18 Sure Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back

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What are the signs your ex is never coming back? In many cases, people come back after breaking up and being apart. This usually happens because they realize how important they are for each other and that they cannot be without them. However, you cannot always be waiting for them to realize that, right? So what signs indicate that your ex is not coming back to you? We have the answer for you. Read on as we put together a list of signs that will keep you from having false hopes about your ex coming back.

18 Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back

1. There’s no communication 

They turned off everything after the breakup

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While some people try to reduce the frequency of communication, there are a few who just turn off everything the moment you call for a break-up. They might change their number, block you on all social media platforms, or block your calls and messages.

They make every possible effort to not be available for you. If this happens for quite some time, it’s a clear sign that they are not interested in contacting you or being contacted by you.

2. Your conversations have gone dull 

If you both happen to meet, and you notice there is a world of difference between how you used to communicate and how you’re talking to each other now, they may have moved on. When conversing, you think of what to speak and how to react as your talks lack substance, and you don’t feel comfortable as you were earlier.

You observe the same pattern even in your text messages and telephonic conversations. And most of the time, there might be casual replies or no replies even after they have viewed the messages.

3. You have been friend-zoned

 A gentle way to exit from a relationship is to become friends without any hard feelings for each other. If you both have agreed on similar lines, it is a positive sign that they could return.

However, if you find your ex completely indifferent, such as treating you like all other friends, not being romantic or flirty, and not mentioning anything about the past while still respecting you, then they have done a decent job at detaching themselves from the relationship emotionally and have moved on in the healthiest way.

4. Your ex is enjoying life after separation

Your ex may celebrate your break-up

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The initial days of a break-up can be tough for anyone. But if you find your ex celebrating your break-up and planning trips and vacations soon after the break-up, it’s a clear sign that they are happy without you and has no plans to come back to you.

5. They have blocked you on all the social media platform

While not communicating is one way of conveying that your ex is not interested in further interaction with you, blocking you on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media platforms is a straightforward way of saying they are not interested in staying in touch with you. They are least bothered about what’s happening in your life, and they are not willing to share what’s going on in their lives.

6. They speak ill about you 

This is one of the worst things that someone could do after a break-up. And if they do this, it’s not worth waiting for them to come back. People with negative personalities tend to bad-mouth you so that they can put the entire blame of the break-up on you.

And if they bad-mouth you before your mutual friends and family, it’s a serious sign that they want to hurt you and don’t want you to come back.

7. They return all your stuff

They ask for all things that they have gifted you

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This sounds like a familiar scene from Hollywood movies. But, in reality, there are fewer chances that your ex might demand their stuff back. In case they ask for all the things that they have gifted you or their personal stuff that they might have forgotten at your place, take it as a clear sign that they have decided to move on.

There are equal chances of them returning your things too. If this happens, they are seriously making an effort to completely wipe you off, not just from their lives, but also their memories.

8. They avoid your family and friends

When you are in a relationship, it’s quite common to meet each other’s family and friends. Over time, you might have developed friendly relations with them. Even after your breakup, there is no harm in continuing that warmth with them.

But if your ex tries to avoid your acquaintances, it shows that they do not want to be in touch with anyone who reminds them about you. They do not want to put themselves in a tricky situation wherein you might think they are still interested in you. It’s also a way to avoid people, say your mutual friends, who try to get you both back together or just ask a lot of questions about the break-up.

9. There are no signs of jealousy

If someone has feelings for you, it’s natural for them to become a little jealous when you hang out with others.

If even after seeing you with another person, your ex shows no signs of jealousy, it’s a clear indication that they do not care about what’s happening in your life. Whether you’re hanging out with someone, dating someone, or getting into a serious relationship, it doesn’t matter to them.

10. They advise you to move-on 

If you have been friend-zoned by your ex or if you both are in touch with each other, you might receive some advice, such as “It’s better you move on,” “it’s not worth being in the past,” “you deserve better,” “I’m not right for you,” and so on.

