How To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone? 17 Clear Signs

How to know if you have a crush on someone? At some point, we all feel those tickles and jitters for a special someone, and the mind and heart begin to race. In time, you may become attracted to that person. It could happen at the office, in college, at the mall, in a bar, or at myriad unexpected places. You will know as you feel a bit of magic around them, your fascination with them grows and you can’t stop smiling.

A crush can be much more than a passing attraction that you may forget over time. It could mean more than finding the other person attractive and endearing. It may develop into something more than infatuation. If there is attraction, the lingering feeling may increase in intensity, even when you are not around them, you are most likely having a crush on them. Describing when he knew he had a crush on someone, Willson Mock, a writer, says, “So when I first saw her, of course my breathing picked up ten fold. But as our date (ok, in my mind, it was a date) progressed, my breathing slowed…until I was breathless. More than how elegant and beautiful she was, she had that aura about her — that rare kind people try to describe but can’t. And that’s when I knew I had a crush on her (i).”

Read this post as we talk about a few signs that indicate you have a romantic interest in someone.

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How To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone?

Several elements indicate you have a crush on someone. Sometimes, these aren’t obvious as you might try to bury the feelings subconsciously, while at other times, you may not realize what’s happening. Regardless, if you relate to these signs, you likely have a crush on someone.

1. You think about them constantly

It is the first sign that you may have noticed by now after feeling attracted to someone. You cannot stop thinking about them throughout the day. You might enjoy the feeling or take comfort in it, or you could be distracted by such thoughts. You find yourself craving their presence. Regardless, if someone takes up that space in your mind so often, you likely have a crush on them.

2. You dress well when they are around

You put extra effort to look your best

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If you usually put in effort to look good, this might not apply to you. But if you take things to a different level thinking about the person, it indicates you want to impress them or want them to see you as attractive.

3. You plan the conversations in your head

While it’s natural to plan a presentation or a speech when it comes to work or a social occasion, it becomes a whole different situation when you’re doing it to meet someone. You might try reciting a joke, an interesting story, or random phrases to keep in mind. If you’re rehearsing such conversations with enthusiasm, odds are you fancy this person.

4. You get nervous when you’re around them

Do you get anxious when you are around this person? You may have so much in your mind but find it difficult to speak. Most likely, you do not want to embarrass yourself. If someone can make you nervous merely by their physical presence, it’s a strong sign you feel something for them.

protip_icon Quick tip
BDon’t let nervousness hamper your interactions with your crush. Take deep breaths, talk slowly, and make them talk by asking the right question until you calm your nerves.

5. You want to be around them

Meeting them is the highlight of your day

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When you have a crush on someone, it’s natural that seeing them becomes a highlight of your day. You might devote effort to your appearance or wonder what to say, but you will be excited to meet them. It could be a passing greeting as you see each other at work or a party with mutual friends. Regardless, if you’re yearning to see them every day and miss them when you can’t, it is probably a crush.

6. You see them everywhere

We don’t mean to say you run into them everywhere, but you might confuse a random stranger for your crush for a split second. Some small thing about another person makes you think of your crush. If this happens to you often and randomly, you could be thinking of them on a subconscious level to keep imagining them everywhere. Be aware to not let this turn into an obsession.

7. You follow them online

The Internet has given us access to people’s lives more than ever. It’s normal to be curious to know what your crush is up to, who they are with, and where they hang out, or to scroll through their pictures. If you’ve been following them online with zeal for a while, it’s probably a crush.

8. You consider their opinion

You share similar viewpoints on many things

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It’s natural to be attracted to people who share similar viewpoints. But if your crush shares different opinions and you still consider them, it could be because you are interested in them, given you find this person interesting. Your admiration and adoration might make you start to care about the causes, people, and even issues considered by your crush to be noticed by them.

9. You defend them

A telltale sign you have a crush on someone is when you find yourself defending them with passion when you are with your friends. While we do it for our family and friends, you might notice the ardor you have while supporting your crush, and sometimes, for no reason. Whether you are jumping to rescue them or arguing with your friends for them, it shows they have a special place in your heart.

protip_icon Did you know?
Another sign you have a crush on someone is when you visit their social media accounts often to check their new posts and updates.

