25 Signs Your Husband Loves You

You feel that you have been married to the most loving and affectionate man but are a little unsure because he is not expressive about his love. You would be curious to recognize the signs your husband loves you in such a case.

Every woman wants to be loved and pampered by her husband. His love and support give her the courage and strength to deal with all adversities and emerge a winner. However, sometimes even though she trusts her relationship, she needs subtle hints to reassure that her husband loves her unconditionally.

If you are experiencing such feelings, this post will help you notice the little signs that express your husband’s love toward you. Read on!

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25 Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You

  1. He wants to spend time with you. If your husband gets excited about date nights or leisure tea time conversations, then he is genuinely interested in talking to you. The fact that your husband is fascinated by you, wants to be with you and do things together even years after being together, is one of the biggest signs that your husband loves you.
  1. He takes care of you. From holding hands to financially supporting you (when you need it), he is there to take care of all your small and big worries. When your man is grounded in his love for you, he will not mind stepping out of his comfort zone to demonstrate that he is capable of understanding your differences and cares about meeting your needs too.
  1. He changes your life for the better. The presence of your man makes your life a lot better. For example, you may have had a tough time staying fit or managing your finances. Instead of mocking you or humiliating you for not being disciplined, your husband helps you build a solid workout regime that you can stick to or help you get your finances in order.
  1. He shows interest in your life. He is interested in what’s happening in your world. He asks how your day was or what’s happening at your workplace, giving you a chance to share or vent out. He would also genuinely compliment you over your accomplishments and offer advice when you need it.
  1. His future includes you. You are a part of his goals and dreams. A loving husband takes your opinion and considers your convenience before accepting a new job opportunity. You always know what his plans are and that you have a prominent place in them.
Planning the future with you is a sign that your husband loves you

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  1. His actions are never doubtful. He never puts you through the agony of doubting him. He tells you about his whereabouts and does not hide things from you. And if he ever did anything that makes you uncomfortable, he would come out clean and do everything to clear your doubts.
Point to consider
Long-lasting relationships are not a one-way street. Make sure you also reciprocate his transparency by sharing your whereabouts and are always available to patiently clear their doubts.
  1. He seeks your advice. If your man truly loves you, then he would trust you enough to discuss his troubles and fears with you. He wouldn’t mind being vulnerable in front of you. If he is discussing his problems, it means he values you, and your opinion matters a lot to him. When you give him some advice, he accepts it wholeheartedly.
  1. He feels sad when you are sad. He may feel as bad as you do when he raises his voice during an argument. Whenever you are sad or depressed, he tries to cheer you up or make it up with you because seeing you happy is something that makes him happy too.
  1. He tries to know your likes and dislikes. He asks you questions and remembers the answers. He wants to know what makes you laugh, or what your favorite ice cream flavor is. Not only does he remember the answers, but he also surprises you from time to time by bringing home your favorite ice cream or taking you on a surprise vacation to a place you like.
  1. He takes equal responsibility for household chores. He could be a laid back guy by nature, but he does his share of chores without complaining, and may even lend you an extra hand when he sees you overwhelmed with other things. He lets you know, through his actions, that you can always rely on him.
Quick fact
Love is not only grand gestures but thoughtful gestures like handing over the salt jar just when you need it during cooking or passing the tissue box just when you are looking for it shows how much you matter to him
Helping you with household chores is sign of your husband's love

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  1. He misses you when you have to stay apart. Whenever he is on a business trip or when you have to travel, he shows that he misses you by calling you regularly or by sharing things about his day. He would even bring a souvenir for you from his trip. He keeps thinking of.
  1. He tries to make your dreams come true. It could be a serious dream like starting your own business or a fantasy of visiting the Eiffel Tower. Your man does not let go of any opportunity to fulfill your dreams. He supports you in every possible way to help you achieve them.
  1. He uses ‘we’. While talking to his friends or family, if he uses the word ‘we’ more than ‘I’ and ‘me,’ then it is a sign that he thinks of you and him as one and not two separate people. He loves you so much that he is constantly thinking of you and also giving you importance in his life.
  1. He displays signs of affection. Whether it is pulling you closer for a selfie, or reaching out to hold your hand while walking, he always shows that he wants to be close to you. He makes it a point to display physical affection through hugs and kisses.
  1. He does not try to change you. A man who truly adores you loves you just the way you are. He accepts both your good and bad. If your man has never made an effort to change you or show you down for having a few flaws, then you are lucky to call him ‘my man.’
He accepts you the way you are