If they use any of these lines, respect it and don’t waste any time on them or have another heartbreak due to false hopes.

11. Your ex is dating someone for quite some time 

You need to move on with your life

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This is one more sure indicator that your ex will not come back to you. You might think they are in a rebound relationship, but if they have been serious with the other person for quite some time, you need to respect their space and decision and move on with your life.

12. They do not care if you’re seeing someone

You’re not interested in starting a new relationship anytime soon, but someone else is interested in you, and you don’t want to say a straight “No.” You both might be in the starting phase of knowing each other.

If your ex gets to learn about it through some mutual contacts and is very much okay about it, well, you have got your answers. They are not at all interested in what’s happening in your life nor want to disturb you when you’re moving forward.

13. They move out of the city to avoid you 

You both might have lived together for quite some time. And in your entire journey, never have they discussed their plans to move out of the city. But, if post your break-up, they have moved to a new location or an entirely new city, they might be trying to get away from you and make a fresh start in their life.

14. Your ex is getting married 

This needs no further explanation. But, yes, there is something you should keep in mind. If you hear the news of your ex getting engaged or married, and if you still wish for them to come back, you’re just making a fool of yourself.

15. You have a strong gut feeling 

You might have a gut feeling that they are not returning

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Irrespective of all the information you’re getting about your ex or the developments happening in their life, you might have a strong gut feeling that tells you they are not coming back. If you feel it, follow your instincts and get on with your life. Who knows, something better might be waiting for you.

16. Your mutual friends ask you to move on

Mutual friends know you both, and they will be in touch with both of you as your break-up may not make much of a difference to their relationship with you and your ex.

If you have one such mutual friend who is aware of your ex’s side of the story and the latest developments in their life, and they advise you to forget about the past and not think about your ex coming back, you can take their word.

17. They have changed drastically

You both might be in touch with each other even after the breakup. If you observe a serious change in your ex’s personality or attitude towards you, it’s a strong sign that they are deliberately making an effort to let you know that you’re no longer important in their life.

Don’t ask for reasons for the strange behavior. Understand and let them be free from you instead of being behind them.

18. They try to make you jealous

This might sound silly, but there are some people who do this so that their ex would understand how happy they are without them.

They might use a social media platform where you both are connected to post recent happy pictures and developments in their lives to make you understand that they are excited about their post-break-up life. Despite knowing that those things would hurt you, if they do it purposefully, don’t fancy them coming back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my ex never come back?

Your ex doesn’t come back because you may have hurt them badly. They don’t see a future with you and are over you already. They might also be convinced that the breakup was necessary and have no reason to get back together with you.

2. What to do if my ex never comes back?

Focus on your life and work on yourself. Don’t allow anyone to mess with your life for a long time. You may try new things, travel, follow your passion, or pursue new hobbies. Give yourself time to heal and use the opportunity to reconnect with your friends and family.

Holding on to your memories with your ex and hoping they will come back can be more painful than breaking up. Hence, understanding these signs that your ex is never coming back could help you move on. Also, remember that patching up after parting ways is feasible only when both the ex-partners feel the need to stay together. If not, it is best to move on with life than think about them and ruin your present. Further, try to keep yourself engaged, pursue a hobby you love, go out, meet new people, and invest your time in things that make you happy.

Infographics: Actions That Prevent Healing After Your Ex Doesn’t Return

The lingering hope may not allow you to accept that your ex is never coming back. However, this may cause severe emotional damage, and you should avoid activities that do not allow you to let go of the person or their memories. The infographic below explains what you should not do if you wish to recover and heal.

things not to do if your ex is not coming back [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • Your ex may not be coming back if they show signs of complete avoidance.
  • Blocking you on social media platforms, enjoying life without you, and not showing interest in your current relationship are a few signs.
  • Focus on yourself and move on instead of holding on to them.

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