10. You try to run into them

You make excuses to be with them

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Longing to be around someone you are attracted to is natural, but it is not always easy to make it happen. You might find yourself making excuses to be in certain places where you know they work or hang out. If you’re coworkers, you might find yourself taking your lunch breaks around the same time, or if you have mutual friends, you find yourself desiring to attend outings and parties you know they’re likely to be at.

11. You daydream about them

It’s natural to daydream about someone you have a crush on. Sometimes, you could daydream about extreme scenarios that likely wouldn’t play out in real life, and at other times, you would daydream about having a nice date with them. Such daydreams can fill you with a sense of rapture, which is a clear sign that this is a crush.

12. Your friends notice a change in your behavior

Your close friends and family could be the first to notice a change in you. Even if we don’t intend to act differently around our crushes, it manifests itself, and you might not realize it. When people close to you start noticing your increased fondness, your feelings have most likely increased for your crush.

13. You indulge in “Gatsbying”

Are you stepping outside your comfort zone to make them notice you? It is a clear indication of your liking for them. For example, you post a video of you bungee jumping if your crush is an adrenaline junkie, or you adopt a dog if they like pets. While people often do it for a much wider audience, doing it for a crush is a whole different matter. You try to gain your crush’s attention and appreciation. It even has a term, “Gatsbying,” which means posting or sharing something on a public platform, with the intended audience being your crush.

14. You get excited with their notification

If you’re at the stage where you talk regularly to your crush or even flirt with them, it’s normal to be glued to your phone. If you’re not holding your phone, you keep one eye on the phone, waiting for it to light up or ring with a notification from your crush. If their messages sends feelings of warmth and tingling sensations in your belly, it is a crush.

15. You get jealous when someone else flirts with them

You feel envious when they are happy around someone else

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It’s natural to feel protective of people in our lives. It could be to keep away a bad influence or someone who makes them uncomfortable. However, with a crush, we do the same thing for the opposite reason. If the person flirting with them is charming and fun to be with, you may get jealous. It means you don’t want to see your crush having a good time with someone else.

16. You mirror their behavior

Engaging in mirroring behavior is often considered a sign of interest. It’s a way for you and your crush to establish a connection, fostering a sense of compatibility and alignment. You may unconsciously adopt similar gestures or postures, creating a subtle bond between the two of you.

17. You can’t stop blushing

Another sign of having a crush on someone is turning red. When you can’t contain your happiness and catch yourself smiling for no apparent reason, it clearly indicates having a crush. The joy and fond memories spent with them can evoke smiles and blushes, whether in their presence or when reminiscing about shared moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if it’s love or a crush?

If your feelings evaporate after a while, it is a crush. On the other hand, if your feelings, affection , and devotion for someone get stronger with time and you become restless without them, you could be in love.

2. How long does a crush last?

There is no fixed timeframe for a crush to last. It could be days or even months. It is usually longer when your crush is around you, maybe in college or work. Otherwise, your feelings may disappear within a few weeks or months. However, the feelings of attraction are short-lived, and you will be okay even if your crush is not with you.

3. What makes me have a crush on someone?

When someone’s physical or psychological attributes seem fascinating, you may fall for them. You could feel an intense desire to see, touch, or listen to them. Such emotions sum up having a crush.

We may have a special interest in celebrities, movie actors, or several people in our lives. So how to know if you have a crush on someone? You may have a crush if you are obsessed with someone and can not stop thinking about them. Furthermore, your crush could make you feel ecstatic and nervous in their presence, and you feel protective towards them. Although you may be keen to take things forward, it is important to realize and admit that you have a crush on them. Then, you may go with the flow and act according to your feelings and their reciprocation of your emotions.

Infographic: How To Know That You Like Someone

Do you hold a rose and pluck the petals asking yourself if you like someone or not? If yes, we got a better way for you to be sure of your feelings. Observe your behavior to know how you get along or feel without them. The signs below are some of the most obvious indications of having feelings for someone.

signs you have a crush on someone (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • When you have a crush on someone, you may think about them constantly or want to be around them.
  • You may get nervous or anxious in their presence, daydream about them or get excited with their messages and texts.
  • If you feel you are becoming obsessed with the thoughts of one person, you may consider taking your relationship forward.
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