21 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You And What To Do

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“How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating” is not just tricky but also painful. Your girlfriend holds a special place in your heart. You create and enjoy special moments with her. You also cherish the time spent together and dream of a loving future.

However, if you have started noticing changes in her behavior and are worried if she is cheating on you, don’t jump to conclusions immediately. It is better to learn more about the signs that show your girlfriend is cheating. And, if you are unsure as to what signs to look for, this post will help you.

21 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Physical Signs

Here are some physical signs that hint your girlfriend is cheating.

  1. She’s in constant touch with another person

You used to be the reason behind your girlfriend’s addiction to her phone. She used to smile while chatting or talking to you. But now, she is enjoying talking to some other person. If you have noticed it for weeks or months, it could be a red flag to watch out for.

  1. She has a password to her phone

Has she locked her phone suddenly? If she has been an open person all the while and now locked all her devices, it could be suspicious. In case she doesn’t have a valid reason, it adds more to the distrust.

  1. She dresses differently

Your girlfriend starts to care about her appearance after years of wearing a baggy t-shirt and jeans, tying a messy bun, and not putting much effort into her looks. She started experimenting with her looks and is trying new outfits, which look as if she is trying to impress someone other than you.

  1. She doesn’t want your company

She starts to spend more time with her friends, ignoring that you are alone. Also, she is not inviting you to any of her parties and insisting you stay at home and play the game. It shows something is wrong with her intentions.

  1. She’s disinterested in physical intimacy
She is losing interest in getting intimate with you

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Is she losing interest in getting intimate with you, or her desire for getting closer has changed? You may check for changes such as how often she is kissing or hugging you. It can help you be sure of her thoughts.

  1. She avoids public display of affection

Your girlfriend used to be happy with you, be it at a restaurant or in the mall. But now, she feels uncomfortable when you hold her hand or hug her in public. It shows she is getting away from you.

  1. She shows through her body language

Closed body language can be a sign of guilt over cheating on their partner. You may look for cues such as avoiding eye contact, folding arms over chest and turning away.

  1. She doesn’t care for you

In a relationship, partners care for each other. But if your girlfriend stops caring for you and is not paying attention to you, it shows something is wrong between you both.

  1. She provides hints of breakup

Is she blaming you for everything? Is she picking up fights for no reason? When your girlfriend indirectly shows that she is not happy in the relationship, it could be a sign that she is not interested in you anymore.

  1. She isn’t ready for the wedding

At the beginning of the relationship, you both have agreed on spending life together. However, she changes her plans and postpones the wedding plan. She might even tell you she doesn’t want to marry, giving no valid reason.

  1. She doesn’t share your plans

When you are in a relationship, you accept that you and your partner are well aware of each other’s plans. But your girlfriend doesn’t let you know about her whereabouts and hides her plans from you.

  1. She doesn’t crave your attention

She complained that you were not paying attention to her, but now she is not bothered even if you don’t call her or ask about her wellbeing. It seems she doesn’t want you to think about her.

  1. She turns off notifications

Your girlfriend’s phone is not buzzing with messages and notifications as she has kept her mobile on silent mode. When you ask her why she doesn’t give you convincing answers. This can make you raise your eyebrow.

  1. She doesn’t make an eye contact

One of the visible signs your girlfriend is cheating on you is when she is not making eye contact with you. If she is cheating on you, she would be guilty of her actions. And so, you might find her escaping from your sight.

Emotional Signs

You might not always notice the signs of cheating. But, sometimes, you could feel it from your girlfriend’s actions.

  1. She gets bored of you
She gets bored, How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating

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Are you having silent dinners these days? No more planning for vacations as well? If your girlfriend is not reacting and doesn’t show any interest in your relationship, it shows she is bored of you, and has new priorities in life.

  1. She complains about the relationship

When someone is cheating, they start to blame the other person for everything. If you find your girlfriend blaming you, it can be a sign of her guilt.

  1. She keeps changing her schedule

Is your girlfriend is working late often or has little time to spend with you? She postpones your scheduled dates and shows she is busy. All these signs show that she is avoiding you and could be busy with some other interest.

  1. She doesn’t want to share with you

In a relationship, partners are emotionally attached and share their dreams, plans, and other stuff. But for a few days or weeks, your girlfriend is not happy to share anything with you. She is isolating you at times too. It shows something else is on her mind, and not you.

  1. She is flirty with others

Noticing that your girlfriend is flirting with others in your presence could mean that she doesn’t respect your feelings. On the other hand, it could also be a sign that she has someone else in her life now.

  1. She gets mad at you
She easily gets irritated, How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating

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Whether you are teasing her or loving her, she easily gets irritated. She might even make a scene and blame you for her bad mood. There could be another interest in her life, hence she is going away from you.

  1. She picks fights with you

Fights can be common in a relationship, but if it has reached an alarming level and sometimes for no reason, it could be a sign of disturbance. Your girlfriend could be playing a tactic on you to escape from the situation. Overall, she may not pay heed to your emotional needs.

What To Do If You Think Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?

If you are sure she is cheating on you, confront her

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If you could relate to most of the signs, you should know your girlfriend is cheating on you. However, if you still are doubtful, you might wait for some more time and keep noticing. But if you are confirmed, then it is better to confront her. If she confesses that she doesn’t love you anymore and want to breakup with you, let it go. Do not force her into a relationship.

On the other hand, if she feels guilty about it, admits she took a wrong step and seeks the last chance from you, think about it. Instead of breaking up immediately, you may take your time and make a decision. Ultimately, it is your choice, so listen to your intuitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you in a long-distance relationship?

Signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you in a long-distance relationship include her reluctance to have you visit her, getting confused when recounting memories or telling in a disorderly fashion. She may also talk about hanging out “with friends” but don’t give specific names.

2. How do you tell if your girlfriend is lying about cheating on you?

If you confront your girlfriend about cheating on you and she denies it, look for certain signs to see if she is lying. You may notice that she’s nervous, her voice cracks or becomes high-pitched, she avoids eye contact, becomes fidgety, and exhibits bodily expressions such as crossing her arms, pursing her lips, and sweating (in some people).

Look out for these red flags if you wish to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. As hurtful as it may seem, it is better to stay aware and address the issue than to be oblivious to cheating. So, if you notice these changes that seem suspicious, unlike her usual self, do not hesitate to confront her. Calmly ask her about what must be causing these behaviors and take a call if you can undo the damage or it is better to let go. However, be gentle, don’t make assumptions, and work on your relationship.

Infographic: Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Might Be Cheating On You

Finding out your girlfriend has been cheating on you can be heart-breaking. However, sometimes the underlying cause behind her behavior may always have been evident, yet you might have ignored it. Check out the infographic as we list the reasons why your girlfriend might be cheating on you.

why your girlfriend might be cheating on you-2 [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • If your girlfriend has stopped enjoying your company, shows hardly any interest in physical intimacy, or provides hints of a breakup, she may be cheating on you.
  • Picking up frequent fights or getting mad at you while being flirty with others can be other red flags.
  • You may investigate the reasons for the sudden changes or confront her directly to get out of this mental agony.

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