8 Signs That Prove Moms Definitely Use Magic

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Ever since our childhood, we’ve all been fascinated by tales our grandmothers narrated of faraway lands with flying carpets, magic spells, and fairy godmothers. Often, we secretly wished to have our own genie who’d grant us our wishes with a magic spell or two. Now, what if we told you that that childhood fantasy of yours actually exists in real life? That you’ve been witnessing acts of magic all along but haven’t had the slightest idea?

Believe it or not, it’s your mother who definitely uses magic. Otherwise, how would those unimaginable and impossible tasks get easily accomplished with her around? Jog down your memory lane and you’ll realize what we mean. In the meantime, we’ll help you by listing some of them out:

1. The Swish Of Her Wand

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Your mom would’ve reminded your dad for the umpteenth time to pick something up for dinner on his way back only to have him show up empty-handed again. And yet again, you’d have panicked about having to sleep on an empty stomach when, lo and behold! she’ll be calling you all out for dinner in no time. And while you tucked into the delicious food, you’d have wondered how your mom did it. Well, let us say, she just swished her magical wand, or a spoon, or a ladle for that matter!

2. Even Their Silence Can Cast A Spell

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You wish to attend your friend’s birthday party? Your mom will give an understanding smile. Approved. But it’s going to be a stayover? She’ll raise an eyebrow and frown, and you’ll know that it’s not going to happen. There’ll be many situations like these, or more, where your mom would hardly utter a word, yet you are bound to obey her as though under a spell.

3. The Magical Touch

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There would have been innumerable occasions when you would have walked home after a bad fall – bruised, bleeding, and whimpering in pain. But the moment your mom would have cleansed your wounds and comforted you with a hug or a caress, all your pains would seem to have vanished. And yet, you’ve wondered why you always blurt out ‘mummy’ every time you’ve sensed trouble.

4. The Domestic Goddess

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Ever wondered how your uniforms were always Monday-ready by Sunday night? All meals of the day are on time? Or why dad always asked for mom whenever he couldn’t find just about anything? The reason is that mothers are wonderful at multitasking, to the extent that they can do 50 odd jobs in a 24-hour day!

5. The Orb Of Time

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Whether you wish to wake up early in the morning to study for your exam or join your classmates for a practice session in the evening, or your dad needs to be someplace for a meeting, all you need to do was inform your mother rather than setting up an alarm clock, we are sure. It’s like moms had a complete control of time and would never fail you guys.

6. The Cinderella Effect

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Remember how the Fairy Godmother magically turned Cinderella’s rags into glamorous gowns? Your mother was never short of a Fairy Godmother herself. Now, that explains how your tattered jeans got that amazing-looking car patch, those strategically stitched pockets on your old jacket made it a school sensation, or those little satin roses turned your boring frock into one fit for a Disney Princess!

7. The Wish-Granting Genie

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You’re up studying late at night, and just when you were wishing you could do with a mug of hot chocolate, in walks your mom and hands you one! You’ve just reached your new hostel, feeling tired and cold, cursing yourself for forgetting to pack something warm when out falls a shawl/sweater when you open your baggage. These are just a few of the million wishes that moms grant without your asking.

8. Magic Potions (Ingredients)

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You put a cake in the oven and wait for it to ‘ping’, but one look at it, and your mom knows exactly when it’ll be done. You may have added every ingredient to the recipe that your mom gave you, which you so meticulously jotted down; yet your dish tastes nothing like the original. That’s because mothers add a secret magic potion into their cooking – love!

We are sure, by now you have already refreshed your memory and are busy jotting down your own list. If nothing else, this definitely proves that moms do add magic in our otherwise drab everyday lives. Share your own list in the comments below as an ode to your mother!

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