11 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. But when it comes to a mother, the adage is needless to say. We all take moms for granted. Our children take us for granted too. We know the sacrifices mommies make, the physical, emotional, or mental upheavals they go through, and the life that they lead is centered around you. In a nutshell, they are a bundle of fortitude. Here are 11 ways your mom can crush the Heavens to be by your side all the time:

1. There is nothing like a mom when you fall sick:

You know it better when you are sent to a boarding school. Or when you sleepover at a friend’s or relatives’. When you are unwell there, it just occurs to you that nobody can care for you like your mom would. Your sickness can send her into melodrama. She would be by your bedside all the time. She would peek in every other moment to see if you are getting better. She would forget to take her meals, but she won’t forget to give you timely pills. When you hate those medicines, she will find a way to coax you into it but will see to it that you get well in no time. And guess what, if she is a believer, the prayer alters would get a bit more lit up, so you are watched over.

2. Her anger never lasts long:

A mother is never angry with her children in the real sense. She might lose her temper; she could be down in the dumps on a few occasions, she might even spank you once in a blue moon, but there is no such thing as a lasting anger. One moment she might raise her voice, the next moment she bears a silence of remorse. How could she be so unfair to you (even though you have been so to her)?

3. Your exams become her exams:

She works harder than you to prepare you for your exams. She would go to the lengths of getting the hang of the subject so she could give you the expertise in the same. How many times has she been up with you while you were studying? She barely slept till you were done with your exams. Then your vacations become her vacations.

4. She will fight with the world to defend you:

Never mind your misses. When your neighbor complains of your misdeeds, she will defend you fiercely, like there can’t be any soul more virtuous than you in the whole world. From being the kind-hearted neighbor people knew, she suddenly takes the avatar of this ferocious lioness that would do anything to defend her little cub.

5. She will hone her culinary skills for you:

If only you were not such a fussy eater! She would try out every cuisine in the world and even experiment so you can savor some food that is good for you right at your home. She won’t lose patience at how the food is wasted, how you discard what was prepared the first thing in the morning, or how you pick up on what she made. She would make a few more rounds in the kitchen until you are happy.

6. She will be your cheerleader:

Being part of a sporting event? She will try to grab that front place on the bleachers so she can hoot out to you. Her very presence would motivate you, wouldn’t it?

7. She will be your knight:

She will escort you wherever you go. You might get conscious during adolescence but will regret having been rude to her when you reach adulthood. This will be when you would want to bring her to your office floor too – around the time when she would need you as her knight!

8. She will be your source of fun:

She wouldn’t allow you to have a dull moment any day. The days when you are sad, she will get all wacky so she can bring about a million dollar smile on your face.

9. She will be your activity partner:

Go trekking or rafting – she will make sure she is there alongside. You learned to ride a bike from strutting on a trike. She won’t leave you midway when you dive into a pool – not until you have mastered it.

10. She will be the closest confidante you can have:

Talk to her anything under the sun – she would dish out her wisdom on things like no one else can. Whisper anything into her ear, and it will remain a closely guarded secret forever.

11. She won’t keep up with bad behavior:

Here’s where she wins. Despite her unconditional love, she won’t keep up with a bad behavior that you might display. Manners, discipline, and decency are what she commands of you.

No wonder mothers make the most reliable, valuable, and the best friend one can have for all times. She is indeed your life-source.

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