How To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone? 15 Clear Signs

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How to know if you have a crush on someone? At some point, we all feel those tickles and jitters for a special someone, and the mind and heart begin to race. With time, you may get attracted to that person. It may happen at the office, in college, at the mall, in a bar, or at any unexpected place. You will know as you feel magic around them and can’t stop smiling. A crush can be much more than a passing attraction that you may forget over time. They could mean more than finding the other person attractive and endearing. If you feel attracted to them, and it becomes a lingering feeling even if they are not around them, you are most likely having a crush on them. Read this post as we talk about a few signs that indicate you have a romantic interest in someone.

How To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone?

Several elements indicate you have a crush on someone. Sometimes, these aren’t obvious as you might try to bury the feelings subconsciously, while at other times, you may not realize what’s happening. Regardless, if you relate to these signs, you likely have a crush on someone.

1. You think about them constantly

It is the first sign that you may have noticed by now after feeling attracted to someone. You cannot stop thinking about them throughout the day. You might enjoy the feeling or take comfort in it, or you could be distracted by their thought. Regardless, if someone takes up that space in your mind so often, meaning it is not a one-time thing, you likely have a crush on them.

2. You dress well when they are around

If you usually put in effort to look good, this might not apply to you. But if you take things to a different level thinking about the person, it indicates you want to impress them or want them to believe you are attractive. Conversely, you might even try to act casual while dressing fancy to hide that you have a crush on them and don’t want to make it evident to others.

3. You plan the conversations in your head

While it’s natural to plan a presentation or a speech when it comes to work or a social occasion, it becomes a whole different game when you’re doing it to meet someone. You could be reciting a joke, an interesting story, or random phrases in mind. If you’re rehearsing your conversations with someone, odds are you have a crush on them.

4. You get nervous when you’re around them

Do you get anxious when you are around them? You have so much in your mind, but you cannot speak. That’s probably because you don’t want to embarrass yourself. If someone can make you nervous merely by their physical presence, it’s a strong sign you feel something for them.

5. You want to be around them

When you have a crush on someone, it’s natural that meeting them becomes a highlight of your day. You might devote effort to your appearance or wonder what to say, but you will be excited to meet them. It could be a passing greeting as you see each other at work or a party with mutual friends. Regardless, if you’re looking forward to meeting them every day and miss them when you can’t, you probably have a crush on them.

6. You see them everywhere

We don’t mean to say you see them everywhere, but you might confuse a random stranger for your crush for a split second. They may not even resemble your crush, dress the same way, or have similar voices. If this happens to you often and randomly, you could be thinking of them on a subconscious level to keep imagining them everywhere.

7. You follow them online

The Internet has given us access to people’s lives more than ever. It’s normal to be curious to know what your crush is up to, who they are with, and where they hang out, or scroll through their pictures. If you’ve been following them online for a while, you probably have a crush on them.

8. You consider their opinion

It’s natural to be attracted to people who share similar viewpoints. But if your crush shares different opinions and you still consider them, it could be because you are interested in them and want to avoid conflict. You might even start to care about the causes, people, and even issues considered by your crush to be noticed by them.

9. You defend them

A telltale sign you have a crush on someone is when you find yourself defending them when with your friends. While we do it for our family and friends, you might notice you are more engaged in supporting your crush, and sometimes, for no reason. Whether you are jumping to rescue them or arguing with your friends for them, it shows they have a special place in your heart.

10. You try to run into them

Wanting to be around someone you are attracted to is natural, but it is not always easy to make it happen. You might find yourself making excuses to be in certain places where you know they work or hang out. If you’re coworkers, you might find yourself taking your lunch breaks around the same time, or if you have mutual friends, you might be trying to attend outings and parties you know they’re likely to be at.

11. You daydream about them

It’s natural to daydream about someone you have a crush on. Sometimes, you could daydream about extreme scenarios that likely wouldn’t play out in real life, and at other times, you would daydream about having a nice date with them. It’s a powerful sign that you have a crush on them.

12. Your friends notice a change in your behavior

Your close friends and family could be the first to notice a change in you. Even if we don’t intend to act differently around our crushes, it manifests itself, and you might not realize it. When people close to you start noticing your attributes suddenly, it could be because you share strong feelings for your crush.

13. You indulge in “Gatsbying”

Are you stepping outside your comfort zone to make them notice you? For example, you post a video of you bungee jumping if your crush is an adrenaline junkie, or you adopt a dog if they like pets. While people often do it for a much wider audience, doing it for a crush is a whole different matter. It even has a term, “Gatsbying,” which means posting or sharing something on a public platform, with the intended audience being your crush.

14. You get excited with their notification

If you’re at the stage where you talk regularly to your crush or even flirt with them, it’s normal to be glued to your phone. If you’re not holding your phone, you keep one eye on the phone, waiting for it to light up or ring with a notification from your crush. If you are obsessed with someone to such an extent, you have a crush on them.

15. You get jealous when someone else flirts with them

It’s natural to feel protective of people in our lives. It could be to keep away a bad influence or someone who makes them uncomfortable. However, with a crush, we do the same thing for the opposite reason. If the person flirting with them is charming and fun to be with, you may get jealous. It means you don’t want to see your crush having a good time with someone else.

The definition of a crush is fluid. We can have crushes on movie stars or celebrities or even have a passing attraction for multiple people at times. We may even develop an attraction towards someone when we’re drunk. However, the original meaning of a crush usually implies a sense of desperation and obsession with a single person that doesn’t fade away with time.

While there are many things you can do to take things forward from here, the first step involves realizing and admitting that you have a crush on them and then acting on those feelings.

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