15 Notable Signs You Really Hurt Him

You always strive to keep your beau happy. But relationships have their ups and downs; some days, you focus on signs of contentment, while other days, you may wonder about the signs you really hurt him. These ups and downs are normal in any relationship, making a relationship unique and special. Nevertheless, when you love your man so much, hurting him is the last thing you want to do.

This post presents some notable signs you really hurt him. These will let you know that your partner is hurt, and you can rectify your error.

15 Signs You Really Hurt Him

These are signs a man is hurt emotionally, and it is a good idea to talk about the hurt you caused. Take it as a chance to work on your relationship and the ways to resolve any issues.

1. He doesn’t see you

One of the most obvious signs you really hurt him is that he doesn’t see you. He will make the silliest excuses just to avoid meeting you. This is quite normal behavior as we usually avoid meeting people who hurt us.

If he knows your schedule, he will go out of his way to avoid the places you will be present so that there is no chance of an accidental meetup. Even if you ask him to come and meet you, he might make some excuses.

2. He doesn’t smile at or greet you

He doesn’t even smile at you

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If your partner does not greet you warmly or doesn’t smile at you, it is one of the signs a man is hurt emotionally. If he was a warm person before and now, he doesn’t even want to smile at you, your actions or words could have caused the change.

If you feel he is not returning your affections, intentionally draw his attention by calling him and smiling at him. If he doesn’t respond, you will know for sure.

Quick tip
Confront him and politely ask if he is mad at you. If he is hurt, don’t hesitate to offer your heartfelt apology to end the rift.

3. He doesn’t talk to you

When someone hurts you, you do not want to talk with them. It is the same for your partner too. You are one of the most important people in his life, and you have hurt him. It is quite obvious he doesn’t want to talk to you.

Try initiating a conversation with your partner. If he seems uninterested in talking with you or makes excuses not to talk with you, understand that he is seriously hurt.

4. He doesn’t acknowledge your presence

If you meet him in the company of friends or coworkers, he is likely to ignore you if you have hurt him. It means your presence is hurting him, and he cannot stand the idea of talking to you. He will bypass you and speak to others.

This action can also be interpreted as his way of subconsciously letting you know how much you hurt him. Your presence is hurting him, and he is overcompensating by being indifferent.

He constantly talks about you on social media

5. He doesn’t respond to your calls or messages

He doesn’t respond to your calls or texts

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If you call or message your partner during the weekday, say during office hours, it is expected that he will not respond to them. But if he doesn’t respond to them even after office hours, it might be a sign that you have hurt him pretty badly.

If he is consistently not responding to your calls and messages for a week, it means he is no longer interested in having a conversation with you.

6. He blocks you on social media

This is one of the more contemporary signs you really hurt him. Blocking on social media is a way of showing someone you are not interested in their life anymore. If your partner unfriends, unfollows, or blocks you on any of the social media platforms, it is a warning.

If he doesn’t want you on his social media (and doesn’t want to check yours in turn), it means you have hurt him enough to completely shut you out of his world.

7. He constantly talks about you on social media

If he has blocked you on social media, you may be unable to see his posts. But soon, you learn from a common friend who is following him that he has been of late posting melancholic content, especially about his broken heart and feelings.

If you have parted on not-so-friendly terms, there is a high chance of him posting angry things about you. He takes to social media to pour out his frustrations and sadness. These are all indicators that you have hurt him badly, and now he is venting out through social media posts.

8. He starts getting into rebound relationships

He may get into rebound relationships

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This is a way for him to show you he is in control of his life when, in fact, he is hurt by you. By getting into rebound relationships, he is trying to show you (as well as himself) that he is still powerful. He will flit from one relationship to another, trying to establish this fact.

He might not be level-headed while looking for a partner, but this is his way of picking up his self-esteem.

9. He stops dating altogether

This is the other extreme of getting into rebound relationships – he stops dating. This means you have hurt him so badly that he doesn’t want to experience the same at another woman’s hands again. He starts withdrawing within himself and keeps away from all relationships.

After a breakup, there is a certain amount of cool-down time when one does not get into a new relationship. But if a significant amount of time has passed without your partner dating someone, it might mean that your hurt put him off relationships altogether.

10. He starts eating or drinking too much

Another indicator of a hurt partner is that he is drinking excessively

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People who are emotionally hurt often turn to food and drinks to cope. Food becomes a crutch for them to drown their sorrows on. If your partner has started binge-eating, especially junk food, it is his psychological need to drown his sorrows in food.

Another indicator of a hurt partner is that he is drinking excessively. If he didn’t use to drink more than a couple of beers before, this is a sure sign that you have hurt him badly.

Point to consider
If you are concerned about his drinking addiction, take him to de-addiction counseling. Before doing that, talking to him and taking his consent is important.

11. He hits the gym with a vengeance

If your partner was a couch potato when you were together but is now a fitness freak, it might be because you have hurt his ego and self-esteem so much that he needs to build it up by exercising.

It is not due to interest that he has become a gym fanatic. He needs the surge of adrenaline to feel good about himself and rebuild his broken heart.

12. He gets angry with you when you talk

Every time you attempt to have a civil conversation with him, he gets angry. You cannot even have a short passing word with him without him blowing up. This shows how much you have hurt him. He is hurting a lot, and he cannot simply handle contact without losing control of his temper.

It could be that he is simply irritated with you all the time. If you fought with each other, he might find your presence annoying.

13. He doesn’t help you

He refuses to listen and be a part of your life

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This is another way you know that you hurt your partner badly. He doesn’t want to help you. In fact, there might be times when he doesn’t even want to listen to your problem. He refuses to listen and be a part of your life, even for a short time.

A person who is on good terms will help you, and if they cannot help, they will point you to the people who can help you. But a hurt partner is unlikely to do any of these.

14. He closes off

A lot of emotions can be conveyed unconsciously through your body language. If your actions or words really hurt your partner, his body language will be closed. He will keep his hands folded close to his body. His feet will move away from your direction.

There are other indicators too. He will lean away from you when talking to you. He also doesn’t maintain eye contact.

15. He becomes passive-aggressive

Passive-aggressive behavior is one of the worst ways to show your anger toward a person. It is not healthy for people in a relationship. He often ends up insulting you in a manner that is both hurtful and snide. It shows how hurt he is and that he can go to any level to hurt you back.

If your partner has started making passive-aggressive digs at you, it might be time for both of you to seriously think about your relationship.

There are many reasons why a relationship may spiral downward, but it is necessary to look out for these signs if you want to continue the relationship or even if you wish to part on a good note. These signs you really hurt him can help you determine the extent of his agony and find ways to make up to him. Sometimes, apologizing can do the trick, but you have to give your partner some time and space to heal. You can help your partner heal and move on with time, love, and patience.

Infographic: How To Talk And Apologize To A Hurt Partner?

Although unintentional, we often say/do things during heated conversations that can hurt our partner. While what happened can’t be undone, you can genuinely apologize to your partner and ease their hurt. Unsure of the right approach? Our infographic provides practical tips that can help you start a conversation with your partner and apologize to them appropriately.

tips to make up with a hurt partner [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Relationships can have their share of ups and downs, but knowing when to spot a low point is vital.
  • Some of the notable signs that you hurt him include avoiding you, ignoring your messages, blocking you on social media, and passive-aggressive interaction.
  • Addressing the cause behind these signs with patience can help mend the relationship or even help you part ways on good terms.

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