8 Signs You Have The Best Husband Ever

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In an age where people are so afraid of commitment and everyone wants to keep their options open, if you find a guy who can truly be your best friend, he will certainly be a great husband. Marriage should be a bond that allows you to live with your best friend.

If your husband is your closest comrade, then it automatically ticks most boxes. He would never do anything that would hurt you, he will know how to calm you down when you are extremely angry, and no one can get you to smile like he does. If you can relate to these things, then you probably are one lucky lady! Here are 8 signs for you to know that you have the best husband ever:

1. Your Smile Is His Goal

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Who doesn’t want to feel like the girls they show in movies when they are in love? Most of us have grown up being crazy romantics. Some of us may just keep it inside and pretend not to be one of those, but when it comes to our man, we want it all. If your husband is someone who goes out of his way to make you smile, he is a keeper. He makes an effort to make you feel special in small ways, perhaps by appreciating the way you take care of him or complimenting how well you handle your household. When he likes something that you do, he makes it known to you.

2. He Does Not Just Hear But Listens To What You Say

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For any relationship to blossom, communication is the most important factor. You want your opinions to be valued. If your husband trusts you enough to share things with you and take advice from you, he loves you and respects you. He talks to you about things that matter to him and he listens to what you have to say rather than just hear you out. Likewise, he is not full of himself and is someone who listens to your problems; he is your comfort zone.

3. He Notices The Small Things

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He notices things about you that you probably didn’t know about yourself. Like how you smile when you are trying to keep secrets or how you start fiddling with your fingers when you are nervous. He knows the difference between your tone when you are worried and trying to play it cool. He knows you better than anyone else does. Well he better! After all, he sees you 24×7… okay, almost.

4. He Makes Sure That You Feel Belonged

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When you go out shopping or for dinners, he holds your hand and lets people know that you are his lady. When you hang out with your friends, he talks about you in loving terms when you aren’t around but also never misses a chance to pull your leg, just because he loves you and thinks it is cute.

5. How You Feel Matters Most To Him

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He keeps in mind your likes and dislikes while choosing holiday destinations or a place to eat out. He doesn’t push you to do things his way because he respects your choices. When you have the monthly monster visit you, he does things to comfort you instead of pointing out how irritable you are. When you are sick, he takes care of you without making you feel like a burden.

6. He’s An Equal Partner In Everything You Do

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When he’s home, he helps you in whatever little way possible. He helps you with buying groceries on Sundays. He supports you in whatever you do, be it with your decision to work or something in the family. He is there for you like a rock.

7. He Enjoys Spending Time With You

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Like it most often happens, he does not crib about staying home on one Friday night with you because you needed him. He willingly hangs out with you and enjoys doing things with you. He never makes you feel less important. He’s there with you through everything but you both respect each other’s space and don’t intrude it.

8. You Are The Best Version Of Yourself Around Him

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When you are with him, you are the truest and best version of yourself. He brings out the child in you and you are the happiest when with him. He loves you in ways which make you want to do things for him and his family because you want to make him feel special too. You automatically become each other’s happy space.

These are just a few signs but when you live together, you will have plenty more reasons to say that your husband is the best. Marriage is a bittersweet pill to swallow but I’ve heard it is also the most beautiful bond. You may or may not relate to all these points but that doesn’t really determine how good your husband is. You are the best judge. If he makes you feel alive and treats you like the best thing to happen to him, then you are lucky!

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