27 Clear Signs To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You

It may not be easy to decipher or pick signs a shy guy likes you. Unlike outspoken and extroverted guys, introverted guys do not speak their hearts out. They may shy away from conveying their feelings to the girls they like. They may look at their crush from far away but may look away as soon as the eyes meet. They may act surprised when asked directly about their feelings and do not give any clarity on whether they like you or not. Read this post to know some common signs that convey a shy guy is interested in you and is not able to convey.

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27 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

Here are some behavioral signs you need to observe to figure out if a guy likes you but is too bashful to let you know.

  1. He stares at you when you are not looking: Suppose you are in the same room with him, and you find him looking at you in your peripheral vision. But the moment you turn to catch him, he becomes self-conscious and moves away in another direction. If you feel this is happening too often, you can be sure that he is gazing at you and it is not your imagination. As he is too sheepish to look straight at you, he steals glances to admire you.

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  1. He is always around you: It may sound a little creepy but do not be alarmed yet. If you have been noticing him around you a little too much, probably there is more to it. For instance, if he works in the same office building, he could be frequently visible during your lunch breaks or other office events. He may not speak to you but will be present somewhere around you. But if you think it is getting uncomfortable, you may confront him.
  1. He fumbles when talking to you: He has a clear speech and doesn’t have any problem speaking with anyone but you. When you talk to him, he could become nervous and may even stammer. It could be a sign that he likes you and becomes conscious when talking to you. Even his body language can give you signals. For instance, you can notice his shivering hands or shallow breaths when you are around.
  1. He may not make any sense: He could try talking to you but barely makes any sense. Do not dismiss him thinking he lacks brilliance. It is possible that he is trying to impress you but is failing. He might even seem to be at a loss of words because he feels intimidated by you.
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A shy guy might text you more because he feels awkward to speak to you in person. He seems charming in texts, but finds it difficult to maintain a conversation in person. He’s probably so into you that he can’t keep his cool around you
  1. He may act unusual around you: If he is an introvert and hardly talks to anyone but you—that could be a sign that he is attracted to you. He may transform into a boisterous lad, trying to keep you entertained. Similarly, if he is an extrovert, he may transform into a soft-spoken and shy guy and act coy around you. He is unlike his usual self around you and tries to portray a personality that he feels would be more appealing to you.

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  1. He can do anything for you: He may or may not be good at communicating, but when you ask him for a favor, he will try his best to fulfill your wish. He may not speak about the efforts he has put in but will make you understand he is trustworthy. That is a sign of a shy person who likes you but doesn’t reveal.
  1. He is happy when you are around: Walk into a room and see how he reacts. If he likes you, he will have a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes the moment he sees you. As you make him feel delighted, he cannot hide his emotions. It could also be possible that smiling makes him attractive, and he wants to look charming around you.
  1. He makes clumsy attempts: You may notice him tripping too often or dropping things unintentionally. That doesn’t make him inept. His acts could be a result of your effect on him.
  1. He lends a patient ear to you: If you are talking and find no one listening to you, take a moment to look around. In case the ‘shy guy’ is all ears for you, it could be a sign that he likes you and pays attention to every word you speak.
  1. He likes all your social media posts: ‘Likes’ on social media posts is the new-age way of telling someone you like them. For instance, you post a friendship quote or a picture of you eating ice-cream, and he is the first person to like and comment on your picture. He may hardly speak to you in person, but online, he keeps signaling that he is interested in you.
  1. He becomes a part of your group: You may soon find him in your group and hanging out with your friends. That shows he wants to be around you and get noticed. Although he is shy to share his feelings for you, he never leaves a chance to give you hints.
  1. He ‘mirrors’ you: When you like someone, you unconsciously happen to mirror their body language. So, if he likes you, you might notice he is in sync with you. For instance, he leans when you speak, his feet are always pointing in your direction, and he even tilts his head the same way as you do.
  1. He is comfortable sharing his personal life with you: Once he knows you well, he will start exposing his vulnerabilities. That’s because he trusts you and wants to open his heart out to you. A shy guy may be meek and hesitant to express his love openly but could become vulnerable in front of a person he likes.
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If you want to date him and share his feelings, pay attention to what he has to say. Encourage him to open up to you and always lend a listening ear. It will build intimacy and bring him closer to you.
  1. He gazes into your eyes like no one else: When speaking to you, he looks into your eyes. That could be a way of telling his feelings. Also, he is probably so mesmerized by your eyes that he cannot help looking other ways.
  1. He has trouble facing you directly: Days when you look smokin’ hot or too pretty to handle, you might notice that he has trouble making eye contact with you. He will check you out from a distance but will find it difficult to talk to you with a straight face. He fears he might end up looking awkward.
  1. He may not like the men you like: He is your friend but cannot confess his feelings. In case you share your liking for other boys, he may list plenty of faults in them. He may not openly disapprove of them but would appear quite uncomfortable when you mention some guy in your conversation.

