27 Strong Signs She Loves You But Is Scared Of Her Feelings

You are dating a lovely girl but are confused about her feelings. We can clarify her emotions through some common signs she loves you but is scared of revealing. Some girls may not be expressive, while a few could be unsure how the relationship would be. Your lady love could have her own reasons for not admitting her emotions. Perhaps, she might be afraid of rejection. Irrespective of the reason, do not force her and give her substantial time to open up. Until then, read our post to figure out if she likes you or not.

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27 Powerful Signs She Loves You But Is Scared of Her Feelings

She could be someone you just met or have been dating for a while, but you’re unsure whether the girl loves you. Here are some signs that a girl loves you but is scared of her feelings.

1. She’s nervous around you

If she shows nervousness when speaking to you, this could be one of the telltale signs that a girl loves you. While it’s natural to feel anxious in the presence of someone you love, a girl may fidget in her seat, wiggle her hair, or play with her fingers if she is scared of her feelings.

Feeling shy or nervous is natural and nothing to feel embarrassed of. Michelle Al Bitar writes about her fear of commitment and how she overcame it to get into a happy and successful relationship. She says, “The moment the guy started to show signs of long-term affections, a sudden uncontrollable feeling of repulsion took over me. And this is not a case of falling for the bad boy and refusing the nice guy who wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

“I simply could not imagine changing the course of my life and fully indulging in a lifetime of devotion to this one person. And the upsetting thing was that I’m loyal and would die for the person I love. I spent hours upon hours dreaming of building a life with the love of my life. But when it came down to it, I simply ran away. (i)”

2. She engages you in conversation

She won’t mind devoting more time to you if she likes you. But, more often than not, she will try to keep the conversation going. Perhaps she is trying to learn more about you while being scared of her feelings for you. Her devotion to you is palpable, but her fear of getting hurt prevents her from taking the next step in your relationship.

3. She maintains longer eye contact

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One of the telltale signs she loves you but is scared of her feelings is when a girl maintains eye contact with you longer than usual. If she pays close attention to you, it means you pique her interest.

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Be patient and give her time and space to process her emotions. When she is sure about her feelings for you, she will reach out to you and make it obvious.

4. She’s first to text

She texts you frequently and may send you pictures of things she finds amusing. While she is the one who starts the conversation, she is also the one who responds to your texts quickly and barely gives you one-word responses.

5. She ‘likes’ you on social media

She may follow your social media updates with zeal. For example, if you post a photo of yourself sipping your favorite beverage or devouring pizza, she is the first person to like and comment on your photos.

6. She has open body language

When a girl uses open body language and closes the gap between you as much as possible, it’s a sign that she likes you.

7. She smiles at your silly jokes

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If a girl smiles or laughs even when you make silly jokes, it means she likes you but is scared to admit it. When she smiles at you, she expresses her excitement about you, a telltale sign that she loves you. She looks at you with awe, but her protectiveness towards her heart makes her hesitant to open up about her feelings.

8. She mirrors your body language

You may notice that she is mirroring your body language. For example, if you lean forward, she may lean forward. If you place your hands on your hips, she might copy your gestures. It is a sign that she loves you. Despite her fear of expressing her true feelings, her tenderness towards you is evident in the way she looks at you.

9. She remembers even tiny details about you

When she remembers every tiny detail about you, she cares about you. For example, if she recalls details from previous conversations, you know she loves you but is scared to reveal her feelings. She has developed a fondness for you over time, but her anxiety about her feelings is the reason behind her hesitation.

10. She asks personal questions

Another sign that a girl likes you but is scared is when she asks you personal questions about your hobbies, dreams, interests, and even your love life. She will not only ask about you, but she will also tell you about her life.

11. She buys you gifts

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If she takes you out on lunch in a fine dining restaurant, buys you a random gift, or gives you beautiful tees for no reason, she loves you but is scared to admit it. Her infatuation with you is undeniable, but her fear of rejection is making her keep her emotions in check.

12. She tells her friends about you

When a girl likes you but is scared of her feelings, she’s probably told her friends about you, and they treat you differently. So do pay attention to how her friends communicate with you and talk about you in her presence. If they’re teasing her and putting you two together, it means she likes you, and her friends know about her fascination with you.

13. She teases you

Another sign that a girl loves you but is scared to tell you is when she teases you as a way of flirting with you. The more ease she feels with you, the more she may engage in some playful banter.

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If she is the “shy” type, she may be waiting for you to make a move. So if you notice these signs and reciprocate her feelings, ask her for a coffee or movie date.

14. She changes her looks

A change in her appearance or overall personality, whether subtle or obvious, indicates that she loves you. For example, you’ll notice that she dresses dapperly and is conscious of her appearance when she meets you.

