10 Clear Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

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If your instincts have been telling you that your husband has feelings for another woman and is up to something, you would want to know the signs your husband has a crush on another woman.

Some men are never content with anything and are always after something. Despite having a loving wife at home, they feel the urge to find new love. Read this post to know the signs your husband has a crush on another woman and decide on your next steps.

10 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

When a man starts having feelings for a woman other than his wife, he tends to behave in a certain manner that gives away his feelings for that person. Observe the following signs to understand if something is fishy in your love story.

1. He loses interest in the bedroom

Nothing you do ignites the spark of love in him

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You prepare his favorite meal, wear your sexiest outfit, and decorate the bedroom hoping to have a great time in bed with your spouse. However, nothing you do ignites the spark of love in him, and he avoids getting intimate with you. It has been months since you had sex with him, and it does not bother him at all. He seems fine about not sleeping with you.

2. He is on the phone too often

You may be watching the television together, or he may be alone in the toilet; his phone is always with him. Even when discussing something important, his eyes are glued to his screen as he chats with someone constantly. No matter what you say, he is distracted as his phone keeps buzzing with notifications most of the time.

3. He deletes history from his gadgets

He suddenly acts possessive of his phone and other gadgets. All of his gadgets have locks. If not locked, then his call logs and chat history are all erased. He ensures that his online activities are out of reach for you. Even if you ask who he is speaking or chatting with, his answer is vague or avoids answering your question.

4. He refrains from sharing anything with you

He hardly shares anything about what’s going on with his life.

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Gone are the days when he would come home and tell you about his new project at work or his colleagues with whom he had a great time at work. He is too mysterious and hardly shares anything about what’s going on with his life. Even if you ask him directly, he speaks less, or his answers are mostly in one sentence.

5. He is suddenly too conscious of his appearance

Previously, your husband would wear whatever he found first in his closet and would be done in a couple of minutes. But lately, he has been spending too much time deciding what to wear and grooming himself. His dressing style, too, seems to have changed, and he makes a conscious effort to look more presentable than before.

6. He spends more time at work

Your husband, who is never on time for anything, suddenly leaves early for work. He is inseparable from his phone at home, but he is out of reach at work when you try to reach him. Not only does he come home late from work, but he also spends weekends and holidays at work. There is a sudden rise in his dedication to ‘work commitments.’

7. He is more active on social media

Signs your husband has a crush on another woman

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Being active on social media is common. But for someone who hardly took an interest in social media before suddenly getting too active is unnatural. Your husband posts regularly, even the topics you had no clue he was interested in.

8. He does not tell you his exact location

Your husband avoids your calls and does not tell you about his whereabouts. He does not give you a clear answer of where he is or where he is heading. Each time you ask him, he gives you a vague answer such as ‘out with colleagues’. Even when he is traveling, he does not give you an alternate number to reach him.

9. He hides his bank statements

Unlike before, you have no access to his bank account details or bills and receipts. His finance records are inaccessible to you. And suppose you do get your hands on it; you see expenditures you have no idea about. When you confront him, he has a seemingly long answer explaining how he had to spend it for some friend of his who you are conveniently unaware of.

10. He gets defensive easily

confront him about it, and he will get too defensive.

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His aloofness, distance and secretive behavior are bound to get to you. Confront him about it, and he will get too defensive. In fact, ask him some trivial information about him, and he seems too nervous to answer you. Instead, he blames you for being too suspicious of him without any reason. He gets irritated quickly by your questions and dismisses you for being paranoid.

How To Cope With The Situation

You could seek the help of a professional counselor.

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If you relate to more than half of the points mentioned above, something is likely happening with your husband and your relationship. However, do not freak out and confront your husband about it. It could just be some misunderstanding, and there is no third person involved. So, you need to be extremely careful before jumping to any conclusion.

You can talk it out patiently with your husband and explain how his behavior is affecting you. Or you could seek the help of a professional counselor and share your observations with them. A good counselor will be able to guide you in the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do happily married men get crushes?

Yes, it is not unthinkable to have someone happily married develop an occasional crush on a woman other than his wife. However, ensuring that this situation does not complicate your married life is essential.

2. Why would a married man want another woman?

Having an innocent crush once in a while may not sabotage a marriage. That said, when a married man is unhappy with his spouse (possibly due to various reasons), he could be attracted to other women and even consider being in a serious relationship.

People change with time, and just because your husband is not giving you the same amount of attention as the first few months of marriage, it does not necessarily mean he is seeing someone else. There are many factors such as stress, increase in workload, change of priorities, and so on that could cause a change in his behavior. At the same time, do not neglect these early signs of cracks in marriage and try to repair your relationship before it gets too late. Generally, if a spouse has shut down your questions over months and months, it is unlikely they will sit patiently and allow for your questions to be answered. Therefore, it is time to work with a therapist/counselor.

Key Pointers

  • Refraining from sharing with you and being too possessive of his phone are signs your husband has hidden intentions.
  • To understand his indifferent behavior, look for more odd traits such as hiding his bank statements and getting defensive.
  • Get clarity about his intentions before you confront him.

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