23 Clear Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

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Love, romantic relationship, ideal partner-these expressions and feelings have intrigued researchers and people from all walks of life. Long-term relationship seekers often try to find ideal partners. They consider various factors, including intimacy, attraction, trust, and the list goes on.

Are these qualities enough while finding the right partner, and how do you discern if your relationship has the strength and stability for a long haul? There are many signs that can indicate you are with the right person.

Read this post to know whether your relationship is on the right track.

23 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

  1. You want to share your lives together: You and your partner should be comfortable with the idea of intertwining your lives and families together. You should understand each other on a deeper level and be able to share all the aspects of your life with them. Lasting relationships require friendship to sustain even during the worst of days.
  1. You feel comfortable around your partner: In the early phases of a relationship, couples tend to portray themselves in a good light and be the best version of themselves. However, you should not constantly try to impress your partner. You feel comfortable around your partner if you can let your guards down and share your vulnerabilities, flaws, and truths.
  1. You can count on each other: Despite your schedules or physical distances, you make an effort to be there for each other. You stick to each other’s big or small plans and can count on each other. You go out of your way to stand by each other in both good and bad times.
  1. You enjoy trying new things together: Couples who grow together stay together. If you like embarking on new adventures, visiting new places, or making plans together with your friends, it is a positive sign. Exploring new things together keeps your relationship dynamic and alive.
  1. Your partner accepts you the way you are: Reliable partners will not expect you to change overnight. They will refrain from using words like “always” and “never” in negative ways when disappointed. They won’t make you feel bad about your flaws but help you turn them into your strengths.
  1. You communicate well: Communication is not just about sharing your favorite movie or food, but also entails talking honestly and openly about your life decisions, good feelings, or bad feelings. You may not have to think twice about what you want to say and how because your partner is understanding and patient with you.
  1. You value each other: Trust and respect are the two cornerstones of long-term relationships. If your partner regularly asks for your advice or suggestions and involves you in the decision-making, they value your opinions and treat you as an equal.
  1. You celebrate each other’s accomplishments: You should remember that you are on the same team. Personal, professional, or financial success of your partner should not incite jealousy or insecurity. Be encouraging, and celebrate each other’s achievements.
  1. You apologize and forgive each other: You and your partner should accept each other’s mistakes and missteps. Anyone can screw up or have a bad day. Instead of giving excuses, venting out anger, or being unapologetic, one should make a sincere effort to make amends and move on.
  1. You both listen to each other: Being a good listener is an important characteristic of a partner. It is one of the ways to show respect to your partner. When you talk to your partner, they make eye contact and not interrupt you or scroll through their phone. They remember what you say and respond after contemplation.
  1. You fight fair: Arguments and disagreements are bound to happen in relationships. However, the way couples handle conflict tells a lot about their relationship. Conflicts are not about winning at your partner’s expense. In a healthy relationship, couples do not get nasty or resort to blame-game or name-calling.
  1. You enjoy each other’s company: It is a good sign in a relationship if you look forward to spending time together and catching up at the end of the day. Through ups and downs, you both try to connect emotionally and physically.
  1. You can still do things on your own: You should be able to give each other space and time, do things independently, and grow as an individual. Healthy relationships are about coexisting and yet avoiding complete co-dependency.
  1. You share common values and goals: For a long haul, you and your partner must be on the same page on ideals and goals—starting a family, buying a house, raising a kid, financial habits, etc. This can help you avoid major conflicts. If you fundamentally disagree on important life decisions, do not assume your partner will change their mind down the line. Make sure to know their values and goals.
  1. You become a better person:Your partner may inspire you to become the best version of yourself. It doesn’t mean that you are trying to be someone else but feel comfortable being yourself. It entails raising the bar for yourself to connect emotionally and intellectually with your partner.
  1. You both are in control: It is important that you both are in control of your relationship. You do not let external factors or people affect you. Your friends and family members can express concern or give advice. However, if you and your partner do not let them control your relationship, it indicates that you are confident in what you can build together.
  1. You can have tough conversations: You may have a strong urge to share your happy feelings with your partner, but do you have the same feeling when you have gone through a bad experience? It is equally important to have tough conversations with your partner, who can empathize with you and understand you.
  1. You help each other professionally: You do not hesitate to ask help from each other for matters related to career and work. It isn’t a sign of weakness but strength and confidence. Moreover, your significant half helps you achieve your aspirations, raise your bar, and grow personally and professionally. Experts believe that people with dependable partners may excel in their profession.
  1. You can discuss when the relationship needs fixing: When you have doubts or feel something isn’t right, you are comfortable initiating a dialogue with your partner, navigating through your doubts without any fear, and sorting out the rough patches in your relationship.
  1. Your partner won’t let you give up: A partner who is patient and shows confidence in you during tough times is a keeper. They encourage you to achieve your goals and stand by you not only during good times, but also when the going gets tough.
  1. You are growing together: It is important that with time both of you grow together and not distant. A long-lasting relationship is not just about planning a big wedding or vacations but about how you adapt and make choices to stay with each other.
  1. You are not stuck in a rut: Couples may end up being stuck in a routine—things might feel too predictable or dull. People who try to do different activities and hobbies together keep things exciting.
  1. You are comfortable with physical intimacy: It is equally important to talk and express your love. You should be able to share your concerns and fantasies with your partner. Physical intimacy also involves gestures, hugs, and kisses that make you feel appreciated and wanted.

Relationships evolve and have the ability to transform people. Therefore, choosing the right partner to evolve with and grow is quintessential to a happy relationship. You and your partner’s ability to support, listen, appreciate, and focus on each other can help you build a lasting relationship.