15. She finds excuses to touch you

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She may touch you quite often and find reasons to do so. For example, if she brushes up against you or touches your arm or hand while talking, it’s a sure sign she loves you but is scared to admit it.

16. She seeks your advice

If she seeks your opinion and advice on her personal and professional matters, it indicates that she likes you but is scared to express it.

17. She compliments you

When a girl likes you but is scared to express her feelings, she may often compliment you. Even the most minor details will not escape her notice. She may show admiration for your inner qualities, talents, or intelligence in addition to your physical appearance.

18. She encourages you

When a girl encourages you to pursue your dreams and goals, this is one of the signs that she likes you but is scared to express her feelings. She will do everything she can to assist and support you along the way because she wants you to succeed in all of your endeavors.

19. She introduces you to her family

While she may appear scared to show her true feelings, she may still introduce you to her family and friends. It is a sure sign that she likes you and values your company. She shows you respect and acceptance, but her fear of vulnerability makes her hesitant to take the next step.

20. She shows her vulnerable side

While she may be scared of expressing her feelings to you, she exposes her vulnerability to you. She may share her fears and insecurities with you, demonstrating that she trusts you enough to reveal her true self.

21. She makes time for you

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A girl who likes you but is too shy to express her feelings will make time for you regardless of how busy she is. Even if her work interferes, she will find a way to make time for you. Your presence brings her happiness, but her apprehension about the future is holding her back from fully embracing her feelings.

22. She stands by you

She is always there to boost your self-esteem and morale during difficult times. She will be there for you in trying situations and will not abandon you because you are going through hard times in your life.

23. She likes to spend time with you

If a girl loves you, she will keep you close at all times. She would want to spend time with you during the day, demonstrating that she is looking for more than just a casual encounter. You can see the surprise in her eyes when she sees you, but her shyness might be a sign that she’s struggling to come to terms with her adoration for you.

24. She will act jealous

When she notices another girl around you, she acts strangely. If you want to know if a girl loves you but is scared to express her feelings, watch if she gets jealous when you are with another woman.

25. She seeks alone time with you

Though spending time with friends is fun, we all want to spend time alone with those we care about. When a girl looks for reasons to see you alone, this is one of the signs she loves you but is scared to admit.

26. She gets along with your friends

If she talks pleasantly with your friends and makes an effort to know more about you from them, it is a clear sign she likes you more than a friend.

27. She gets offended if you tease her

If she loves you but is scared of her feelings, she will be offended if you tease her by pairing her with another guy. It’s because she wants you to know that she is into you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is she scared to share her feelings with me?

She may have all the love in the world for you, but sometimes fear of rejection and anxiety over how you would react can pull her back from confessing her feelings to you. It could also be that she experienced pain in her past relationships and is scared of going through it all over again.

2. How do I test her feelings for me?

If you want to know if a girl really likes you, try avoiding her calls and messages for some time. Though this is one of the ways to know how much she cares about you and loves you, stretching it too far and blocking contact for a long time may backfire and harm your friendship with her.

3. What are girls scared of in a relationship?

In relationships, girls may have various concerns and fears. These can include the fear of being cheated on, hesitancy to express emotions due to past emotional wounds, worries about the potential pain that love can bring, apprehension about not being valued or appreciated, unease about losing their independence, and fear of rejection.

4. How do I help my scared girlfriend?

Encourage her to express her fears and concerns and listen attentively without judgment. Validate her feelings and create a calming environment that could make her feel safe and secure. Give her support and reassurance that you will do your best to help her through her fears. Remind her of her strengths to boost her confidence. Be patient and offer her consistent support to engage in self-care.

Confessing one’s feelings is never easy. Some girls may be shy or insecure about expressing their feelings or fear getting rejected. But now that you have this list of “signs she loves you but is scared,” you can use it as a guide to decode her behaviors and gestures. However, remember that some of her gestures may be genuinely friendly ones, so be sure not to misinterpret her actions and words. Instead of jumping to conclusions, take time to understand her and trust your instincts.

Infographic: How To Know If She’s Hiding Her Feelings For You?

If you are confused by her behavior lately, we can help you see her actions and gestures and determine if she likes you. So before you ask her upfront, take a look at a few more subtle signs to be entirely sure that she has feelings for you but could be scared to admit it.

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Key Pointers

  • If she spends time with you but hasn’t confessed her feelings, you may be unsure how she feels.
  • Maintaining eye contact for long periods and remembering small details about you could be signs she likes you but is too shy to say so.
  • Look for more signs such as mirroring your body language and help her express her feelings.
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