11 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend On Earth And Nothing Can Change It


Who is your best friend? This question might have got you thinking already. Is it your school classmate with whom you spent your best years? But you might not have spoken to him/her in ages now. Or the one at the office who always has your back in times of need? But then, you don’t really tell her everything – do you? We’ve all had a best friend at some point in life. While some will stay on for a longer time others might just drift apart. But then, not all of them know everything about you. By that, we mean – every damn thing! However, there is a friend of yours who is exactly that, maybe even more, but you might not have noticed her. She’s your mom. Yes, your mom is your best friend on earth and here’s why:

1. She’s Your Biggest Cheerleader And Fan!

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Even before you started to believe in yourself, she would have told you a million times how special you are. Your smallest achievements make her proud. Each time you came on stage for your school dance, she was the one who cheered the loudest for you.

2. Your Mom Is Your Best Gossip Buddy

Whether it was about your school friends, office colleagues, or even the regular saas-bahu issues, your mom always had an ear for you. She’s someone who’d make the most mundane conversations spicy and fun.

3. You Can Always Rely On Your Mom For Some Sane Advice

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Whenever you’ve felt you’ve reached dead-end of some issue, your mom is always a call away to guide you through. With years of life experience and knowing you well, she knows exactly what will work for you.

4. You Can Trust Your Secrets With Her

You may have best friends, but you might not always tell them your secrets. This is because you fear your friend might judge you. Or worse, snap ties with you. But that fear never creeps up when you share your secrets with your mom. The best part – she knows how to keep them safe!

5. She Always Knows Ways To Cheer You Up

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Whether you are feeling upset with your buddies or angry at the entire world, your mom knows how to cheer you up. A warm soup, hot and piping pakodas or even a hot cup of tea made by her simply vanish all your tensions in a jiffy. The best of the lot – a warm hug from her!

6. Your Mom Is Your 4 AM Friend

Remember the funny scene from the popular Bollywood movie – Queen – where Rani calls her mom in the middle of the night to ask the English name for hing?? Hilarious, but true. No matter how silly the reason is, your mom is always there for you.

7. She Loves You Despite All Your Flaws

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No one is perfect. Not even you. We all have our flaws. But only a mom can love you the same way that she loved you as a kid – despite all your flaws.

8. She Tries To Understand Your Perspective

The generation gap is real. It isn’t easy for parents to understand their children as they grow and times change. Yet, a mother will give you enough space to explain yourself. She also makes efforts to catch up with your generation and understand your perspective.

9. She Enjoys Being With You

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Whether you were a kid or a teen, your mom loves hanging out with you. Often, when you make new friends and have a thriving social life, you might find less and less time with her. However, nothing changes for your mom. She will always love having you around.

10. No Matter How Mean You’ve Been, She’ll Always Forgive You

Let’s admit – our biggest punching bags were always our moms. Whenever differences arose between you and your dad or siblings, your mom was always the one who tried to bargain for peace. In the process, she often got yelled at. But when the tempers cool and you realize your mistake, she willingly forgives without holding grudges.

11. With Each Passing Year, Your Relationship With Her Gets Better

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Your relationship with your mom would have been special as a kid. But, as you grow, get married, and have your own kids, your relationship with her gets better with time. Somewhat like a good, aged wine!

Moms love you to bits. They’re happy when you laugh and get sad when you cry. You mean the world to them. There can never be a best friend like a mother. And no, nothing can change that!

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