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  1. He has a nickname for you: The reticent guy interested in you has a cute nickname for you, is relatable to your habit or appearance, or is just connected to something you like. With this nickname, he could be desiring to have an exclusive relationship with you.
  1. He wants to know more about you: You notice he keeps asking questions about you— curious to know your hobbies, favorite activities, whereabouts, likes, and dislikes. That’s because he is interested in you and wants to understand you better. Even if you do not share common interests, he may try to develop a soft corner for anything you like.
  1. He gives you more attention than other girls: When you hang out with a group of friends, you will notice him giving more attention to you. Even if he is talking with another woman, his eyes often wander to glance at you.
  1. He surprises you with small gestures: You mention your love for K-pop music, and the next day you find him listening to the latest BTS song. Express your love for doughnuts, and he gets you some the same day. That reflects he is paying attention to every word you speak and wants to see you happy.
  1. He is annoyed when you flirt with other boys: He looks upset when he finds you flirting with other guys. You may get a disapproving look the moment he notices you getting close to another guy. It clearly shows he doesn’t like to see you with any other guy.
  1. He notices small changes: You colored your hair and no one, but he notices it. You wear a new perfume and find him talking about it. You have changed your nail color, and he is the first to point it out. He likes you, and that’s why he notices every small change you make.
  1. He will cheer you up when you feel low: If he notices you sad or low, he will come up with ideas to cheer you up. That’s because he cares for you and doesn’t want you to feel depressed.

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  1. He makes fun of himself to make you laugh: You notice his jokes are cut at his expense to make you laugh. He may not open his heart to you, but he shares his stories with his friends and ensures they reach you to make your day.
  1. He is courteous to you: Chivalry is quite an underrated and rare trait. Men who are well-mannered and know how to treat a lady are always popular with women. If you notice him chivalrous and going overboard to make you comfortable and feel special, then know that he likes you.
  1. He tries to make slight physical contact with you: By physical contact, we mean a soft, gentle touch on your shoulder or arm to get your attention. If you have noticed him giving you a tap on the shoulder or shaking hands, he probably likes you and is too reserved to share his thoughts. However, if you do not like an unsolicited touch, do let him know.

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  1. He can do anything for you: He is disciplined and may even follow a strict workout or diet regime. But when you ask him to have an ice-cream after work, he accompanies you with zero hesitation. He may hate the smell of tea but if you ask him to join you for a short tea break, be rest assured he will be there for you. Such small gestures signal that he likes you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of girl does a shy guy like?

A shy guy may like a confident girl who gives him the space to be himself without fearing being judged. He would appreciate it if the girl understood his true personality and supported him with her love.

2. Will shy guys make the first move?

Shy guys may not always make the first move. However, their body language may indicate that they are interested in you. If you want to understand the feelings of a demure guy, you may pay attention to the look in his eyes, the way he speaks, and his behavior around you.

3. How long can it take for a shy guy to ask me out?

A shy guy may ask you out when he is comfortable with you and assured of your feelings for him. So, it would be a good idea for you to make the first move and ask him out instead. Diffident guys like it when a girl makes the first move.

It may not be easy to tell through some signs a shy guy likes you as an introvert does not speak their heart out. Shy guys tend to look at the girl they like pretty often, but they’ll pretend nothing happened when you catch them looking. Another noticeable sign is when a person puts more effort to impress you. He may like you if you find him nervous or unconfident around you, comfortable sharing his personal life with you, or curious to know more about you. If you like him too, consider giving signals or initiate a conversation about it.

Infographic: Some More Signs To Tell You That A Shy Guy Likes You

A guy’s shyness makes it harder to read his feelings. However, you can learn about his sentiments by paying attention to his actions and body language. If you’re still unsure about his feelings for you and want to know some more indicators, look at the infographic below that discusses a few more indications of a shy guy in love with you.

signs to tell you that a shy guy likes you (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • A shy guy may steal glances at you if he happens to like you and get nervous around you.
  • He will listen to you intently and will do anything to grant your wishes.
  • He may look upset if you show interest in other men.
  • Nicknaming and noticing your small changes are a few signs that indicate his interest in you.
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Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Are you wondering if a shy guy likes you? Explore this video to find sixteen clear signs of his possible interest.

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