10 Signs You Chose The Right Partner

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Congratulations if you’ve just found your soul mate! Mind you, it is no mean task. And not everyone is lucky in this matter either. It’s because it takes a lot of hard work to figure out what works between two people in a relationship. Yet, despite having found “The One”, it is common for couples to get a bit confused about their choice. So, if you too are in a similar confused state of mind, then here are 10 signs that can hint you’ve made the right choice:

1. You Both Wish To Grow Old Together

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Finding your right partner doesn’t mean that he/she has to be perfect in every way. It isn’t the perfections, but the ability to accept each other -warts and all – that makes your choice perfect. So, if you both often discuss spending a lifetime and growing old together, it means that your partner has accepted you the way you are.

2. You Both Complement Each Other As A Couple

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Your friends and family members will often tell you how you both look perfect for each other. This ‘look’ isn’t limited to physical appearance alone. It means that you both have learned to easily accommodate each other’s quirks and tantrums in the most patient way.

3. You Are Each Other’s Trustworthy Confidante

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Trust and reliability are one of the most important foundations of any relationship. Most couples usually bare their heart out to each other. However, the difficult part is the other partner keeping your secret, really secret. If your partner does not divulge any of your secrets under any circumstances, then he/she is for keeps.

4. Your Partner Brings Out The Best Version Of You

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When you are with your partner, you do not feel the need to pretend. You can just be yourself. No matter what you want to do or take up in life, your partner is always there to egg you on. This gives a confidence boost to your personality as well.

5. You Both Have Common Financial Goals

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Sharing each other’s financial details is a very touchy subject for most couples. But, those of you who have figured it out nicely whereby you are able to neatly manage your finances for the future without divulging the exact details of your earnings, then kudos to you!

6. You Often Miss Each Other

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You’d have just spent an entire weekend with your significant other. Yet, you feel like dropping in at his/her office on the way just to say “Hi”. Which, by the way, actually means ‘I miss you so much, I couldn’t help coming over just to glance at you.” Aww…!

7. You Don’t Step Over Each Other’s Space

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As much as you love spending time with each other, you both realize the importance of personal space. This means he lets you enjoy your time with friends without incessant queries and insecurities, and vice versa.

8. Family And Friends Find It Easy Going Too

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Just like how frictions in a relationship can affect our near ones, so does a sense of comfort. If your immediate family and close friends feel happy and comfortable in the presence of your chosen one, then that’s another plus!

9. You Both Have A Great Social Circle

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It’s not necessary that you both always need to hang out with common friends. If both of you have your own set of separate friends – gym partners, office colleagues, etc., with whom you enjoy hanging out individually, then it means that you both cherish your relationship without compromising on your individuality.

10. You Have A Good Dose Of Arguments Too

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What’s any relationship without a dash of spice like a few arguments here and there? Yes, having arguments once in a while is healthy for your relationship. It gives both of you the chance to express yourself, to agree to disagree, and voice your opinions. Of course, they don’t have to result in a one-upmanship match or end up hurting each other. Even if they do, the kiss-and-make-up part makes it all the more interesting.

So, how many of these signs reflect in your relationship? What is it that made you feel you chose the right partner for yourself? Share it with the rest of us in the comments below.

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