10 Signs That Show How Much You Love Your Baby

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How much does a mother love her baby? Difficult question, isn’t it? Not because it cannot be answered, but because no amount of words are enough to measure a mother’s love for her baby. Once a woman becomes a mother, her entire world revolves around her baby, even after her ‘baby’ grows up and becomes an adult. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a mother’s love is timeless. While describing it isn’t an easy task, here are a few adorable signs to look out for that show how much you love your baby:

1. Your Husband Feels Sidelined

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You might wonder why your husband has started whining a lot soon after your baby arrived. This is because you’ll end up giving all your attention and love to your baby. And, in the bargain, your husband will feel left out. Sometimes, he may complain about it too, in a good-natured way.

2. You Constantly Worry About Your Baby’s Safety

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Whether you are a working mother or a stay-at-home mom, you’ll constantly worry about your baby’s safety. Sometimes you might become anxious the moment a reliable relative or your own mother handles your baby to ease your burden. Because, according to you, only you can keep your baby safe. And, we don’t blame you for thinking that way!

3. Your Baby Is Your Comfort Zone

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Sometimes, your days will be rough or you might be experiencing a pretty low phase in your life. Whatever it may be, hugging your little angel somehow seems to heal all your pain and take away your worries. At that moment, your baby is all that you can think of and be grateful about.

4. You’ll Never Get Enough Of Kissing Your Baby

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You’ll kiss your baby when he/she is awake; you’ll kiss your baby when he/she is asleep; you’ll kiss your baby’s cereal-smeared face. In short, you’ll feel like kissing your baby all the time and still never get enough of it.

5. You’ll Miss Your Baby Even For A Short While

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Picture this: you’ve just stepped out to the nearby grocery, gone to take a quick shower, or just resumed office after maternity leave. Missing your baby already? Yes, the fact is that you’ll always miss your baby even for a fraction of a moment that he/she is not in front of your eyes.

6. You Love Playing With Your Baby

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You’ll love playing with your baby’s tiny toes, delicate fingers, or even the good ol’ ‘peek-a-boo’ game even if it seems too silly. You’ll do all this just to get that cute little smile on your baby’s face.

7. Nothing Seems Icky To You Anymore

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You’ll often clean your baby’s poop at odd times, sometimes even in the middle of your lunch or dinner. If the doctor instructs, you’ll even check your baby’s stool thoroughly for any signs of infection. And, you’ll go about doing all this without feeling even a wee bit icky about it.

8. You Love Sleeping Next To Your Baby

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No matter how cranky your baby gets or how many times he/she wakes you up during the night, you’ll still want to sleep next to your baby. Reason? You love to see your baby’s calm face the first thing in the morning when you wake up and the last thing before you sleep at night. And, do we need to mention that adorable moment when the baby puts his/her tiny arms around your neck?

9. You Love The Way Your Baby Smells

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You’ll simply love the way your baby smells. Babies even have areas like their hair that smell awesome even if you don’t wash them. Their tender necks smell lovely every time you catch a whiff of it as you tie their bibs behind. And, how can we not mention the smell of their lovely cheeks when you kiss? Divine, isn’t it?

10. You Feel Your Baby’s Pain

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A slight topple, a blocked nose or a painful effort during a bout of constipation, the smallest amount of pain that your little one feels makes you teary-eyed too. While in your mind you’ll always know that these things are normal and will only make your delicate darling tougher, your heart will still go out for your baby.

We are sure there are many more signs that tell you how much you love your baby. And, this list cannot be entirely complete until you share your own experiences. So, please share those special moments with the rest of the mothers and spread some more love!

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