Someone Asks Women The Silliest Thing They Cried Over During Pregnancy And They Deliver 10 Responses

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Pregnancy is a time when mothers go through a lot of change. It can be the surroundings, their relationship with their friends or families, or their bodily transformation. What many people forget is the mental or the emotional transformation a woman undergoes when carrying a child.
Therefore, here are some responses that will help you, if not gauge, understand the range of emotions a pregnant woman goes through. These women make us empathize with their bravado, battling proudly the many hurdles of creating a human being while keeping their sense of humor intact.

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1. Surfacing Of Insecurities

Surfacing Of Insecurities

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When an army man came home after 8 months of duty, he was confronted by his pregnant wife. When he asked about her day, she burst into tears, saying, “I was only put on this earth to clean, cook, and make babies for you. You don’t love me!” The man managed to take his wife for shopping, dinner, and movie after he arranged a babysitter for the rest of the kids. On the way back home, the women apologized. The sweet husband replied, “It’s not you, it’s the baby”.

Pregnancy can bring up a lot of suppressed emotional issues such as insecurities, dealing with unhealthy expectations and difficult relationships with your closed ones. Try to listen patiently and resolve these issues calmly with your partner.

2. Intense Cravings

Intense Cravings

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When a mother-to-be found her favorite fast-food restaurant to be closed, she cried at the drive-through and then called her husband. On his way back, the husband bought her red velvet cake and a big tub of ice cream. She cried again, but this time from happiness.

Satisfy the mother-to-be’s cravings to the best of your ability. It makes her feel pampered and happy.

3. Sudden Hysteria

Sudden Hysteria

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A pregnant woman confessed to bursting into tears because she found the picture in her doctor’s waiting room crooked.

Biologically, a pregnant woman secretes heavy levels of estrogen and progesterone. Women that are sensitive to the changes in hormone levels, tend to be more irritable (1).

4. Induced Tears

Induced Tears

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A pregnant woman reports how she cried because she was proud of all the horses that took part in the Kentucky Derby.

It can again be the effect of changing hormone levels in your system. Remember, it’s just a passing moment. Don’t ridicule her sensitivity; empathize with it.

5. Changing Body

Changing Body

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Mother-to-be cries because she notices that the water in the bath does not cover her belly.

Pregnancy induces a lot of bodily changes which can make a pregnant woman insecure about their appearance. Keep telling yourself, you are glowing and beautiful. If you are reading this for your wife, remind her every day how pretty she is, and how lucky you are to have her in your life.

6. Hunger Pangs

Hunger Pangs

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When a pregnant woman sees her fast-food order passing by instead of landing on her table, she bursts into tears.

Since a mother-to-be is eating for two people, ensure that the mother is well-fed and nourished. This is vital both for the mother and the baby.

7. Feeling Maternal

Feeling Maternal

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Once a pregnant woman was laughing when she got reminded of some misadventure concerning her elder son. Soon she realized that he was living with her mom for the weekend. She started missing her son intensely and cried “hysterically”.

The maternal instinct is at its optimum level when a woman is pregnant. You may witness this often, a mother-to-be being overly worried about their other offspring.

8. Sensitive


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The wife burst into tears when the husband refused to share food with her from his plate.

When you notice a pregnant woman react sensitively, try to be more polite when interacting with them.

9. Someone Looked At Me Wrong

Someone Looked At Me Wrong

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A woman realized a man’s expression changing from desire to being terrified once he noticed that she was pregnant.

Pregnancy includes a body transformation that is hard for any woman to accept. Be mindful of how you react towards a pregnant woman.

10. Making Lifestyle Changes

Making Lifestyle Changes

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A woman woke up crying. She realized, that unlike her dream, there are many things she is unable to do because of her pregnancy. For instance, she couldn’t bend down and clean the house herself. Or, she wouldn’t be able to hang out with her friends and colleagues at adult social gatherings.

Pregnancy brings a lot of lifestyle changes in the mother’s life. Be supportive of her, and empathize with her apprehensions.

A pregnant woman’s emotional state can vary according to her condition. The same mother who feels happy, excited and enthusiastic about her motherhood, may battle fear and impatience when the pregnancy is in its last trimester. Always remember, empathize with her, and pamper her to the best of your ability. She deserves it.

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