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  1. He says sorry. In situations where he has done or said something hurtful, he swallows his pride and apologizes. Also, a man who truly loves you forgives and tolerates all your quirks. He does not let his ego tear you apart.
  1. He respects you. The greatest way that Men show their respect to their wives is in allowing them to take the lead in the areas where her talents and abilities trump his own.
  1. He tries to win over your friends and family. Your husband makes an effort to be liked by the other important people in your life. He makes an effort to stay in touch with your parents. And no matter how annoying he may find your friends, he still makes an effort to befriend them because he knows that the happiness of the people you care about matters to you.
  1. He compromises. Another strong sign that a man loves you is his willingness to compromise. If your man doesn’t insist on doing things his way and is ready to change his ways a little for your happiness, then take it as a sign that he loves you.
  1. He stands up for you. If you find your guy is standing by your side even when the whole world is against you, then it is a sign that he trusts you and loves you more than anyone else. And when you are wrong, he would correct you in private, but never criticize you in public.
He supports you even when everyone is against you

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  1. He never gives up on the relationship. No matter how bad things could get, he never gives up on the relationship. He finds ways to make the relationship work and not think of separating over things that can be fixed. He has the humility and courage to admit when he is wrong.
  1. He brings thoughtful gifts. Whether he’s on a business trip or a casual visit to the mall, he’ll pick something for you if he thinks you might like or want it. This suggests that you are always on his mind.
  1. He does girly stuff with you. When in love, your happiness is his happiness. If dressing up in goofy costumes for your bestie’s costume party is what makes you happy, he would do it without grumbling. Be it wearing matching outfits or posting silly pictures on social media, he would do it all for you.
Point to consider
If your guy is your best friend indeed, be his best buddy too. Show your love by getting tickets to his favorite soccer team along with matching jerseys and see his eyes gleam with excitement.
  1. He shows how proud he is of you. When your man loves you, he believes that you are the best thing in his life. He brags about you to his friends and would not hesitate to introduce you to his colleagues.
He expresses how proud he is of you

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  1. You are his priority, and you know it. He might be busy with his work or away on a fishing trip with his buddies, but he never misses to check up on you. And when it comes to choosing between you and anyone else, he puts you first. A man who loves you makes you his number one priority in life, and you would know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a husband want from their wife?

If he loves you, he will not challenge your decisions and understand you. Relationships are perfect when they are equally reciprocated. So the same caring actions, standing up for him, and having emotionally-vulnerable and straightforward conversations with him can be some beautiful things to do.

2. What are the signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore?

There are many signs your husband loves you or not, depending on various social or psychological factors. If he always seems distracted, becomes reserved, stops enjoying your date outings, or stays out mostly, these can indicate that he doesn’t love you.

With the passing years in a marriage, you may feel that your husband no longer loves you as much as he once did. However, this may not be the case. Instead, his approach to showing his love may have changed. So, if you notice that your spouse makes an effort to spend time with you, his plans include you, he asks for your opinion, and shares household responsibilities equally, know that these are signs your husband loves you still. So cherish him and treat him as a king because he certainly treats you as a queen.

Infographic: Sweet Gestures Husbands Use To Convey Their Love

As the saying goes, “love without action is merely a word”; When your husband loves you, he does little things that speak about his adoration towards you, some of which are discussed in the infographic below. If he does these things to make you feel loved and worthy, you are indeed among the lucky wives.

adorable little things your husband does when he loves you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Passive actions, such as spending time or seeking your advice, indicate he loves you.
  • When planning the future, he ensures you are always in it.
  • He respects, apologizes, compromises, and will never give up on you.
  • If it never feels like you or me in his conversations, it is always “we.” That’s how you know he loves you.
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