17 Signs She Loves You

You have been seeing this beautiful girl, and the time you spent together was magical. While you are confident that she has feelings for you, you want to confirm it to make the next move. If you are looking for signs she loves you, we have got you covered.

Love happens in the strangest ways. You fall in love with someone for varied reasons. While many keep their love to themselves, others fight for it and succeed. A girl may not openly confess her love and affection to you. However, she gives some subtle signs and expects you to make the big move. Many men fail to pick up these hints and end up killing the attraction. We bring you telltale signs that a girl loves you in this post.

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17 Signs That She Is In Love With You

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You could be fascinated by her. And she may be really nice to you. But how do you know if there is love and adoration hidden behind her niceties? Well, look out for these signs that suggest that your lady is in love with you.

1. She looks at you most of the times

Does she stare at you and smile even when you are busy working and not paying her any attention? Or is there a tenderness in her eyes whenever your eyes meet, and you smile at each other? Well, these are subtle signs that reflect her interests in you. Eye contact shows how much a person is interested in or attracted to you.

2. She always encourages you

Great. Perfect. Go for it!

Does the person you are attracted to encourage you with such positive words? Is she willing to join you for an activity, even though she isn’t least interested in it? If yes, she probably cares about you. Only loved ones will give you utmost support and devotion for your passions and interests. If she motivates and supports you with fervor, it means she wants to see you happy.

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If she’s really into you, she will keep following you with your tasks to feel closer to you.

3. She’s concerned about you

A person who loves you gets worried when you are in trouble. She will come forward to help you and cheer you up. If you notice her always on your side, especially when you need someone to talk to, then you can feel lucky. That’s one of the signs that she loves you deeply.

4. She enjoys being with you

She enjoys being with you

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When you’re still getting to know each other, you will probably hang out with all your friends. But if she dodges those group outings and expresses a longing for an activity that allows you both to spend quality time together, it means she sees you as more than just a friend.

When she is interested in you, she will find excuses to be with you in every possible way. She may ask you to join her for shopping, to a movie, or to help you with household chores. Don’t miss such signs that indicate her fondness for you.

5. She gets possessive 

Does she get angry or distant when you talk to another person? Does she ask questions or get sarcastic when you go out with another woman? If she does, she is probably jealous. She doesn’t want to see you with someone else and wants all of you to herself. While jealousy is not always a good trait, this solicitude is an indication that she really loves you.

6. She smiles when you are around

A smile is a welcoming gesture, and the first step in initiating a conversation. A smile also suggests that she is happy when you are around. If you notice her grinning every time she looks at you, then it means she feels positive about you and wants to take what you have to another level.

7.She respects you 

If you hold an important position in her life, she will pay attention to what you are saying, be more interested in what you do, and even value your thoughts and sentiments about things in her life. This behavior indicates that she has a feeling of reverence towards you, loves and values you, and wants you to be more than just her friend.

Respect does not mean she will always agree with you. There may be disagreements, but only after she hears you out and understands your perspective. Even if she argues with you about something, she won’t be rude or disrespectful. She agrees to disagree and wants to be with you – a sign that she loves you for who you are.

8. She dresses up for you

Signs she loves you

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If she prefers to wear comfortable casuals when in a group but shows great ardor and zeal to dress up and do her hair well when you two go out, know that she wants to look good for you. Whether you are going for a movie or dinner, if she is making an effort to be noticed by you, she likes you enough to care about what you think of her.

9. She finds excuses to talk to you 

Are you still asking your friends‘ how do you know if she loves you? Here’s another hint. Women usually don’t take the lead unless they like a person. So if she is showing signs of yearning or coming forward to talk to you even without reason, it means she likes you a lot and wants to know more about you.

She may text you randomly or share interesting articles or memes out of the blue, just to initiate a conversation. Or she could just leave a ’what’s up?’ message during the day. She tends to ask questions and share ideas to extend the chat or conversation, just because she enjoys any association with you. She indulges in silly chats as well as deep intellectual conversations.

10. She bedazzles you

To know if she loves you the same way as you do, notice her behavior. Is she making efforts to impress you? Is she using terms of endearment or showering you with presents? She will do almost everything to show you how much she admires you. A woman does all this only when she loves you and wants to take the relationship to another level.

11. She wants to be your best friend

She already feels an affinity towards you and considers you as her best friend. You are her go-to person for anything in life. She tells you about her day, shows what she bought, tells you her plans, and everything in between. And when she starts expecting the same from you, it’s a sign that she loves you.

12. She cares for your family

She is keen about your background, your family, and your past. She wants to talk about your childhood and your siblings, and willingly shares tales of her own childhood. Her devotedness and interest in your life shows that she cares about you and is willing to accept you as you are.

13. She doesn’t want you to change

Acceptance is one of the greatest signs of pure love. When she accepts you the way you are with all the positives and negatives, then she really loves you. A person who tries to change every little aspect of you may not be loving you wholeheartedly.

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If she doesn’t mind that you spend one-fourth of your earnings on your passion, know that she totally digs you.

14. She talks about you with her best friend 

If you are important to her, then her best friends will certainly know about you. You’ll sense a positive attitude and approval when you meet the ‘best friend’ or any other significant person in her life. They may not make it obvious, so watch out for the subtle hints that you too are a significant person in her life.

15. She cooks for you

She cooks for you

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She tries to know what your favorite dish is, learns the recipe, and cooks for you. Isn’t that the sweetest thing to do? If your lady does this for you, it means she loves you. Cooking may seem like a trivial thing, but the fact that she is willing to put all that effort into making something that makes you happy speaks volumes about her love for you.

16. You can have deep conversations with her

She will never back out from having deep, meaningful conversations with you. She will certainly try to get through sensitive discussions if she loves you. It indicates that she sees a future with you and cares about making the relationship work. If you are going through something or simply having a bad day, she stands by you and tries her best to cheer you up.

17. Expresses gratitude

She might be in love with you if she is thankful for your support or even for the time spent with her. If she expresses her feelings and frequently says how much she appreciates your presence in her life, it is possible that she sees a future partner in you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the signs that she’s supportive of my goals and dreams?

Some of the signs you may look out for are encouraging you to pursue your dreams, lifting your spirits through difficult times, giving you genuine advice, recognizing your accomplishments, understanding your busy schedule, and being patient, among other things.

2. How can I tell if she’s comfortable being vulnerable with me?

Being vulnerable is a strong emotion. Still, if she opens up to you about her past and flaws, acknowledges her feelings, and does not hesitate to speak her mind, it indicates she is comfortable being vulnerable around you.

You may love a girl to the moon and back, but if you don’t know whether she feels the same for you or not, you cannot proceed towards forming a bond and deeper connection. So knowing these signs she loves you will help you understand her actions and feelings for you. If she is different around you and her actions are more thoughtful and encouraging, she may be into you. So be mindful of these signs and take your first step to express your love to her. It may be the start of a forever relationship.

Signs she loves you

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Infographic: Things That Make A Woman Love You

Yes, a girl loves it when you send her sweet texts and gifts on special dates; however, other significant gestures could make her fall deeply and truly in love. This infographic reveals some common reasons a woman could fall in love with a man.

things that make a woman love you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • To be sure if a girl loves you or not, pay attention to the subtle signs, such as her staring or smiling at you in the middle of work.
  • Her actions may indicate that she is concerned about your well-being or she enjoys your company.
  • If she expresses her love for you through her actions, you should also communicate your true feelings to carry the relationship forward.

Discover the clear signs of great affection from someone who adores you but is overwhelmed by fear.

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