How To Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate: 20 Clear Signs

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Falling in love is an incredible emotion that one can experience. But how to know if someone is your soulmate? You should know that not every significant partner is your soulmate. Hence you need to trace some signals. If there is a person you share a deep connection with, it’s your soulmate. You may have an unspoken bond with them, and you inspire each other to grow as better individuals.

Still confused? Keep reading our post, which brings you a few signs to understand if you have found your soulmate or not yet.

20 Signs To Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate

So, you’ve probably met someone special who understands you better than anyone else and inspires you to do your best. If this person exhibits the following signs, you have likely found your soulmate.

1. You meet them at the right time

Your soulmate and you may have crossed paths before, but you do not meet until the right time comes. And when you meet, you’ll be surprised at how close you were to meet them before but never did until your first official meeting.

2. You need not play games with them

This is a significant difference between attraction and genuine connection. When you’re with a soulmate, you don’t need to play games to get them to want you, as the attraction between you two will be genuine and mutual.

3. You get along like best friends

There is an almost instant connection and comfort when you meet your soulmate. You quickly become best friends with them because you understand each other better than anyone else.

4. You feel you can read their mind

Words are rarely necessary to express feelings with a soulmate. You have such a strong bond that even brief eye contact can reveal what is going on in their mind. You’ll even find yourselves filling in words for each other when one of you gets stuck while speaking.

5. You have similar life goals

You may have decided to take a particular path and set goals for yourself. Don’t be surprised if your soulmate has similar life goals. You will also be on the same page regarding ethics and values.

6. You do not feel jealous

You know your soulmate on such a deep level that you are not threatened or jealous by any attractive person around them. You feel safe in your relationship because you know they will not find a connection as genuine and strong as the one they have with you.

7. You are comfortable with silence

There is no awkward silence when you are with your soulmate. Instead, the silence becomes soothing and comforting. You may be in the same room as them, but the silence will be inexplicably soothing.

8. You feel what they feel

Empathy levels between soulmates generally remain high because you tend to know how your soulmate feels. The moment you see them, you get a sense of how they truly feel on the inside. They may smile on the outside, but only you can tell if their smile conceals their anger, sadness, melancholy, and other emotions.

9. You see the good in their bad

Everyone has flaws, but only a soulmate sees the advantages in their partners’ flaws. For instance, your partner may be a cleanliness freak, but you don’t mind because their space always smells and feels good. Similarly, you may be highly impatient, but your partner notices how you are always on time or early.

10. You respect differences in opinion

Being soulmates does not imply you will always agree. You have differences in views and personalities, but you respect each other’s differences.

11. You do not think of separation

There are times when you fight and argue with your soulmate, but neither of you considers splitting up. Even if either of you is highly enraged, you refrain from crossing the line.

12. You bring out the best in each other

A soulmate will not only encourage you when you do your best but also challenge you when they believe you can do better. They will enable you to push beyond your limits and discover the hidden potential that you may overlook.

13. You happily give in to each other’s wishes

When soulmates give, it is not out of fear or compulsion but love. Because you and your soulmate intend to make each other happy, you will find yourselves giving in to each other’s wishes to see the other’s content.

14. You feel your insane chemistry

Whether physical or mental, soulmates have undeniable chemistry. You may have the most satisfying intimate encounters and understand how to give each other space and not cling to each other for attention.

15. You are two halves of one

We all have flaws, but your soulmate makes up for your shortcomings while you compensate for theirs. Together, you complete each other. If you are shy of public speaking, your soulmate will be a people person. And if they are weak at math, you’ll be a mathematical genius.

16. You feel at ease with them

No matter how disastrous your work meeting was or how horrible an argument you had with a friend, the moment you meet your soulmate, the stress, anger, and frustration fade away. A warm hug from them can put you at ease because they provide you the warmth that you require to overcome tensions.

17. You love them even at their worst

Your soulmate makes a significant business mistake and loses all of their money, or they have a rare run-in with the law. Nothing can change your feelings for them, no matter how low they fall. You continue to adore them in the same way that you always have.

18. You feel loved and cherished

Your soulmate notices things about you that no one else does. They compliment you on the most unlikely of your characteristics, and they make you feel loved in ways you have never felt before.

19. You let your guard down

Opening up to someone you love can be difficult, especially if you are afraid they will dislike your true personality. This fear does not exist when you have a soulmate because they accept you for who you are. You’re not afraid to express yourself or be your eccentric self because you know nothing about you can turn them off.

20. You feel it from within

When you meet your soulmate, your conscience tells you they are the one. You feel it from within that you have found the person you were longed for.

A soulmate is someone who is like your personal diary. They can keep all your secrets safe and will not judge you whatsoever. A soulmate is not necessarily a romantic partner, but they can also be your good friend. It is rare but wonderful to have your soulmate as your life partner. Keep your eyes and heart open, and look around for the signs so you can identify when you find your soulmate.

Key Pointers

  • Soulmates can be romantic partners or best friends who make each other feel loved and cherished.
  • You will share an ineffable affinity and utmost understanding like you share with no other.
  • Finding a soulmate may not be easy; be watchful of the telltale signs that say if someone is your soulmate.

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