or fears being hurt or rejected.

2. What to do when your girl best friend likes you?

If your best friend likes you, do not avoid the situation. Think and be clear about what you want to do and communicate the same with her. If you don’t want her to move towards you, politely tell her you don’t have those feelings for her or are seeing someone else. Be honest and don’t worsen the situation by giving her mixed signals.

3. How do you test if a girl likes you through text?

Text her you are sick and see how she cares for you. If she is worried and constantly texts you to see if you are feeling better, she is into you. Alternatively, you can pick a fight with her and notice how she reacts to it. She may not have feelings for you if she keeps the grudge and avoids you. If she apologizes and initiates reconciliation, chances are she truly likes you.

Sometimes the signs that a girl likes you more than just a friend may be very easy to follow up with, whereas the other times, it may be difficult to understand them. With the help of the information given above in this post, it will be easier for you to learn about these signs she likes you more than a friend and respects you. Furthermore, if you have been equally interested in her, it is important for you to understand what she thinks about you. Thus, this post will help you in noticing some of the most evident signs of her affection and admiration for you.

Infographic: How To Behave Around A Girl Who Secretly Likes You

Having a friend as your secret admirer can be tricky. You wouldn’t want to make any wrong moves that may disrupt your amazing dynamics. So if the above signs accurately portray your friend’s behavior, this infographic will help you navigate through this new development in your friendship without ruining it.

how to behave around a girl who secretly likes you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • The dynamics between you and your female friend might take a turn towards love without you even realizing it.
  • Taking an interest in your life, wanting to spend time with you, and communicating about her feelings are some hints to pick up.
  • Keep observing such signs to get clarity on her intentions for you.
signs she like you more than a friend_illustration

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Discover the subtle signs and behaviors that indicate a girl’s romantic interest and discover how to correctly determine her level of attraction.


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1. Rieger G, Savin-Williams R C; The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns; National Institutes of Health (2012)
2. “He loves me, he loves me not . . . ”: Uncertainty can increase romantic attraction.; University of Virginia

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