27 Definite Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back To You

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After a rough patch, you and your partner moved apart to reconsider your relationship. However, you still have feelings for them and want them to return, or you realize you made a mistake and want a second chance. You may look for signs your ex will come back in such a case. Well, the road to reuniting with your ex may not be easy. To break through the outer shell and rekindle their love for you, you’ll need patience, perseverance, and sincere love. But, if you’re ready for the challenge, this post explains some signs that may show that your ex will come back at some point.

27 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Having feelings for your ex after a breakup is normal but do not make decisions in haste. Always give yourself and your ex enough time to think. If you know it is worth it, then here are some signs to look out for. We present signs both from your and your partner’s perspective.

  1. They have not blocked your number. A major sign that your ex will eventually come back is that they have not yet blocked your number. This could mean that they want to keep a window of conversation open.
  1. They check your social media account. If you sense your ex is stalking your social media accounts, it could be a sign that they want to know what is happening in your life. This could also be them hinting that they are thinking about you.
  1. They didn’t start seeing anyone. This is a tricky sign to evaluate. If your ex is still single and is not looking to get into any relationship, it could mean they are taking their time to get into a relationship or still thinking of you. Carefully evaluate the situation before coming to an assumption.
  1. They attend events where you go. If your ex has attended an event knowing that you will be there, then it could mean that they are eager to see you. If they show up alone, then you have your chance to open a conversation with them.
  1. They are on friendly terms with your family. If your ex is still talking and visiting your family like before, then it could mean they are not over you and looking to get back.
Your ex is still friendly with your family

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  1. They haven’t returned your things. It could be your favorite T-shirt or your gift on their birthday; if your ex has not returned any of your things, it could either mean they are too attached to them to let go or think of getting back with you. Both these signs are positive and show that your ex might eventually get back.
  1. They lift your calls. Initially, they might have ignored your calls, but now they do answer them. Though they might not talk to you like before, receiving your calls is a sign that they are still interested in what you have to say.
  1. They text you. They might make it look like they accidentally texted you. But, if you start a conversation, they will continue it and share their feelings. They may also keep the thread open by sending good morning and good night texts.
Point to consider
If you want to get your ex to stop texting you without blocking them, convey your needs by drawing a boundary.
  1. They opened up to their close friends.You are on good terms with their best friend, and they tell you that your ex has opened up about still having feelings for you. It is a sure sign that they might eventually come back.
  1. They admit that they are unhappy after the breakup. You find out through common friends that your ex is feeling unhappy and that they think letting you go was a bad decision. It could be a sign that they will eventually come back.
They may feel unhappy after the breakup

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  1. You bump into them too often. It could be near your office, or your favorite coffee shop; if you are spotting your ex often, then it may not be a coincidence. They might be coming intentionally to see or talk to you.
  1. They drunk-text or call you. Many times, pride might stop your ex from confessing their feelings for you. But if you get a call or text from them when they are drunk, then whatever they spoke would be coming straight from their heart. If they say they miss you, then this could be a sign that they will eventually come back.
  1. They want to hang out with you. If your ex asks you out on the weekend, then it indicates they are longing for your company. It could indicate that they want to rekindle the relationship.
  1. They discuss future plans and goals with you. During the time they spend with you, if your ex discusses their life goals and future plans, then it is a sign that they still value your opinion and want to get back with you.
  1. They ask you how they can make it up to you. After two or three meetings, if your ex has brought up the break up in the conversation and asked you how they could make it up for past mistakes, then that is a strong sign that they want to get back with you.
  1. They do things you like. When you were together, did their habit of being late for dates annoy you? If now they have become punctual, then it shows that they have changed and want you to notice it.
Point to ponder
Express appreciation for the changes you notice in your ex. Do so without directing words of contempt or sarcasm about their past behavior.
They become punctual

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  1. They treat you well. In your time together, you will notice that they have become more receptive and affectionate towards you. They may do everything to make you happy. If you broke up due to a lack of attention from them, they may do everything possible to pay attention to you, to prove that they are good for you.
  1. Their parents call you to tell how miserable they are. If you are on good terms with your ex’s parents, then you might get a call from them telling how much they miss you or how they have been miserable after you’ve left. This could signify that your ex is unhappy about the breakup, and their parents want to mend the situation.
  1. You broke up due to misunderstandings. When there are no major mishaps such as ill-treatment or cheating, and you and your ex have broken up on good terms, there is a good chance that the relationship has not become irreparable. The feelings between you both are very much alive, and your ex might still have a soft corner for you.
  1. They become nostalgic. Your ex is constantly reminding you of all the good times you spent together. It could mean they are missing you and rethinking the breakup to reunite with you.
  1. They come to help you. No matter how bitter the breakup, if your ex comes to your aid whenever you are in trouble or need help, then it could mean that they still care for you and might eventually come back.
They come to help you

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  1. They remember important dates. Despite your breakup, your ex wishes you on your birthday, greets you on Valentine’s Day, and may even drop a message on your relationship anniversary. It indicates that you are very much in their heart, and they may soon rekindle their bond with you.
  1. They make sure you would not forget them. Just when you have decided to forget this relationship and move on, your ex would do something that ignites the feelings inside you. Impromptu meetings and out of the blue messages indicate that they want to sustain your interest in them so that they can easily get back to you.
Point to consider
Breakups without closure are hard on the couple and everyone around them. So be kind and avoid giving backlashing responses to (or about) your ex, especially after they have entered a new relationship.
  1. They lie about not wanting to see you again. When you tried reaching out to them again, they might have shut you down. However, a few days down the line, they may text you or ask you out of a coffee.
  1. They are curious to know about you. After breaking up,if your ex is trying to know about your love life and whether you are dating anyone, then that could be a sign that they have feelings for you.
  1. Your ex is insecure: When the decision to break up is taken on the spur of the moment, your ex might regret it. One strong sign of such regret is insecurity. If your ex is constantly asking their peers for assurance or hint to you that the decision was a hasty one, then they might come back.
Your ex may feel insecure

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  1. Your ex sees you in a positive light. Things that they once found annoying about you are no longer bothersome to them. They have done some reflection and understand their errors and learned to accept you as you are. This is a sign that they are missing the relationship with you and might want to get back.

All these signs hold good only when you and your ex have been separated for petty misunderstandings or due to long distance. That stated, if you have been in an abusive relationship or if your ex has been manipulative, then do not rush to rekindle your relationship as it could have negative consequences.

Fights and misunderstandings are common in a healthy relationship. If you have messed up the relationship, then put your pride aside and apologize. If they show positive signs of coming back, then do everything to win their love again, but only when you genuinely want them back.

Some signs your ex will eventually come back can be challenging to pick on. It is more common among couples who split due to petty reasons and misunderstandings. If you both have been away for a while, it is possible that you both were able to analyze what went wrong and want to mend things with each other. However, if you had to part ways since the relationship was abusive and toxic, don’t bother to understand the moves by your ex. If you see the relationship growing into something more positive and beneficial for both, you must try to understand these signs and talk to them only if you are sure to get back with them.

Infographic: Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Breaking up with your significant other can be hard, and there might be times when you want to have them back in your life. The signs mentioned above can help you determine whether your ex will return to you. To help you further, we have prepared this infographic with more signs indicating that your ex will come back into your life.

indicators that your ex will [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • If your ex has not started seeing anyone and talks to you often, it is a sign they will come back into your life.
  • Waiting for your ex to come back and not moving forward despite a toxic relationship is unacceptable.
  • It is important to put yourself and your well-being first before getting back with your ex.

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