Will I Be Single Forever: 21 Signs You Might Be

Will I Be Single Forever: 21 Signs You Might Be

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Growing up, many of us think that we will get married, have kids, and enjoy a happy family. But as we grow older, we realize that life is a lot different than our perception and that finding a life partner is not as simple as it may seem.

Right now, you may be at the point in life where a marriage appears to be the next step forward. But perhaps you are not seeking companionship for now. You may even wonder, ‘will I be single forever?’ If this thought has crossed your mind, then here are some signs you are happy being single and may not get into a commitment for now.

21 Signs You Will Be Single Forever

Being single is highly underrated. You can be single and still have a fulfilling life. Here are some signs singlehood is for you and that you might be single forever.

1. You enjoy your own company

If you are more comfortable by themselves than being with someone, then a solitary life is for you. You prefer being with yourself to engaging in unwanted conversations with another person.

2. You don’t trust people easily

A bitter experience in the past or being suspicious by nature makes you wary of people’s intentions. You are unable to let your guard down even with friends. Hence, you feel you are better off alone than sharing your life with anyone else.

3. You have a great life

You have your dream job, a beautiful house, an amazing car, and everything you ever wanted. You spend your spare time with a group of friends or traveling. You are content with your life and do not miss companionship in any way. Why would you mind being single then?

4. You like your freedom

Being in a relationship means being answerable to someone. Instead, if you are single, you have the freedom to live the way you want. You can go for vacations with friends anytime you feel like, keep the house any way you want, and do anything your heart feels like. Being single means being your uninhibited self.

5. You are not too keen to date

You have seen bad examples of unhappy couples, which made you swear off relationships. You believe that a relationship eventually breaks, so there is no point in giving it too much importance. Instead, you prefer investing in yourself and your well-being.

6. You don’t have the time to impress anyone

To maintain and nurture a relationship, you need to put in time and effort. And you have no interest in making anyone happy but yourself. If you like taking care of yourself and doing stuff that makes you happy, why invest time in anyone else?

7. You want to preserve your lifestyle

Being single allows you to have the entire bed and closet to yourself. You have your morning and evening routine in place. You lead content and healthy life. The entry of another person might disturb the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself. Hence, you are better off being single.

8. You are too busy to date

You are married to your work and you want nothing to come in between. If all your time is taken up to fulfill your work commitments, then it is best to stay single because you won’t have time to spend with anyone else.

9. You like to pursue your interests

Apart from work, you are involved in other activities that keep you busy and happy. Being single allows you to have free time to develop and nurture other interests and skills. You can even travel and explore places as a solo traveler.

10. You feel happy when a date goes wrong

You go on a date because your family and friends insist you meet new people. However, you hope that things do not work out because you are not ready to date as yet. You want to be single a little longer or maybe even forever.

11. You cannot get over your ex

You had been in a relationship with a wonderful person, but things ended, and now you cannot get over that person. If you are still hungover your ex despite a considerable time since your breakup, then you might probably prefer being single to getting involved with someone you don’t really love.

12. You get bored easily

It is not that you don’t want to fall in love. You fall in love as quickly as you fall out of it. In the past, you have only had short-term relationships because that is how you like it. You do not like the idea of being with one person all your life. Until you find ‘the one,’ it’s best to be single.

13. You feel shackled in a relationship

In the past, you may have had a relationship where your partner dominated you. The experience must have a lasting impression on you. Now, you feel that relationship inevitably ties you down, hence it is better to keep away.

14. You are not a social person

To meet someone new, you need to step out of your house and make an effort to introduce yourself to people. But you are not a social person. You prefer spending time at home to socializing with friends and colleagues.

15. You fear rejection

You have had your share of crushes and infatuation, but the only thing keeping you from approaching them is low self-confidence. You fear that your advances might be turned down, hence you prefer being single as there is no stress of being rejected by a love interest.

16. You want a fairytale romance

You have watched too many romance movies or read romance novels that have made you believe in the ‘perfect romance.’ You believe in meeting your ‘soulmate’ and falling in love instantly. Your high expectations of a partner might keep you single for long.

17. You feel the need to be alone to be yourself

In a relationship, you expose your true self to your partner. But if you are awkward as a person or have self-image issues, then being single may seem more suitable for you. You won’t have any pressure to look or behave a certain way.

18. You are not aware of what you want

Before getting into a relationship, you need to know what you want in a partner and what you are willing to give the relationship. If you are still unsure of what exactly you want from a partner, you are right in sticking to your single status.

19. You don’t trust yourself

In the past, you had your fingers burnt, getting into wrong relationships. Now you want to be cautious and protect yourself from the wrong person. It makes you scared to commit to a person, hence you prefer being single.

20. You lose yourself in a relationship

Each time you have been in a relationship, you have made your partner the center of your world and lost yourself in the bargain. You are now afraid that you will again lose yourself if you get into a relationship, so you stay away from the dating game.

21. You are tired of dating

After trying all kinds of dating apps and meeting every person your friends set you up with, you feel worn out. Dating is not alluring to you anymore. In a way, you have given up hopes in love and have chosen to be single.

Being in a relationship and being settled in life is not the same thing. You can be in a relationship and still not be settled, while you can be single and be happy and well-settled. So, the next time the question ‘will I be single forever?’ pops up in your head, tell yourself that being single also has benefits and it is totally fine enjoying your companionship.

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